Windows 11’s copy-and paste not working

In Windows 11, the fundamental operations are copying and pasting. It has been a part of the operating system since its initial release. Additionally, it helps you spend less time creating content when using word processing on your computer. However, there are times when Windows 11’s copy-and paste not working and this feature needs to be fixed.

Why Doesn’t Windows 11 Support Copy & Paste?

Users may examine numerous problems that lead to copy and paste not functioning on Windows 11. According to these investigations, several potential factors could cause these issues:

1: The background-running programs can be at odds with one another.

2: Rdpclip.exe exhibits a problem

3: The clipboard could be filled.

4: Your Windows Registry files contain a few corrupt zones.

5: Hard driver may need to be updated.

6: Malware and viruses may be affecting the machine.

How Can I Fix the Windows 11’s Copy and Paste Not Working Issue?

If copy-pasting is not working, this article will show you how to reset Windows 11’s Copy and Paste feature by fixing the clipboard. The following are a few things you could attempt to resolve the copy-and-paste issue:

Solution 1: Update your Windows 11

Installing the most recent updates for Windows 11 helps keep your computer safe and operating efficiently. Therefore, if you need help to fix the Windows 11’sCopy and Paste Not Working Issue, it may be because you are using an old operating system version. You must therefore check for updates on your Windows in this situation.

A few of the procedures to update Windows 11 and fix copy-and-paste issues are listed below:

1: To begin, go to Settings and then choose Update and Security.

recovery option

2: Now, click the button to check for updates beneath the Windows Update area.
check for updates and download and install now

3: You will now check to see whether your computer has any updates available.

4: If no updates are available, on the other hand, you will be seen as current. Windows will automatically download and install updates if you are prompted that they are available.

5: Restart your computer to see if the copy-and-paste feature works again. If not, try the next step to try to fix the issue.

Solution 2: Temporarily disable anti-virus software

For some security reasons, the anti-virus program can occasionally assist in disabling the copy-paste feature. Therefore, turning off all third-party anti-virus software could aid in identifying the problem.

Solution 3: Remove Skype Click to Call

Simply place Skype calls from your browser using Skype Click to call. The same plugin also brings on the copy-paste problems in Windows 11. You must thus uninstall the plugin to determine whether doing so will assist in resolving the copy-and-paste issue.

Solution 4: Disable the Send to Bluetooth add-on

However, uninstall any Bluetooth add-ons you may have already installed if you use Microsoft. You can then determine whether it resolves the copy-paste problems on your PC.

Solution 5: Check for viruses and malware 

Occasionally a virus or other malware may infect a computer, preventing the copy-and-paste functions from functioning. You can also conduct a virus scan to check for malware, viruses, and other security risks.

Check out the steps below to see how to scan for malware and viruses:

1: Open the settings first.

2: From the left sidebar, select Update and security, then click Windows security.

recovery option

3: Select virus and threat protection from the list of protection regions.

virus and threat protection

Solution 6: Use cmd’s “echo off” command

The following are some instructions for using the “echo off” command in cmd:

1: Start by launching the Command Prompt window.

command prompt run as administrator - Windows 11’s Copy and Paste Not Working

2: Type the command (cmd /c” |clip) after that, and then hit Enter.

3: Restart the system next.

Solution 7:  Clear the clipboard history

The most popular feature in Windows 11 is copying and pasting to clear the clipboard history. Additionally, it is highly convenient and time-saving for us to copy contents and messages onto the clipboard using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C and then paste them with Ctrl + V. If you don’t know how to clear your clipboard, you can learn how to do it using these four efficient techniques.

Method 1: Use the Command Prompt to clear the clipboard

Running commands through Command Prompt is another way to erase clipboard history on Windows 11.

1: Start by launching your command prompt.

cmd run as administrator

2: Type cmd/c “echo off/clip” into the command prompt at this point, then press Enter to start it running.

echo off - Windows 11’s Copy and Paste Not Working

3: After finishing, shut down the command prompt.

Method 2: Delete data from the clipboard via settings

Utilizing the clipboard tab in settings is one of the quickest and most straightforward ways to clean the Windows 11 clipboard. Additionally, you can erase both pinned objects and the whole clipboard history.

To empty the clipboard in Windows 11, adhere to the instructions listed below:

1: To begin, click the Windows icon in the bottom left corner, then choose Settings, and finally click Open.

start and settings

2: At this point, select the system from the list.

system settings - Windows 11’s Copy and Paste Not Working

3: Open the clipboard in the left pane, and from there, select the option to clear the history of the clipboard, which also contains pinned objects, in the right pane.

4: Click the clear button under the box labelled “Clear clipboard data” to erase all past contents of the clipboard, excluding pinned objects.

clear all clipboard

5: To clear all clipboard history, including pinned items, click the slider to turn off the toggle switch under the area for clipboard history.

Method 3: Clear the clipboard using a shortcut

Nevertheless, you may make a shortcut to clear the Windows 11 clipboard. When you use the shortcut again, you may quickly empty the clipboard.

1: First, right-click a blank space and select New>Shortcut.

shortcut - Windows 11’s Copy and Paste Not Working

2: Next, enter cmd/c echo/clip in the location’s type field and press the next button to proceed.

3: After giving the shortcut a name, click Finish.

4: You will see that the shortcut has been placed on your desktop and that you may double-click it to empty the clipboard whenever necessary.

Method 4: Use Windows + V to Clear the Clipboard on Windows 11: 

The final suggested method for clearing the clipboard on Windows 11 is to use Windows + V. It is a quick and effective method for erasing all clipboard history information, excluding pinned objects.

1: Click Windows + V to bring up the clipboard window, where you may see a list of texts and images you’ve already copied.

windows v - Windows 11’s Copy and Paste Not Working

2: You must now scroll down to the item you wish to erase in order to clear individual clipboard history items.

3: To clear an item, click the Delete button after clicking the three horizontal dots behind each item.

4: At this point, you can click and clear all to remove everything from the clipboard. As a result, you will notice that your clipboard is now empty.

Solution 8: Shutting down Notepad++

Notepad ++ is one of the most frequent offenders that can prevent copy/paste functionality. This problem typically arises when a user tries to copy a large amount of data quickly. Therefore, Notepad++ can end up avoiding the clipboard in this situation.

Users who have been impacted the most have claimed that every time this happens, the clipboard is frozen until a new system is started or Notepad++ is stopped. The simplest solution is to quit Notepad++, after which you may check to see if the copy-and-paste functionality has been reinstated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. How do you paste an email into a text message?

1: Open the email first, then choose forward.

2: Fill the “To” area with the recipient’s phone number and email address.

3: Verify that the email’s content is within the carrier’s maximum before pressing the send button.

Q2. How can the clipboard be reset?

Try these procedures to reset the clipboard:

 1: You must click the Clipboard dialogue box launcher on the Home tab or in the clipboard group.

2: The task pane for the clipboard now appears on the left side of your spreadsheet and displays every clip currently in the clipboard.

3: Click the clean all option to clear the clipboard completely.

Q3. How can you disable Copy and Paste?

Refer to the following methods to disable copy and paste:

1: Open the Word Options dialogue box first, then click anywhere inside.

2: Select Advanced from the menu on the dialogue box’s left.

3: Scroll through the various options until you find the cut, copy, and paste option.

4: Next, deselect the box next to the Show paste options button.

5: Press “OK.”

Final words

Since there are several causes for Windows 11’s Copy and Paste Not Working, a wide variety of fixes are also available. You can try these methods individually to see if it helps to address your issue.

Even so, if you need help with these fixes, contact our knowledgeable professionals via chat, and we’ll undoubtedly assist you. We exclusively offer hassle-free fixes for your issues.

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