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When I was on the computer yesterday, my mouse appeared to be not working again. It was suddenly automatically connected or disconnected, and the mouse’s bottom light switched on or off. This issue stinks when I’m trying to work, so I googled “How to fix the mouse keeps disconnecting on Windows 11?” A hardware issue, out-of-date software, corrupt data, etc., bring this on. Don’t panic, read this article till the end. Here we have explained the mouse not working solutions in brief.

Why is my mouse constantly disconnecting on Windows 11?

Mouse is the essential component to run a computer. The mouse is crucial to the system’s support structure. However, there are few reasons that can impact its working. As, a result you would face Mouse keeps disconnecting problem on your windows 11. Those factors are responsible for mouse not working;

1. In the case of an ancient mouse, PS/2 ports

2. Incompatible device drivers

3. Hardware Problem

4. The issue with System Restore

5. Swift start-up choice Enable

How to fix Mouse Keeps Disconnecting on Windows 11?

No need to worry; we have practical solutions that may address the issue of why your mouse keeps disconnecting. Let’s now discuss several solutions.

Solution 1: Update your device drivers to resolve the Mouse Keeps Disconnecting issue

Always make sure that your device drivers are correctly updated. If your computer runs slower than usual, it can be due to outdated device drivers. Device drivers are crucial pieces of software that make it possible for various hardware parts to function correctly with your computer.

1. You must first download and install the drivers.

2. Go ahead and launch the driver simply by selecting the “scan now” button. Your computer or pc will be scanned by Driver Easy to find any problematic drivers.

3. Select Update All to download and install the most recent versions of all your system’s outdated drivers.

4. Restart your computer to make the new modifications effective in step four.

5. Determine whether or not the mouse issue has been resolved.

(NOTE): You should also install the ALL-IN-ONE Software and execute the program on your PC to obtain the desired outcome.

Solution 2: Disable the Fast Start-up

1. Type Powercfg by pressing win+X.Cpl in the dialogue box for running.

2. Select the power button’s function by clicking on it.

3.  At this point, select Change Unavailable Settings.

4. Uncheck the option next to Turn on Quick Start. (recommended)

5. Save your changes and leave.

6. Restart your computer immediately, as all of the drivers will have been initialized. The time it takes the computer to boot up may be longer.

Solution 3: Reinstall Windows 11

It is reasonable to try the same wired or wireless mouse with a different version of Windows if it isn’t working yet, and you can roll back the current Windows before installing the new Windows 11.

After switching to Windows 11, you ultimately encounter a mouse that is playing dead.

When you upgrade your copy of Windows 11, it instantly activates it; you don’t need to reinstall it. This procedure can automatically reinstall Windows 11 without buying a license.

Solution 4: Conduct a system restore

You should be able to resolve this problem by restoring your registry to a healthy condition if you have an unexpected disconnect. Here are a few ideas to help you navigate and fix this issue.

1. Press Win+R to launch the System Restore Wizard by typing rstrui in the text box and pressing Enter.

2.  To move to the next menu inside the System Restore Wizard, click next.

3. Tick the box labeled “Show more restore points.” Choose the point in time before the occurrence of sporadic mouse disconnections. Click “Next.”

4. Next, press Finish to begin the procedure. Restart your computer right now.

Solution 5: Deactivate the Filter Keys

1. Open the Settings menu and select Settings>>Easy Access.

2. Select “Make the keyboard easier to use”. 

3.  Turn on the Filter keys in step three.

4. Uncheck the box, activate the filter keys, and click OK to turn it off.

Solution 6: Examine the hardware problems

Before attempting more fixes, you should double-check a few steps, such as whether your mouse is plugged in correctly and whether it has to be replaced. Also, Windows or a particular driver can cause the problem.

1. First, connect the mouse’s USB cable to another port. To see whether it resolves the issue, unplug it and replug it in a different port.

2.  Try a different mouse in the second step to see whether the mouse keeps disconnecting problem has been fixed.

3. Examine the mouse to see if it is functioning correctly after you’ve finished the previous two steps.

Solution 7: Disable USB Selective Suspend

Selective suspend can be very helpful if you want to conserve power or the battery in Windows 11. It is known to be employed in peripheral disconnection problems, though. Therefore, adhere to the instructions below if you wish to solve this issue.

1.  The first thing you must do is enter Powercfg. Press Win+R to enter the run dialogue box, then type Cpl to access the power settings interface.

2. Locate Change Plan Settings under the Current Power Plan and then set Change Plan Settings.

3.  In the new window, click the Change Advanced Power Settings link.

4. Locate the Selective Suspend Setting under the USB Settings section, expand it, and disable it.

5.  Press OK and APPLY to put the modification into effect.

6.  Select APPLY and OK.


Q1. Why does my mouse keep disconnecting? 

Occasionally, this issue occurs when the USB cable is inserted into a bad port. If it improves your situation, you can unplug, replug, and try a different mouse; perhaps your issue will be resolved.

Q2. Why does my USB Hub keep disconnecting? 

USB devices occasionally disconnect, and a driver could cause rejoining. You can reinstall the USB or controller driver in the drive management to resolve the driver issue.

Q3. Why does my wireless mouse keep disconnecting?

There may be a battery issue with your mouse. Since it lacks a rechargeable battery, you must purchase a new mouse.

Final Words

The issues and solutions mentioned above would fix your mouse keeps disconnecting issue. The best fixes for the mouse disconnecting issue are those listed above. Using the approaches discussed above, you can identify the problem fast. Please share any further suggestions with us, and we’ll do our best to implement them and give you the most significant outcomes.

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