[Solved] Windows 11 Touchpad Not Working

Touchpad refers to the ability to utilize your laptop without a mouse. So, if you are experiencing your computer or laptop Windows 11 Touchpad Not Working, read on to learn about the best solutions to resolve the Touchpad not working in Windows 11 problem.

Why isn’t the Touchpad working in Windows 11?

This article has covered the most common ways to fix Windows’ 11 Touchpad Not Working problem. However, if you cannot resolve your PC Touchpad issue, try the troubleshooting techniques listed below. We have described the solutions that will assist you in determining this error.

Here are some of the reasons why your Touchpad isn’t working in Windows 11:

1: The operating system has stopped responding.

2: Use the FN key combination.

3: External Devices, among other things.

How Do I Fix Windows’ 11 Touchpad not working issue?

If your computer’s Touchpad stops working, don’t worry because the problem is easily fixed. We’ve gone over some standard Windows’ 11 Touchpad not working troubleshooting procedures to resolve this issue. Continue reading!

Solution 1 – Enable Touchpad Settings:

One of the most effective methods for enabling touchpad settings in Windows 11 is:

1: First, link the Windows search icon in the lower-left corner of the screen and then type Touchpad.

2: The touchpad settings item will appear in the search results list.

3: Select it by clicking on it.

touchpad settings

4: You will now be offered a toggle button to switch the Touchpad on or off, which means (Whether enabled or disabled)

Thouchpad sensitivity

Solution 2 – Enable Bluetooth

To enable Bluetooth, attempt the following steps:

1: Press the Start button, then go to Settings>Devices>Bluetooth and other devices.

Bluetooth and other devices

2: Now, toggle the Bluetooth switch on or off as desired.

Solution 3: Manually install the device drivers

Look for the following methods to install the Device Drivers manually:

1: Go to the manufacturer’s website and download the most recent Windows driver.

2: Launch the driver installation programme.

install windows drivers

3: Right-click the Start button and select Device Manager from the available option.

Device Manager


4: Select your problematic device from the Device Manager window.

5: Now, from the device manager’s menu bar, select Action and Add Legacy Hardware from the drop-down menu to manually install the device drivers.

Add legacy Hardware from action in Device manager

Solution 4 – Revert to an Older Driver

To revert to an older driver, follow these steps:

1. Launch Device Manager.

2: Next, right-click on the Start button and select Device Manager.

Device Manager

3: After that, expand Touchpad.

4: Double-click on your display device now.

5: Go to the Driver Tab.

6: To restore, click Roll Back Driver.

roll back driver

Solution 5: Perform an SFC scan

The following are some steps for running an SFC scan:

1: First, go to Search, type cmd, and then launch Command Prompt as Administrator.

cmd run as administrator

2: Now, write the following command and then press Enter.

Enter command sfcscannow

3: You must now wait for the process to complete.

4: Reboot your computer.

restart - Windows 11 Touchpad Not Working

Solution 6: Make use of the Hardware Troubleshooter

You can utilize Hardware Troubleshooter by performing the following steps:

1: Navigate to the settings menu.

2: Navigate to Update and Security>Troubleshoot.

Additional Troubleshoots

3: Next, select Hardware and Devices, and then choose and run the Troubleshooter.

4: Wait for the process to complete.

5: Reboot your computer.

restart - Windows 11 Touchpad Not Working - Windows 11 Touchpad Not Working

Solution 7: Disconnect other USB devices

An external device may interfere with the Touchpad. If none of the preceding solutions work, try disconnecting all USB peripherals and seeing if the Touchpad works again.

Solution 8 – Modify Power Management Options

Power Management is one of the essential elements of any laptop. However, conserving energy can sometimes lead to the disablement of critical machine functionality. It’s also conceivable that the Power management machine settings contribute to the Touchpad not working.

1: To begin, search for Device Manager, then open Device Manager.

Device Manager

2: Scroll down until you find your Touchpad in the list of devices.

3: Next, right-click on the Touchpad and select Properties.

touchpad properties

4: Navigate to the Power Management tab.

5: To preserve electricity, uncheck the Allow the computer to turn off this device option.

Power Management tab and uncheck the Allow the computer - Windows 11 Touchpad Not Working

6: Restart your computer.

select restart

Solution 9 – Enable ELAN

The following are a few steps to enable ELAN

1: First, click the Start button, then select Settings from the sidebar.

start and settings - Windows 11 Touchpad Not Working

2: Next, select Devices.


3: Next, click Touchpad, followed by Additional Mouse options.

click touchpad and then additional settings - Windows 11 Touchpad Not Working

4: Select the appropriate option, which may be Touchpad, and ensure that your Touchpad is enabled.

Make sure touchpad is enabled - Windows 11 Touchpad Not Working

Solution 10: Restart your Windows 11 device

Try the following methods to restart your Windows 11 device:

1: For around 5 seconds, press and hold your computer’s power button.

2: It will now display three options:

3: Restart or Reboot Shutdown Sleep 3: Click the Restart option, and the machine will restart.

Solution 11: Update Windows

The following are various techniques for updating your Windows:

1: First, press the Start button, then go to Settings>Update and Security>Windows Update.

windows updates advance option  - Windows 11 Touchpad Not Working

2: If you wish to check for updates manually, select check for Updates.

3: Next, choose “Advanced options,” and then, under “How updates are installed,” pick “Automatic.”

windows updates advance option- Windows 11 Touchpad Not Working

Solution 12 – Install the Most Recent Drivers

You will want drivers for Windows 11. As a result, you should look for Windows 11 drivers on the manufacturer’s website. However, if no Windows 11 drivers are available, they must be installed in compatibility mode.

To install the most recent drivers, follow these steps:

1: First, download the driver and then right-click the installation file.

2: Select Properties and then Compatibility mode.

right click on Setup file and click properties - Windows 11 Touchpad Not Working

3: Next, download the driver and then right-click the installation file.

4: Once again, select Properties and then the Compatibility tab.

right click on Setup file and click properties


5: Check the box next to “Run this programme in Compatibility mode” and then select Windows 11 from the list.

check “Run this program in Compatibility mode - Windows 11 Touchpad Not Working

6: Finally, install the driver to determine if the problem persists and if not, proceed to the following step.

You must ensure that you continually look for Windows updates and keep your device updated to avoid such situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do I update the touchscreen driver?

Ans: To upgrade the Touchscreen driver, follow these steps:

1: Go to the Start button>All programs>Windows Update.

2: After that, choose and check for updates.

3: If you discover significant changes, click the link to examine the available updates.

4: Select Install updates, and you may be prompted for an administrator password to confirm your decision.

Q2: How can you repair the Touchpad in Windows 11?

Ans: To repair the Touchpad in Windows 11, perform the following steps:

1: First, ensure that the track pad is correctly connected.

2: Now, disconnect and reconnect the Touchpad.

3: Next, check the battery on the Touchpad.

4: Switch on the Bluetooth.

5: Reboot your Windows 11 device.

6: Next, go to Settings and enable Touchpad.

7: Check for updates to Windows 11.

8: Install Device Drivers.

Q3: How do you diagnose touchpad issues?

Ans: Some of the best approaches to identify touchpad difficulties are listed below:

1: First, tidy up the touchpad.

2: Next, you must disable the touchpad lock.

3: Examine your touchpad settings.

4: Install the latest touchpad drivers.

5: Your computer hardware and BIOS must be updated.

6: Uninstall and then reinstall the driver for your Touchpad.

7: These are the items you will require.


This article will review the critical methods for fixing the Windows 11 Touchpad Not Working issue. You can go through these steps one by one to see which one will assist you in solving this problem.

However, if you need help solving the problem, you can call our professional team of technicians, who will assist you in resolving it. Furthermore, you can contact us via chat, and we guarantee that we will be able to fix your problem within a certain amount of time.

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