Is your Canon Printer is not responding well? Then let’s dive into the post to know how to fix the Canon printer not communicating with the computer.

A holder of Canon Printer can enjoy its advanced printing features that one cannot find in other printers. But there comes some circumstances where the users have to deal a lot with technical problems in Canon Printer.

Various users face the Canon printer not communicating with the computer. Well, there can be numerous reasons that the printer is not responding well.

Also, it becomes important to fix this issue. In this article, you will learn the procedure of resolving the Canon printer problem simply.

Why the Canon Printer is not responding?

There might be various possible reasons for the Canon printer not responding well. Some of them are listed below:

  • Improper configuration.
  • Connectivity issue.
  • Driver related problems.
  • Using unwanted apps.
  • Compatibility issues.
  • Incorrect USB ports.

How to fix Canon Printer not Responding?

Follow the given steps carefully and do it in the same manner as it has been explained:

Solution 1st: Restart your Printer spooler service:

Usually, the print spooler service is a program that is installed by a printer on the computer. It can manage all the long printing queues. Besides, it helps the printer to manage the printing or the documents in the given single instructions.

The spooler service is responsible for managing the communication between both computer and printer. However, if you find some issues with printer spooler service then it can cause the Canon Printer responding issue.

If you are dealing with this case then try to reset or restart the printer spooler service on your device. Watch the steps carefully and follow it:

Step 1: Press the Windows button + R together on your keyboard.

Step 2: Type “Services.Msc” in the Run box.


Step 3: In Windows look for printer spooler.

Step 4: Now Right-Click on Print spooler and choose Restart from the options menu.

restart printer spooler to fix Canon Printer not Responding

Solution 2nd: Troubleshoot Printer using Troubleshooting Wizard:

Every device faces a problem at some point of time and this is the reason that windows provide a utility commonly known as Troubleshooting wizard. It helps the users in fixing the issue that occurs probably in devices.

With the help of the Windows troubleshooting wizard, you can be able to solve the canon printer responding problem. Perform the following basic steps and run the printer troubleshooting wizard.

Step 1: Go to the start menu.

Step 2: Click on Setting Option.

open settings to fix Canon Printer not Responding

Step 3: Choose Update & Security.

open update & security to fix Canon Printer not Responding

Step 4: Click Troubleshoot from the left panel.

Step 5: Under the troubleshoot option select Printer.

troubleshoot printer

Step 6: Now Run the Troubleshooter.

Step 7: Follow the instruction given in Wizard.

Solution 3rd: Change printer port to fix Canon printer:

Sometimes it happens that the printer may seize to work if you are using the wrong port. It can happen because of some fault in the installation process.

At some point, the computer picks a port which is not great for handling the printer. This is because the major port remains busy at the time of invoking. Hence you can easily change the printer port without un-installing the printer from the computer.

Follow the steps of how you can change the printer port:

Step 1: Search the Control Panel in the search box.

Step 2: Click the control panel from the search result.


Step 3: Find the Device and Printer from the list.

click on devices and printers

Step 4: Choose the Canon Printer from the list of printers and then right click on it.

Step 5: Now select the printer property option.

printer properties

Step 6: Click the ports tab.

clicks port option to fix Canon Printer not Responding


Step 7: Click Ports that says Printer/ USB.

Step 8: Now at the bottom of the window click on the Apply button and then click on OK.printer port apply ok

Step 9: Once you are done with all the above steps then it should assign a fresh port of the printer.

Step 10: Now head towards the General Tab in the above window and click the “Print test page” to examine the printer. If you saw that printer is ready to print then it shows that your Canon Printer responding problem has been resolved.

Solution 4th: Update Drivers for Printers:

Canon Printer responding problem mainly occurs if your Printer driver is out of date. Ask yourself if your Canon Printer is more than a year old? If so, then you must need to upgrade your printer and driver on your computer. This can be only done with a secure internet connection.

Follow the below steps to update your printer and driver:

Step 1: Right Click on Menu Button and Click the Device Manager.

right click on menu button to fix Canon Printer not Responding

Step 2: Look at Printer and Printer queues.

Step 3: Right-click on Printer and click on the Update driver’s options.

Step 4: Click on Search automatically for updated driver software.

Step 5: Follow on-screen instructions.

Once you have completed these steps then the system will automatically update drivers for your Canon printer.

When the drivers are been successfully installed then restart your computer and printer. This step fixes the canon printer responding problem and you can use your printer conveniently.

Step 5th: Problem with Firewall:

The firewall might be responsible for not responding to the Canon printer to the computer. The Windows Firewall prevents the application to protect it from the computer operating system and vulnerable threats.

The firewall application restricts some functionalities of the program and makes your computer safe. However, if the firewall is causing trouble to your printer and if doesn’t print the document well then you need to configure the firewall properly.

Any 3rd party firewall can prevent your Canon Printer from working. Follow the below steps properly that how you can solve the Windows firewall issues with your printer.

Step 1: Search for the Control Panel on the taskbar.

Step 2: Click Control Panel in the search result.

open control panel to fix Canon Printer not Responding

Step 3: Now click the Windows Defender Firewall.

windows defender firewall



Step 4: Click Allow app and feature through Windows Defender.

Click Allow app and feature through Windows Defender

Step 5: Now click the change settings.

click the change settings

Step 6: Allow Another app Button.

Step 7: Click on Browse.

Allow Another app Button

Step 8: Select the Canon Printer from the list of devices and click on OK.

After completing the above steps you need to restart both your computer and printer. At the time when you will start the computer, you will see the cannon printer responding problem has been resolved.

Step 6th: Communication problem if Canon not working:

The next reason for Canon Printer not responding to the computer will be the connectivity issue. This problem usually occurs with wireless printers. If the communication between computer and printer is not being carried out then printer won’t function well.

The problem can also arise with the Canon printer if there will be a faulty connection between the printer and the computer. Sometimes a faulty connection is established due to the unavailability of inappropriate ports.

Step 1: Turn your printer ON and wait for some time.

Step 2: Look for the Wi-Fi button on top of your printer.

Step 3: Now hold the Wi-Fi button and press it until the lamp flashes on your mobile.

Turn your printer on to fix Canon Printer not Responding

Step 4: When the lamp starts getting flashes then go to the WPS button on Canon Printer.

Step 5: Now move towards your computer.

Step 6: Search the Control Panel in the search box on the taskbar.

Step 7: Select the Control panel from the search result.

control panel

Step 8: Select Devices and Printers in the control panel.

click on devices and printers

Step 9: Click Add printer from the top of the option.

add a printer

Step 10: Follow on-screen instructions.

Some more tips to fix the Canon Printer responding issues:

1: Remove the USB cable that connects your printer from the computer and again re-connect it for 2-3 minutes.

printer-connected-with-computer to fix Canon Printer not Responding

2: Try to connect the printer with a different USB port on your device.

3: Somehow if you are using a USB hub to connecting the printer from the computer then connect it directly.

4: Now turn off the printer and wait for at least 1 minute then restart it again.

turn off your printer

5: Turn off both the computer and printer. Then start the device and then start the printer.

6: Change the USB cable that connects the printer to the computer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Q1: How do you fix Canon Printer not responding?

Ans: Follow the steps carefully for fixing the Canon Printer not responding problem:

1: Perform some basic Troubleshooting.

2: Run the printer troubleshooter.

3: Now restart the printer spooler service.

4: Configure the correct printer port to your printer.

5: Update your Printer Driver.

Q2: How to reset Canon Printer?

Ans: Watch the below steps and implement it in the same following manner.

Step 1: Press Setup.

Press Setup to fix Canon Printer not Responding

Step 2: Now Press the arrow buttons until you navigate the Device settings.

Device settings

Step 3: Press again the arrow buttons and navigates the Reset Setting.

navigates the Reset Setting to fix Canon Printer not Responding

Step 4: Again press arrow buttons and Navigate to Reset all.

Step 5: Now Select Yes.

Step 6: Press OK and your device are completely reset now.

Q3: How to reset Canon Wireless printer?

Ans: Step 1: Firstly, turn the printer off and again back it ON.

Step 2: Press and hold the Wi-Fi button together until the lamp gets on.

Step 3: Press and Release the Color Start C button.

Step 4: Press and release the Wi-Fi button.

Step 5: Ensure that the Wi-Fi lamp is flashing and it is ON.

Q4: Where is the Wi-Fi button on Canon Printer?

Ans: Step 1: Ensure that the Wi-Fi is turned ON.

Step 2: Press and hold the Wi-Fi button on top of the printer until the alarm lamp flashes at once.

Q5: What is the WPS button on Canon Printer?

Ans: WPS (Wi-Fi protected Setup) is a method that helps in connecting with a network easily. However if you have a wireless access point that supports the WPS, then you can easily connect Canon Printer to your home network.

Final Words: All the above-given methods help you in solving the Canon Printer Responding problem with the computer. Go through these steps and follow them in the same manner as it has been mentioned to you.

Still, if it doesn’t resolve or fix your problem then you can contact us via chat and we ensure you that we will surely try to help you in fixing Canon Printer responding issue.

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