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Steps for Cleaning the Printer Head

Steps for Cleaning the Printer Head:-
Step 1 – Open the top cover of the printer to reach ink cartridges area. Remove the ink cartridges from the printer head and then remove the printer head by lifting latch upwards. (Make sure you do not apply force)

Step 2 – Flushing the printer head with water.
Hold the printer head under running tap water. Make sure water cleans all the part of the unit. Do this until the water runs clear.

Step 3 – Dry the printer head.
Soak it dry by shaking it and set it on dry paper towels so that no water droplets remains on it. (You may also use a hair dryer on a low setting to dry the unit)
Reinstall the printer head by placing the latch downwards. Then install ink cartridges properly. Close the top cover so that ink cartridges sets in position for printing.
The printer would automatically start printing “Printer Head Alignment.” If it doesn’t, then manually perform “Printer Head Alignment” from the printer’s utility Tool. Printer is ready to use after Alignment.

Step 4 – Try to print a Test page to check the status of the printer.

If problem still persist, contact Technical Assistance.


How to make printer wireless

Reason: To connect your printer to the network and communicate with the other devices and print wirelessly.

Setup HP Printer Wireless:

Method 1:  Push Button Method

(Make sure your both the device router have WPS button and your printer support WPS method) If not equipped go to Method 2.

Step 1: Press the wireless button on the Printer.

Step 2: Go to Wi-Fi Protected setup or Wi-Fi standard setup.

Step 3: Select Push Button Method.

Step 4: Go to router and push the WPS button for 5 sec.

Step 5: Printer will say Connected to network and ask for you to print the report you can print the report.

If Printer says not connected or unsuccessful then repeat the steps or try Method 2.

Method 2: Wireless setup wizard

(Make sure you know the name of your network i.e. SSID and the password of your network)

Step 1: Press the wireless button on the Printer.

Step 2: Select wireless setup Wizard it will start searching for the available networks, and come up with the result.

Step 3: Once you see the name of your network Select it. Then it will ask for the Passphrase i.e.  Wi-Fi password, enter your Wi-Fi password.

Step 4: It will attempt to connect to the network. Once successful it will ask for you to print the report you can print the report.

Step 5: if says unsuccessful make sure you selected the Correct SSID and Entered the Correct Password (password is uppercase and lowercase sensitive). Try again from Step 1 or use the Method 1.


Once you are connected to the network you can communicate from any of your device to the printer.


Paper Jam problem in printer

Paper Jam is a very common problem in printers and everyone face this problem atleast once. So You have to know about it.
Paper Jam is mechanical dis-function of the printer and does not depend on the make of the printer that you are using because all brands of printers have approximately same kind of mechanism and paper jam is unavoidable. It happens when your are not using the right size of the paper or you are not inserting the paper in a right manner or you are feeding unsupported type of paper and sometimes it happens when you abruptly feed a truckload of papers at one first of all you must keep all these points in your mind before printing if you want to avoid any kind of physical damage to the printer.
As it is told earlier that you can not avoid the paper jam completely, however you can learn how to remove the paper jam.In case if you don’t know how to remove the paper jam, you may refer the manual that will clearly describe you how to fix this problem or you can go on-line and check couple of threads related to the printer, still if problem persists you call simply call the customer care explain your situation and get helped.