How to Fix Linksys Router Not Connecting to the Internet

Well, nothing annoys more than your Linksys router and adapter refusing to connect. However, it’s not easy to troubleshoot when you are frustrated and really don’t know what to do. But in this article you will get to know how to fix Linksys Router not connecting to the internet.

Nothing irritates you more than Linksys Router not connecting to the internet well. It is also understood that every user desperately needs a strong internet connection as you have to complete the work before the given deadline. You might try a lot of troubleshooting steps to overcome with this issue but have got nothing out of it.

Now you can keep all your worries aside as you can follow the given troubleshooting steps and it takes you out of the dilemma. All you are supposed to follow the given below steps and execute them accordingly. This helps in fixing the Linksys Router not connecting to the internet.

Why does Linksys Router not connecting to the Internet?

Linksys router is aim to provide a seamless wireless performance to your home network. However, the obstructions are inevitable and the security settings sometime become incompatible, wireless connectivity and the performance may be affected. Below have been listed some of the common factors that affect the wireless connection as well as network performance.

1: Distance from the Router:

Distance from the Router

First you need to ensure that you have a stable wireless connectivity and make sure that the computer is within the range of router. It’s quite obvious that computer may also have problems when connecting to the wireless networks.

Due to the interference of neighbouring wireless devices like cordless, phones it can also cause a problem in not connecting the internet to the computer. Thus, to avoid the wireless interference you need to change the channel of routers is recommended. Also, if you are using a Linksys Smart WI-FI then read all the instructions given below.

2: Internet Wireless/ Key Password:

Internet Wireless

While connecting to a secured wireless network it requires WEP, WPA or WPA2 personal security key or key or passphrase. The user might encounter this error when you need to change the wireless settings of your router. To avoiding it, or if you are unsure about your wireless key or password, then you must need to check the wireless security settings of your router. You can also remove or forget your wireless network profiles or preferred networks.

Note: Remember that not all the wireless adapters are compatible with WPA2 personal. You need to check whether your adapter and computer’s operating system are compatible with the router’s wireless security or not.

3: Outdated Adapted Drivers:

Your computer wireless adapter can perform better of the drivers are up-to-date. The wireless adapter’s compatibility should also need to take into consideration. Else, you can contact your hardware manufacturer for getting the complete specifications of your wireless adapter. Also, you need to check for the connectivity of other wireless devices within the network. The router should work fine if all the other devices have a good wireless connectivity to the network.

Quick Tip: To isolate the Wireless connectivity issue, the user can try to connect their computer or their other wireless devices to the other wireless networks.

4: Outdated Router Firmware:

All the firmware updates helps in fixing bugs and issues on a router. If all of your wireless computers and devices are having problems in connecting to the wireless network, then you may need to update the router’s firmware first. To learn how to update the firmware of the Linksys router not connecting learn the following given steps.

Note: While updating the firmware on a Linksys router the user might require resetting to factory defaults. For that you need to either back up your router settings or reconfigure the router after the reset procedure. If you also need help in reconfiguring the network settings of your router, then you need to choose the following internet connections type.

1: Cable Internet Service.

2: DSL Internet.

3: Static IP account.

How to Fix Linksys Router not connecting to the Internet?

There is no doubt, in saying that Linksys is one of the most top brands in home computer networking. And it is also well-known that their software sucks thus, you will start encountering a problem at least once during your ownership of a router and adapter combo.

What’s worse is that this problem happens for no reason at anytime. The reason behind why this error message appears is due to Linksys’s software is good-awful. So, better not try to install it. You can make use of Microsoft Windows to get this job done and here is a quick and easy guide to get you through in this process!

To connect your Wireless Linksys Router, try not to run the configuration CD that comes along with the router. Instead of it, you can follow the given below steps to install and configure your router.

1: First of all you need to connect the Ethernet cable to the back of the Wireless router-The port labelled Internet. On the other end Ethernet cable should go to the LAN port on the modem.

2: Here you will also need a second Ethernet cord for connecting your computer device to the wireless modem (Temporarily)

3: From your computer, you can log on to your internet browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.

4: In the browser’s address bar, you can type this code:

5: Now you will be promoted for a user id/user name and password. For the Linksys modem, both your user ID and password are Admin.

4: Once you are logged in, you need to change the default IP address to

5: After closing the browser window, unplug the Ethernet cable that goes from the wireless router to your computer, then turn the router off, count to 10 and then turn the router back on.

6: Finally, when you see that the power comes back to your wireless router, then you need to try to access to the internet via using the Internet browser.

Troubleshooting your connections:

Still, if you cannot browse the internet through your wireless connection then you need to follow these basic steps:

1: First and foremost you need to make sure that the Ethernet cable is connected to 3Com switch to the wireless router and is connected and secure.

2: You need to make sure that the 3Com switch and the wireless router has power ON.

3: Remember all the wireless routers should work by default, so don’t run the installation CD that comes along with the wireless router.

Other options for Troubleshooting steps are:

1: The user needs to make sure that your wireless switch on your computer and is turned on.

2: Now go the control panel of your computer device to the Wireless Network Connections.

3: Choose “View all wireless connections” and connect your computer to your router.

Note: This might help in unplugging both the Switch and the Wireless router and then re-plug it again and reboot your computer device.

4: If you still cannot connect to the internet, then bypass the router and connect it directly to the 3Com switch with an Ethernet cable to determine if the service is working or not.

Below has been listed some of the best troubleshooting steps for fixing the Linksys Router Not Connecting to the Internet:

Problem 1st: Both wireless and wire computer lost internet connections:

Solution: Basically, there are three reasons that why the WI-FI connection between your Linksys router and your devices like laptops, a computer is intermittent or experiencing a dropping connection. These are:

1: Frequency Interference from other WI-FI devices.

2: Low signal quality received from WI-FI router.

3: Router’s firmware needs an upgrade.

However, the frequent WI-FI disconnection can be resolved by doing the following things like:

1: It reduces the WI-FI interference.

2: Customizes WI-FI settings of the router.

3: Updating the firmware of the router.

Note: Before following the given steps, check if your wireless devices have the stable internet connection when connected to other WI-FI. For investigating this problem check for the WI-FI connectivity of other WI-FI devices in the network. To learn how to check WI-FI connectivity with your Linksys router check the below following points:

1: Right-click the wireless icon on your computer system tray.

2: Now, click View Available Wireless Networks.

3: On choose a wireless network window; you will see a star icon besides the word connected. It also indicates that you are currently connected to your network.

Important tip: If there comes some point where you cannot confirm wireless connectivity then it could be that your computer wireless network adapter is disabled. This is indicated by this icon  appearing on the system tray.

To resolve this issue try to do the following steps:

1: Click Start>Control Panel>Network Connections.

Network and Internet

2: On the network connections windows, check if your wireless network is enabled or not. If the wireless network icon has an X mark beside it, then it means that your wireless network adapter is “Disabling”.

3: Now right-click on the icon and select Enable. Here a pop-up window will appear and it indicates that the wireless network adapter of your computer has now been enabled.

linksys router not connecting

4: Another possible reason why you are unable to detect your wireless network even though your computer wireless network adapter is already enabled is due to the wireless network name of your router may have been changed. To resolve this issue you can check the wireless settings of your router.

Problem 2nd: Wireless Computer or Laptop doesn’t have Internet Connection:

Solution:  In setting up your router with your Internet Service Provider, one of the following challenges that you may encounter is when there is no WAN or Internet IP address registered in the web-based setup page of your router. This is a known issue for cable modems that are easily not recognized by the router. Thus, to resolve this issue you need to manually change your router to communicate better with your modem.

One of the quickest and easiest ways for concerning Linksys router not connecting is to power-cycle the device. To perform this step:

1: First power off the router.

linksys router not connecting

2: Now Unplug the power cord and wait for 10 seconds before plugging it back in.

linksys router not connecting

3: If still the problem persists after performing a power-cycle, then you may proceed with the other workarounds for the issues listed below:

1: Dropping Intermittent Wireless Connectivity.

2: Slow Downloads.

3: Slow upload.

4: Forget wireless settings of the router.

linksys router not connecting

5: Unable to access the router’s web-based setup page.

There are basically four factors that contribute to why the wireless Linksys router not connecting and your device is intermittent and dropping:

1: Maximum Transmission unit size.

2: Frequency interference from other wireless devices.

3: Low signal quality received from wireless router.

4: Outdated Router Firmware.

The frequent wireless disconnection can only gets resolved by doing the following things:

1: Adjusting the maximum transmission unit size.

2: Reducing Wireless interference.

3: Customising the wireless settings of the router.

4: Updating the firmware of the router.

However, there might be some other reasons from which you are unable to access the router web-based setup page, this includes:

1: The Router’s IP address has been changed.

2: The Router’s IP address has been changed.

3: The Router’s firmware needs to be upgraded.

4: There is no network connection with the router.

5: Sometime the computer firewall may be blocking the connection.

If the issue still exists after performing the above steps, then you can also perform the following troubleshooting steps:

1: First you need to isolate the issue by checking if your other computers have the same downloaded speed.

2: Check if your computer has the same download speed when connected straight to the modem.

3: If the suggested solutions made no changes with the downloaded speed, then do the following in order:

  • Firstly, perform a firmware upgrade.
  • Now reset the router by pressing and holding the reset button for at least 10 seconds by using any pen or pointed object.
  • Finally, reconfigure the router by using your ISP’s connection like Cable Internet service, DSL, Internet service and Static IP account.

Problem 3 – All have Internet Connection accept the Wired Connect

Solution: An Ethernet cable is the most common type of network cable and is used on a wired network whether at home or in any other business establishment. This cable connects the wired devices together to the local network for file sharing and internet access.

Linksys routers make use of Ethernet cables and connect the modem via WAN port and get internet access for wired and wireless devices connected behind the router. There are four Ethernet ports that you can use directly connect to your wired devices and extend to your home network.

While connecting the Ethernet cables from the router seems an easy thing to perform. But there are also some important things that you need to check to ensure that the network connection passing through the router is good and stable. In this step you will know how to properly connect your wired devices to your Linksys router using Ethernet cables.

1: First connect the Ethernet cables.

2: Check the wired connectivity.

3: Resolves all the LED issues.

4: Now, setting up your router.

5: Enhance the Network performance.

For connecting Ethernet cables:

1: Modem to Router: The Ethernet cable from the broadband modem should go to the router’s Internet or WAN port.

2: Router to Wired devices: The Ethernet cables from your Ethernet-based devices can go to any of the number ports at the back of Linksys router (1, 2, 3, and 4)

3: Modem to Router, Router to computer: In a home network, one of the most common Ethernet connection setup is modem to router and router to computers or any other networking devices that use Ethernet cables. A Linksys router allows four wired devices to directly connect to it.

4: Check wired connectivity: The LED on a Linksys router indicates the activities running on corresponding ports. To check the LED’s behaviour you need to make sure that the power adapter is plugged in to the router’s power port and to the power outlet.

Problem 4 – Wireless Adaptor not receiving and Detecting Wireless Connection:

Solution: The wireless connection speed of your computer is different from the internet speed from your service provider. A good wireless router is essential to get the desired speed you want on your network. However, there are many factors that affect the wireless network connection speed between your router and computers.

In Windows 8 or 8.1:

1: Press the Windows button + D on your keyboard to show the desktop.

2: Now right- click the wireless adapter icon located at the bottom-right of the Desktop screen.

3:  Click and open Network Sharing center.

4: Finally, click the WI-FI connection.

5: Here the WI-FI status Window will appear and show your computer wireless connection details. Its speed section indicates the connection speed between the wireless adapter and the router.

In Windows XP:

1: Right-click on the wireless icon at the bottom-right of your screen and select Status.

2: The wireless network connection status window will appear on showing your computer wireless connection details. Here the speed section indicates the connection speed between the wireless adapter and the router.

Problem 5 – Slow or Unstable Wireless connection

Solution: There are several factors that show why your wireless device is getting low or poor signal from the router. In this step you will be guided on how you can resolve this issue:

Low or poor signal is mainly caused by six major factors:

1: Firstly, distance problems.

2: Physical Obstructions.

3: Wireless Interferences.

4: Transmit rate on the wireless router.

5: Outdated firmware on the router.

6: Power outrage.

1: Inspect Routers and Cables thoroughly:

You will need to have a good look at all the cables that are connected to your WI-FI. There might be chances that your cable is damaged at some point and cause your internet to work slower than usual. If there are some signs of damage then you need to change that component to ensure a steady and fast internet connection. Also, check if all the cables are plugged into the right-port.

2: Restart your Router.

Restart your Router - linksys router not connecting

3: Reset your Router

4: Check Settings.

5: Router positioning

Problem 6th: Linksys Router Settings or Firmware Outdated

Solution: Following has been given some instructions that show how to fix Linksys Router Settings:

1: First you need to address the router web-based set up page.

2: Open any Web-browser.

3: Enter the IP address in the Address bar and then press Enter.

4: Now you will be asked for your login details. Enter Admin in the user name and Password fields, and then press enter.

5: Look for the firmware version located on the upper-right corner of your web-based setup page.

Problem 7th: Linksys Router Web Interface

Solution: While learning how to access the router’s web-interface it is important when you need to configure the advanced settings. Below has been defined some of the common configurations that can be done to set up a wireless security for your network.

1: Firstly, it is recommended to use a hardwired connection from your computer to the router in accessing the router’s web-interface. It also ensures a stable connection and avoids all the possible access to other Linksys routers.

2: If you are using a wireless device to access the web interface then make sure that your device is connected to your Linksys router.

3: Before accessing the router’s web-interface, make sure that the router is turned ON.

Problem 8th: Linksys Router Web Interface:

Solution: Following has been defined some steps that helps in fixing the Linksys router web interface:

1: First you need to launch a web-browser and enter the IP address in the address bar.

2: Hit Enter.

3: If the IP address doesn’t work or if it has been changed then you need to check your router’s IP address.

4: Now enter all your login credentials in the given fields.

5: The default password is Admin and in case if you change or personalized your password then use the Admin password instead.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1: How you can find router’s web interface?

Ans: Here has been defined some steps to find the router web interface:

1: Firstly, open a web-browser like Internet explorer.

2: Now, go to the address bar and enter the IP address of your router and then press Enter.

3: A new window prompts for username and password.

4: Type Admin for username and Password.

Q2: How to access router settings?

Ans: Accessing the router settings, have a look at the below following steps:

1: Make sure that your phone is connected to your router’s WI-FI network.

2: Tap on the Network name.

3: Look for a gateway, router or other entry in the list.

Q3: How to access router without password?

Ans: For accessing the router without password, look the below-given steps:

1: Check if your wireless router has a WPS button.

2: If yes, then you need to begin the process by following how to connect WI-FI router without password.

3: Now switch on your wireless router and locate the WPS button and hold it for at-least 2 seconds.

Q4: How to connect WI-FI router?

Ans: 1: Check for your Internet connection.

2: Place the Router.

3: Connect to power.

4: Connect to the internet source.

5: Access router’s web interface.

6: Connect wired devices.

7: Connect your device to WI-FI.

Q5: How to connect Ethernet cable to wireless router?

Ans: 1: Plug one end of an Ethernet cable into your modem.

2: Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into the internet, Uplink, WAN, WLAN port on your router.

3: Finally, plug in your router and allow at least 2-3 minutes to light-it up.

Final Words: In the end, following all the above given steps helps you to fix Linksys Router Not Connecting to the Internet. Read all the steps carefully and perform it in the same manner as it has been explained. Still, if it won’t solve the issue then you can connect with us via chat and we surely help you to solve the problem as soon as possible.

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