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Are you looking to get rid of your HP printer status offline Mac issues? If so, then no need to worry as you can find the best troubleshooting steps in this article. You can find all your solutions together and get rid of this problem.

If your HP Printer status offline on Windows 10 system or Mac book then you are not alone. Most of the HP printer users are facing these same issues while trying to print a document either on Mac or Windows system. This has become the most common problem and most of the people keep on asking why HP printer status offline when they try to print something.

Here we have defined all the solutions that help in running your printer from offline to online. These solutions show how you can get rid of this error and fix the problem.

If your HP Printer is not responding on your MacBook or Windows PC or if you are not able to print any document by using HP Printer then follow these steps correctly and also it will help in fixing the problem on your computer within a shorter period of time.

Why does your HP Printer Shows Offline Status on Mac?

Hp Printer Status Offline

HP Printers are one of the best printers available all over the world. These printers come along at a budget-friendly price and these are the solutions for all your printing requirements either you are at the workplace or at home. While having so many features these also contain some minor issues.

Below have been mentioned some steps from which you get to know that why your HP printer does keeps on going offline in Windows and MAC. 

1: Check whether your HP printer is connected properly from the electricity to your boarding system.

2: The user can also face HP printer status offline issue notification if they haven’t connected their wireless networks to their computer system to convert the online printing mode.

3: If you have connected your device via Bluetooth then you may check out that the connection is properly connected to your HP Printer device.

4: Ensure that your internet connection has contained the recommended speed to convert your document to print.

5: It can also cause trouble if you had newly installed your HP Printer on your operating system and you are receiving the notification that your printer hasn’t connected properly to your computer system.

 Steps for solving HP printer not responding on Mac OS:

If your HP Printer doesn’t work properly on your Mac OS then you can follow the below-given steps to resolve such issues. Check these steps:

1: Examine your Printer Connection:

Sometimes it happens that due to connection problems the HP printers won’t work accurately an d start displaying error messages. Thus, if you see that HP printer not working correctly then you should check your Internet connection first.

USB Connection: 

Hp Printer Status Offline

  • First, you need to turn off your printer and then wait for a few seconds.
  • Now, take out the USB cable i.e connected to your Printer.
  • Next, you need to turn on the Printer again with a secure and strong connection.
  • Finally, you need to perform a printing test to get sure.

Check for the Network Connection:

  • Restart your HP Printers to see if the problem is resolved or not and then restart your computer.
  • Now, you need to wait for a few seconds and then recheck your network connection.
  • For the users who are operating Mac, they need to click on the Apple icon from their Mac and then go to the System Preferences.
  • Open your Printer list, and then you need to click on one of these options- Printers and Scanners, Print and Fax, or Print and Scan.
  • From the above-given option, you have to click on HP Printer and then click on Open Printer Queue.

The issue HP Printer Shows Offline Status on Mac can also be get resolved by the following given procedure as shown in this post.

1: Firstly, you need to check the internet and network connection of HP and Mac.

2: Now, reset your HP printer with your Mac.

3: Turn on the Printer and then disconnect or cord of power.

4: Next, you need to unplug the power outlet from the board and wait for 60 seconds.

5: Again, you need to connect the power cord to a printer.

6: Now, you can try to print and if it starts printing then it’s ok, and if not then you need to move towards the next step.

7: From the list of printer you need to remove multiple printers and for doing this job go through the below-given steps:

  • Search Mac and then click on Print and Scan, Print and Fax and Printers and Scanners.
  • Now, you need to look for the name of your printer from the list of devices that matches your printer.
  • However, if you find any printer queues then you need to remove all the extra printers. But make sure that you leave one idle printer in your list and that matches your printer and set it as a default.
  • Now, your printer starts printing.
  • By following all the troubleshooting steps, you can have a solution to HP printer offline issues with your MAC.

How to Fix HP Printer Shows Offline Status Problem on Mac?

HP Printer is known for its innovative and printing technology and it is preferred by a huge number of users. But similar to other devices the users also face some issues while using HP Printer. These troubles can cause an error in Printing. The same situation goes with the MAC users too.

Today, HP printer users find trouble in their printers while it keeps on going in offline mode. Hence, they must be finding solutions for these offline issues with the printer. Due to these offline printers, it won’t allow the users to print any document.

However, there are various solutions from bringing the HP Printer from offline to online mode. The HP Printers offline in Mac or windows 10 problems can occur due to the numerous reasons such as:

  • Paper Jams.
  • Cartridge Problems
  • Network connections and a lot more.

You just need to follow the given steps and the issue will get resolved in a couple of minutes. In these steps, we have explained the causes of this problem along with its troubleshooting steps. Just follow the below instructions if you find yourself in this situation.

Solution 1st- Check Your HP Printer is ready:

Hp Printer Status Offline

If your Printer shows offline mode then learn how you can fix the wireless printer offline or you can change the HP Printer from offline to online using HP Printer and scan diagnostic tool by following this troubleshooting step:

Step 1: If your printer is in offline mode or if it is unavailable for communication then you need to make sure that your printer is ready to receive a print job.

Step 2: Examine your Printer and if it is off or if it is in sleep mode then you need to press the Power button to turn it on and waken it.

Step 3: Ensure that the paper is correctly inserted into the input tray, the correct ink, toner cartridges should be installed and there should be no errors or blinking lights on your printer control panel.

Step 4: Now, restart your printer and wait until the document is ready to print.

Hp Printer Status Offline

Step 5: Next, send a print job.

If still, the issue persists then you need to continue to follow the next step.

Solution 2nd: Reset Your Printing System:

While resetting the print systems you need to clean all the error states by removing HP and non-HP printers, print jobs, and printer preferences.

Step 1: For Mac users, first you need to click the Apple menu and then click System and Preferences.

Hp Printer Status Offline

Step 2: Now, you need to click Print, Fax, and then Scan.

Hp Printer Status Offline

Step 3: Next, right-click on the printer’s windows and then click Reset printing system.

Hp Printer Status Offline

Step 4: Click, on Reset in the confirmation window.

Hp Printer Status Offline

Step 5: Now, enter the Administrator’s name and password and then click OK to complete the Reset.

Step 6: Once the printing system gets reset then you can add your printer to the list and then try to print the document. If still, the issue persist move towards the next step.

Solution 3rd: Troubleshoot Your HP Printer Connection:

If your computer is unable to detect the printer over a Wi-Fi connection then you first need to restart the printer, computer, and router and then make start make a new connection.

Following have been defined some troubleshoot connection issues with network or USB connected printers:

Method 1st: Restart your device:

Hp Printer Status Offline

While preparing your printer for a wireless connection, first you need to restart your printer, computer, and router. For restarting it follow the below-given steps carefully:

Step 1: Firstly, you need to turn off your Printer and then wait for at least 10 seconds.

Hp Printer Status Offline

Step 2: Now, disconnect your printer from the power cord from the printer.

Step 3: Next, you need to turn off the computer or any other device from which you are trying to print.

Step 4: Connect the printer power cord and then turn on the printer.

Step 5: Disconnect the power cord from your wireless router and then wait for a few seconds.

Step 6: Next, reconnect the power cord to the router.

Step 7: Turn the computer on.

Step 8: Finally, you will see that both your printer and network are ready to make a new connection.

Method 2nd: Connect the printer to your Network:

You can connect the printer to your network by using either HP wireless setup lizard, WPS, or can make use of HP smart software. You can make use of the wireless setup wizard and establishes a connection between your printer and network.

Step 1: From the home screen of your Printer control panel you need to choose the wireless icon.

Step 2: Now, you can touch the setup icon.

Step 3: Next, you need to click Restore Network Defaults and then click “Yes” to confirm your selection.

Step 4: Once the default network settings are restored then click the wireless settings and then click Wireless Setup wizard.

Step 5: Here the printer searches for your available networks.

Step 6: Now, check the name of your wireless network.

Step 7: However, if your network doesn’t get displayed in the list of wireless networks then enter your new network name.

Step 8: Type your network security password and then click “Done”.

Step 9: Once your printer gets connected then the blue wireless light stops blinking and remains on.

Step 10: Still, if the printer connects to fail then move towards the next step.

Method 3rd: Step 3: Perform a Printing Job:

Start printing a wireless network test report for examining your wireless networking connection:

Step 1: Make use of the Printer control panel for printing a Wireless Network test and then jump towards the next step.

2: If you are using HP Inkjet printers with a touch-screen control panel then perform the following step:

  • First, you need to open the Wireless menu.
  • Touch the setup icon.
  • Now, touch print and reports and then choose Wireless test reports.

3: If you are using HP Inkjet printers without a touch screen control panel then perform the following method: 

While depending on your printer you can either press the wireless button and the Information button at the same time. Else, you can also press the Wireless button and start copying the Black button at the same moment.

You can also review the results by checking the following terms:

1: Ensure that the wireless is on or if it is working or not.

2: Check for the signal strength as well as signal quality.

3: Check that your network name is correctly entered.

4: Ensure that the other networks are matching with your network name, wireless networks detected.

5: You need to make sure that the printer settings are consistent with your router settings.

6: There should be no filtering.

7: Remember connected as well as disconnected counts.

Solution 4th: Troubleshoot HP Printer Wired Connection:

If you want to reset the connection between the printer and computer then first you need to disconnect it and then reconnect it with the help of an Ethernet cable.

Perform the given troubleshooting steps:

Step 1: First and foremost you need to turn off the printer.

Hp Printer Status Offline

Step 2: Now, disconnect the Ethernet cable from the router.

Hp Printer Status Offline

Step 3: Inspect the cable and look for the damage. However, if the cable is damaged then you need to replace the cable.

Step 4: Ensure that the cable is fully secured to both parts.

Step 5: Now, confirm the cable is an Ethernet cable and not the phone cable. Remember both the phone cable and Ethernet cable look the same but they have different sizes.

Step 6: Next, you need to connect the cable to a different Ethernet or LAN port on the router.

Step 7: Avoid connecting the cable to the internet port.

Step 8: Now, turn the printer ON.

Hp Printer Status Offline

Step 9: Confirm the connection on your printer and check the lights on your printer’s Ethernet port. The green light signifies that light should be steady and the orange light should blink when the cable gets connected.

Step 2: Print a Network Configuration Page:

Here has been defined some steps that how you can print a network configuration page: 

1: Try to print a network configuration page and confirm your network status

2: Print a network configuration page.

3: Printers that come along with a touch-screen control panel or text-based display- try to print the page from the Wireless, Network Settings, or startup menu.

4: Printers that come along with the buttons only- You can print the document by using the button combinations on the printer control panel. For most printers, the user needs to press the wireless button and Information button together. Else, you can also press the wireless button and start copy the black button at the same time.

Solution 5th: Troubleshoot HP Printer USB Connection:

Step 1: If your computer is unable to detect the printer over a USB connection then you need to try to restart the computer, printer to check the cable connection.

Step 2: Now, turn off both your printer and computer and then disconnect the USB cable from your computer device.

Hp Printer Status Offline

Step 3: Next, inspect your cable.

Step 4: If you saw that the cables are damaged then try to replace the whole cable.

Step 5: Check the length of the cable, if the cable is more than 3m then it’s better to replace the cable with the shorter one.

Step 6: Next, connect the cable to some different USB port on the computer. Remember that the port should be 2.0 greater in length. However, if you are using some USB hub then connect the cable directly to the computer.

Step 7: You need to make sure that the cable is completely secured to both ports.

Step 8: Now, turn on the computer and then wait for some time until the device is ready to startup.

Hp Printer Status Offline

Step 9: Next, turn the printer on.

Hp Printer Status Offline

Step 10: For Window Users: Wait for the computer to install a new device.

Step 11: For Mac Users: Add the Printer if you haven’t done it before.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1: How to get Mac back online?

Ans: Following have been listed some steps that show how you can get back Mac online:

1: Verify your Wi-Fi connection.

2: Turn on your Wi-Fi and make sure to attempt the right network.

3: Check all your Wireless Diagnostics.

4: Check for your system updates.

5: Determine your physical hardware.

6: Change your DNS settings if needed.

7: Restart your Mac.

Q2: How to reset HP Printer?

Ans: Here has been listed the following steps for resetting your HP Printer.

1: From your computer screen on your printer, navigate to Setup.

2: Now, tap tools.

3: Click Restore Defaults.

4: Now, click “Yes”.

5: The printer gets restarted.

6: Once the printer gets restarted then your printer will be reset to the factory default settings.

Q3: How to fix printer problems?

Ans: For fixing the printer problems you can try the following troubleshooting steps:

1: First, you need to make sure that the printer is turned on and is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your device.

2: Run the printer power cycle.

3: Now, set your printer as the default printer.

4: Next, clear the entire print queue.

5: Finally, you need to reset the service that manages your printer queue.

6: Remove and re-add your printer to your device.

7: Restart your PC.

Q4: How to deselect Printer offline?

Ans: Follow the given steps to deselect the Printer offline:

1: Firstly, you need to select the Control panel and then click it.

2: Click Devices and printers.

3: Now, right-click the affected Printer.

4: Again, click the printer and see Use Printer offline is enabled or not.

5: Select Disable, if you find it is enabling.

6: Now, close all the open windows.

Q5: How to fix HP Printer that is not working?

Ans: If your HP Printer is not working then consider learning these steps:

1: First, you need to check your printer status.

2: Now, cancel print jobs for your HP.

3: Set HP Printer to default.

4: Look for the HP troubleshooting.

5: Update HP Printer if it is recommended.

Final Words: Are you still having trouble getting rid of the HP printer status offline issue? If so, then you just need to get in touch with HP support technical team. Also, you can get the availability of 24/7 hours via live chat. You can get help associated with any printer device and also our technical team resolves any type of printer issue without much hassle.

Here you can also find detailed information on how to fix HP printer related issue and get all the possible solutions to resolve this problem in a step-wise manner. These steps are well-defined and also you won’t face any difficulty in learning or following them.

In order to avoid the HP Printer problem from being offline, first, you need to make sure that all the printer drivers are correctly installed and updated. By constantly updating your printer system settings remove all the possible errors that occur while using the printer.

When the user faces any printer challenges, then HP printer status offline fix can easily be achieved by following the above troubleshooting steps described in the article. If you still facing any difficulty to solve the HP printer status offline to the online problem then you can get through your HP customer service or visit any printer expert who has the ability to fix your problem. You can also get 24/7 hours of flexibility from anywhere.

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