With today’s advancements in technology, both the computer and printer issues become a major concern. When you are running a business, there is nothing worse than receiving a message that your printer is offline. Moreover, you don’t know the appropriate methods of how to fix it.

If your printer is showing an offline message then it means you have a hard time communicating with your computer. There can be various reasons like connectivity issues, fault in your Printer, etc. Whatever will be the reason several checks help in determining which issue you are dealing with.

Printer Offline Reasons:

  • A printer can be offline due to the following reasons:
  • Communication cable unplugged
  • Incorrectly configured
  • The wrong driver installed
  • A hard connection problem and a lot more.

How to Fix Printer Offline Issues:

Today every modern Printer can connect with your computer through Ethernet or Wi-Fi. But in the case when you see that your dreaded printer get offline. Then you probably want how to make it online.

Lots of people are facing this bugging issue, but no worry as it’s not hard to resolve this problem. Read the following steps carefully and see how you can overcome this issue.

Step 1: Check Printer Connection:

The Printer offline status is a way of telling that something is wrong in between your computer or printer. It can either through a USB cable or network connection. Therefore, you need to the printer connectivity with your PC. Look at the following steps below:

1: If your printer is connected through a USB cable then make sure that the cable to your printer is well-connected. Also, you can connect the cable to your computer via USB Port.

printer power outlet to fix printer offline

2: If the printer is connected via a wired network then make sure the cable to your printer is connected with an Ethernet port. Also, examine that the port in your router is working well. Now you can check the network signal on your computer is flashing or not.

3: If the Printer is connected to a wireless network, check the printer, and ensure that the PC is connected well to the network. If you will see the Lit-up wireless icon on the printer then it indicates it is connected.

searching for the network to fix printer offline

Step 2: Check Printing Status:

The Auto-updated printer driver can be provided by Windows update and change the printer settings without notifying you. Thus, you need to make sure that your printer status is completely free from errors. Read the following steps carefully

1: Turn the printer off and then turn it on again.

power on brother scanner to fix printer offline


2: On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and I at the same time.

3: Now click Devices and then Click on Printers & Scanners.

printers and scanners

4: Right-click the icon with the green checkmark and click See’s what’s printing. Here if you will see a grey icon without a green checkmark, then right-click on it and Select Default Printer.

set as default printer

5: Click the printer, and if you see a tick next to the option pause printing then click them to remove the ticks.

Step 3rd: Restart Print Spooler service:

There comes a point where your printer will refuse to work if the Print Spooler service doesn’t work accurately. In most cases, this service is somehow gets turned off. Hence you need to check whether it is running and then decide to restart it.

1: On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and R at the same time.

2: Type services.msc in the search box and then press Enter.


3: Press the key P to locate the Print spooler and see its status is running or not.


4: If you cannot see the status, then right-click the print spooler service and click start.

5: You can also restart the service and right-click print spooler and then click restart.

right-click the print spooler service and click start

6: Now close the properties Windows.

Step 4th: Disable Printer offline mode:

You must check that Either the Printer offline mode is enabled or disabled. Sometimes it happens that you accidentally put your printer software turned on.

1: Press the Windows Key + I and open the settings.

2: Go to devices> Printers and Scanners

printers and scanners

3: Select the printer and click the open queue.

4: Click the Printer on the toolbar and ensure using printer offline. If it doesn’t have a tick next to it, then you can click it to disable this.

Step 5th: Use Printer Software:

Some of the printer manufacturers have their software. And this helps you in managing and troubleshooting your printer.  In this case, you should install the software. Else you can check it if you have already installed it.

1: Press Windows key + I to open settings.

2: Click devices>Printers and scanners.

printers and scanners

3: Select the printer and click manage.

manage printers and scanners

4: Now you will see a button for the Open Printer app if the software has been installed.

5: Open the software and check the section that lets you restart, troubleshoot, or fix the printer.

Step 6Th: Remove and Re-install printer:

If all else fails then you can remove the printer from your computer and then again add it back. To do this you need to follow a few basic steps:

1: Press Windows Key + I to open settings.

2: Go to Devices>Printers and scanners.

printers and scanners

3: Select your printer, and click Remove device, then click yes

Remove device printer to fix Printer Offline

4: Click adds a printer and scanner and connects the printer back to your computer.

add a printer

Step 7th: Make use of ISP for your Printer:

To fix this issue you can set an ISP for making your printer run.

1: First print a network configuration page.

2: Power up your printer and press the menu until you see the System Setup and then press OK.

Menu Button Canon Printer

3: Scroll through until you see the report and select OK. This shows your printer IP’s address.

Network Setting Canon Printer

4: Now type the IP address into your browser and see all your printer internal settings.

5: Select the Network tab->Wireless->IPv4 tab.

IPv4 tab

6: Now you can set your IP manually.

set your IP manually

7: Enter your route’s IP as the gateway.

8: Now enter your Router’s IP for DNS Entry.

router ip for dns entry

9: Select Apply.

10: Shut down your router and printer.

11: Restart the router again and once it is powered up you can start your printer.

12: Finally you need to re-add the printer you are using. And add a printer with your new IP address.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: What does a Printer going offline?

Ans: If your printer keeps on going offline. Then this is due to the unstable IP address for your printer. And this what your computer network uses for identifying the unique printer. It also makes some frequent loss of connectivity and communication with your computer.

Q2: How can you get the printer online?

Ans: 1: Go to the start icon on the bottom left of your screen and choose the control panel and Device and Printers.

2: Now right-click the printer and select what’s printing, select the use of Printer Online from drop the menu.

Q3: How you can connect the printer via Wi-Fi?

Ans: 1: Ensure that your device is selected and click to add printers

2: This will add the printer to your Google Cloud Print account.

3: Now download the cloud print app on your Android device.

4: It will access the Google cloud Print clouds from your Android.

5: You can also download it for free from the Google play store.

Q4: How to keep the printer from switching offline?

Ans: 1: Open the start menu and click the control panel.

2: Double-click the printers and devices icon.

click on devices and printers

3: Right-click the icon for the printer and keep it from switching from offline mode.

4: Go to the ports tab and at the top of the window.

Q5: How you can change the printer from offline to online?

Ans: 1: Select Start>Settings>Devices>Printers and Scanners.

printers and scanners

2: Now select the printer>Open Queue.

open print queue

3: Under the Printer, make sure that you use Printer offline.

4: Still if all these steps won’t work and put your printer back online. Then you must read troubleshooting offline printer problems.


Hopefully, now you have solved your printer offline issue and now your printer is again running back. And if not then you can contact the manufacturer for further support.

Else you can resolve the problem by connecting with us via chat. We help in resolving your issues with printer-related problems. However, if you decide to have a new printer then you need to check the recommendations for great printers with cheap ink.

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