Can't Print from Chrome Browser in Windows 10

Google Chrome offers you a wide variety of features but sometimes some major issues get caused. As for the chrome errors many users have reported that can’t print from Chrome Browser and for fixing this issue you just need to clear your cache and remove the printers that you usually don’t use.

As such there are various subtle differences between the internet browser and that seemingly are simple things like Printing can sometimes become a technical obstacle. However, if you make use of Google Chrome, then the process is quick as well as easy. All you just need to make sure that your printer is ready to set up and is connected to your computer already.

Why you can’t print from Chrome Browser in Windows 10?

If you can’t print from Google Chrome Browser in Windows 10, then you can try the below-given steps:

1: First you need to use the CTRL + SHIFT + P (Shortcut).

2: If you are looking for a quick fix then you need to delete all the extra printers on Google Print. There are most of the users who have been able to fix the issue without jumping to the step 3rd and i.e Deleting.

Most of the affected users say that their browsers get crashed once they give print commands to them. Some other users have claimed when they start pressing the Print icon or Ctrl + P then the browser gets automatically closed while the print preview window continues to load. Due to this reason the users are unable to get the screen where they can click on the print option.

How to Fix Problem of can’t print from Chrome Browser?

If Google Chrome suddenly doesn’t open any web pages neither the Chrome settings page nor extension pages or any other page settings under the chrome menu then it might be possible that there has been some problem with it.

The other browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc work perfectly. Thus, there is a possibility that due to malware or virus it corrupts the Google chrome settings and comprises its preferences files.

The following problems, symptoms can appear when you try to open Google Chrome Browser: 

1: Google Chrome doesn’t respond to open any window, but the “chrome.exe” application appears to be running process in Windows background.

2: If you are trying to terminate the Chrome running process and then want to re-open Google Chrome again, then the chrome window would probably come at this time and a blank page gets displayed on your screen and thus Chrome indicates to be continuously loading without stopping.

3: Here the Chrome displays a white screen on any page when you try to open it.

4: Google Chrome usually doesn’t open any page include from the Chrome menu and not even in Incognito window mode.

5: If you are facing any of the above errors or symptoms while using Google Chrome, then you can try some other troubleshooting steps for fixing or resolving this problem.

Solution 1- Uninstall and Reinstall Google Chrome to fix can’t print from chrome browser:

For uninstalling and reinstalling in Windows 10, try using the following given points:

1: Firstly, you need to close all Chrome windows and Tabs.

2: Now, click the start menu settings.

click on settings

3: Click Apps.

Click on Apps

4: Under the apps and features you have to find and click Google Chrome.

5: Click Uninstall.

chrome uninstall to fix can’t print from Chrome

6: Again, confirm by clicking Un-install.

7: To delete your profile information like bookmarks or history you also need to delete your browsing data.

8: Click Uninstall.

For Windows 8, 7, or Vista:

1: Close all the chrome windows and tabs.

2: Open the Control Panel.

3: In Windows 7 and Vista, click the start menu and Control Panel.

4: In Windows 8: Point to the top right of your screen, Click Settings>Control Panel.

uninstalla program in control panel

5: Click Un-install a program or Programs and Features.

6: Now, double-click on Google Chrome.

7: For deleting your profile information like bookmarks, the history you should also check to delete all your browsing data.

8: Click Uninstall.

For Windows XP: 

1: Close all Chrome windows and tabs.

2: Click the Start menu and Control Panel.

3: Click Add or remove programs.

4: Click Google Chrome.

5: Click Remove.

6: To delete all your profile information like bookmarks, history, check deleting your browsing data.

7: Now, click Un-install.

Solution 2- Use Ctrl+ Shift + P Shortcut:

While using the combination of CTRL + SHIFT +P, you might be able to solve the problem temporarily. Also, this only a quick fix for can’t print from chrome browser but if you are looking to solve the problem for good then you will have to fix the issues that are the reason for causing this error.

In most cases, it has been seen that you can’t print from Chrome so there is a need to clear your cache and then re-install chrome, and finally the problem should be resolved.

Solution 3- Delete Printer’s you don’t Use:

Here has been listed some points that show how to delete Printer’s that you don’t use:

1: First and foremost, you need to open Chrome.

2: Now, click the menu button and then select Settings.

select Settings to fix can’t print from Chrome

3: Here in the setting section you need to scroll down and then press Advanced.

click on advanced

4: Scroll down the list and click on Google Cloud print.

5: Now, navigate to Manage Cloud Print devices.

6: Next, you need to press the Manage button i.e next towards the other printers that you don’t use currently.

7: Press Delete to delete the Printer.

8: Now, restart your computer and see if the problem has been fixed or not.

restart to fix can’t print from Chrome

Solution 4- Repair Print Spooler Driver:

If the above three methods won’t work accurately then there is a high chance that the print spooler driver or some other windows component that handles printing chore has either become corrupted or unstable. If you have noticed that your PC is unable to print from anywhere then might some issues with it.

For repairing the Print spooler driver look at the followings steps below:

1: First, you need to access the Windows Start menu and search for cmd.

2: Now, right-click on Command Prompt and choose Run as Administrator.

cmd run as administrator

3: In the elevated command prompt, you can type the following command and then hit enter.

4: Enter to start the operation and type DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

Enter DISMexe to fix can’t print from Chrome

 5: Once the DISM operation is completed then you can finally initiate the System File Checker tool.

6: Once the process gets completed, you can close the elevated command prompt and then reboot your computer.

7: In the next point, you need to check if the printing issues have been resolved and are you able to print from any 3rd party applications.  

Solution 5- Reset Chrome to Default Settings:

It has been seen that some users have reportedly got around to the issue and i.e resetting chrome back to its default settings. In this method, we will show how you can reset Chrome to its default settings.

Have a look!

1: Firstly, you need to launch Chrome and click on the three dots on the top-right corner.

2: Now, select “Settings” from the list and then scroll down.

select Settings

3: Under the Reset and clean up you need to click on the Reset settings to its default option.

Reset settings to fix can’t print from Chrome

4: Finally, you need to check if the issue persists after the reset or not.

Solution 6 – Claiming Full Control over the Temp Folder:

Some users finally might be able to resolve the issue after tweaking the permission of the temp folder within the AppData Update. On the other end, while giving yourself full control over the temporary folder will restore the ability to print from Google Chrome.

Note: These methods seem to be effective for most of the users and can print from Internet Explorer but are prevented from printing on Google Chrome, Firefox, or and 3rd party installer.

Here is a quick guide to claiming Full control over the temporary folder to restore the printing ability in Google chrome. 

1: Firstly, you need to navigate to C:\Users\*Your User Name*\AppData\Local.

file path

2: Now, you need to right-click on the temporary folder and then select Properties.

3: In the Temp Properties, first visit the security tab and then select the first account under Group or user name and click “Edit”.

4: You need to make sure that the Allow Box is associated with Full control is ticked.

5: Now, repeat the same procedure with all accounts under the Group or user names.

6: Reboot your system and start with the next restart.

7: Now, you should be able to print from all 3rd party browsers including Google Chrome.

8: Still, if this method won’t work then you need to move down to the next step.

Solution 7- Delete local Browsing History to fix can’t print from chrome:

For deleting the Local Browsing history learn these following given steps:

1: Firstly, click on the menu button at the top-right and choose History and History again.

choose History to fix can’t print from Chrome

2: Now, to remove the individual items from your history, you need to click the three dots to the right of the entry and then Choose Remove from history.

3: In the end, and to delete your online history, first you need to click and clear the browsing data button on the left.

clear the browsing data to fix can’t print from Chrome

4: Select the browsing history and then choose an option from the Time-range drop-down menu, then click the Clear Data button.

Solution 8 – Print from another Browser:

1: If you notice that printing from the other browser occurs too frequently in Chrome then maybe it is time to try another alternate browser.

2: At this point, it is recommended to using Opera and you can add a Print add-on for ease of use.

3: The opera browser comes along with a multitude of features and it allows for smooth navigation between the various tabs, workspaces, and social media chat-apps.

4: Opera is a lightweight tool and adds a specific button to your browser so that you can easily print a page with just one click.

Consider follow the below-given points:

1: First consider printing from another browser.

2: Uninstall and reinstall Google Chrome.

3: Delete all the printers that you don’t use.

4: Press the CTRL + Shift + P shortcut.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Q1: How you can repair Google Chrome?

Ans: Try the given fixes and see how you can repair Google Chrome securely:

1: First of all you need to close all other tabs, extensions, or apps.

2: Now, Restart Chrome.

3: Reboot the Computer.

4: Check for any malware or viruses.

5: Open the page in another Browser.

6: Fix the network issues and report the website’s programs.

7: Fix all the problem apps.

8: Check to see if Chrome is already open or not.

Q2: How to fix Google Chrome not reloading pages?

Ans: Watch the below- given steps and see how you can fix Google Chrome not reloading pages:

1: First, you need to try a different browser.

2: Use some cleaner to clear Cache.

3: Now, restart your computer.

4: Update Google Chrome.

5: Remove all the unwanted extensions.

6: Disable hardware acceleration.

7: Re-install Google Chrome.

Q3: How you can clear the cache on Chrome?

Ans: If you are looking at how to clear the cache on chrome then read the following steps below:

1: On your computer screen, first you need to open Chrome.

2: At the top-right, click “More”.

3: Now, click more tools and clear all the Browsing data.

4: At the top, you need to choose a time range to delete everything and select all the deleted stuff at one time.

5: Next to “Cookies and other site data or some cached images and files, check all boxes.

6: Click Clear data.

Q4: How to fix Google chrome that stops working on Android?

Ans: For fixing Google Chrome that stop working on Android follow these given steps:

 1: Restart your Phone.

2: Now, forced reboot.

3: Open Google Chrome into safe mode.

4: Clear cache and data for Google chrome.

5: Check for the conflicting apps.

6: Re-install the app.

7: Update the app.

8: Wipe off cache storage.

Q5: How to reset Chrome on Android?

Ans: For resetting Chrome on Android do the following given steps:

1: First you need to open the device settings menu and then tap on Apps.

2: Find and tap on the Chrome app.

3: Tap storage.

4: Tap Manage space.

5: Tap and clear all the data.

6: Confirm by tapping OK.

Final words: Following all the above-given steps helps you to fix the Problem on can’t print from Chrome Browser. You can follow these steps one by one and try it in your way. Usually, these problems occur due to the website connection or malware in the computer and that can be in the case where you can’t print from Chrome Browser. 

So, try to update the drivers promptly. Else, if you are trying to print a general page from a browser then you need to check if anything is going to the print spooler or not. If still, it doesn’t work then you can connect with us or contact us via Chat we surely help you to give the relevant solutions for resolving this problem.

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