fix hp printer takes long time to print slow printing problem

In this document, you will read the best troubleshooting steps for printers that take a long time to print, and their speed starts degrading. Therefore, to rectify its solution, first, you need to check the printer driver settings. However, if the printer has been set in the maximum DPI or the printer’s best mode is selected, you may start facing HP slow printing problems.

If your HP printer is slow to start printing, then the issue might be that your printer is mapped across the server. Thus to fix this problem there is a need to add a printer as a local printer and then print it to the port. In this way, the issue should be resolved.

Why HP printer takes a long time to print?

The user must need to note that while printing in normal mode or draft mode helps in enhancing the printing speed. But you also need to ensure that more the ink consumption will be used by the printer, the slower it prints the document.

You can also observe that while printing the document in normal or draft mode, the speed of the printer rapidly increases. Whereas while printing in the best quality, the user will also examine that it takes more time to print a document and also consumes more ink while printing.

Some of the reasons that HP printer takes a bit more of time to print a document are due to the following reasons:

1: The Printer Prints slow over the network: This issue might occur while using a network printer. So you need to ensure that you change the IP address to fix this issue.

2: HP printer delay before printing: Various HP printer users encounter this issue. So make sure to re-install and update the printer driver if this issue has occurred in your printer.

3: Printer is slow to respond: Some certain glitches can happen with your printer due to several reasons. So you need to reboot your printer to resolve this problem.

4: Long delay in starting the printer: This issue can be encounter due to the inappropriate functioning of the printer spooler. So restart your device and delete all the files of the printer spooler.

Steps to fix HP Slow Printing Problems:

Solution 1st: Re-install Printer driver to fix slow printing problems:

If you are facing trouble with HP Printer slowing issue, then the problem may your printer driver. This problem usually arises due to the corrupted printer driver, so better to re-install printer driver.

1: Firstly, you need to open a Device Manager. To perform this step you need to press the “Windows button “and type “Device” in the search bar and then select the “Device Manager”.

open device manager to fix slow printing problems

2: Now “Right-click” on your Printer and then select the “Un-install device” option from the menu.

uninstall device driver to fix slow printing problems

3: Click the Un-install button when the Un-install device dialog box will prompt.

4: Once you have un-install the printer driver, then click on the “Scan” for hardware changes icon.

5: Now the windows will start finding a compatible driver for your printer and install it on your computer.

Quick Tip: If the Windows are not able to find a compatible driver for your HP Printer, then you can manually install the printer driver.

Solution 2nd: Clear Printer Directory:

HP slow printing problems appears due to the inappropriate functioning of the print spooler. The files that remain in the printer’s directory can sometimes prevent the HP printers from printing. Therefore to fix this issue, first, delete all the files of the printer’s directory. Follow the steps to clear the print directory.

1: Press the Windows +R together on the keyboard.

2: Type services.msc in the search bar.

3: Click on OK and press the Enter button.

services.msc  to fix slow printing problems

4: Right-click on the Printer spooler service and click on the stop button.

print spooler  to fix slow printing problems

5: Now, minimize the Printer spooler service.

6: Open my computer and go to the C:/Windows/System32/spool/Printers path.

7: Now delete all the files of the printer’s directory.

8: Open the minimized Print spooler service window, right-click the print spooler service and click the start button.

fix Slow Printing Problem

Solution 3rd: Update Printer Driver:

For updating the printer driver look out the following steps below and perform it in the same manner:

1: Visit the HP official site.

2: Now go to the printer section and enter the model number and then click on the submit button.

enter the model number

3: Download the recommended driver package.

4: Now locate it in the download package.

Download the recommended driver package

5: Double-click on it and click the Run button if prompted.

6: Follow all the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

Solution 4th: Check Printer Preferences:

While selecting certain paper types or printing in the best quality cause slow printing problems. You can try to print with plain paper in Normal or drafty quality for getting faster printing speeds. Following are been defined some ways to check printer preferences:

1: Search Windows for printers.

2: Click the printers and then click Printers and Scanners in the search results.

printers and scanners option to fix Slow Printing Problems

3: Now click your Printer and then again click Manage.

brother printer manage option

4: Click Printer Preferences.

click on printer preference

5: Click the Paper Quality tab.

6: In the Paper type field, make sure Plain Paper is selected.

7: Now adjust the print quality.

8: In Print Quality make sure that Draft or Normal is selected.

9: Now click ok or Apply to confirm the changes.

10: Try to print now if still the problem persists then move towards the next step.

Solution 5th: Check Network Status:

If your printer is connected either to a wired or wireless network, then several tips help in resolving the slow printing issue.

1: On your computer device, you need to check the wireless signal strength by clicking the wireless connection icon in the Windows taskbar. If you see that signal strength is low, then move the router, computer, and printer closer together.

2: You need to make sure that there remain no additional strains on your network like downloading or streaming services.

3: Depending on your bandwidth all these activities will significantly affect the print speed.

4: If the printer is connected to a network with an Ethernet cable then make sure that the cable connections are secure.

5: Now restart the router by unplugging it and wait for at least 10 seconds and then again plug it back in.

Solution 6th: Turn off Quiet Mode

For turning off the Quiet Mode learn the following give steps and do it in the same manner:

Turn off Quiet mode by using the HP Smart app:

1: On your computer device, firstly open HP smart.

2: Now click your Printer and then click on the “Advanced settings”.

3: Click Settings and then select OFF.

4: Click Save.

Turn off Quiet mode using HP Printer Assistant software:

1: Firstly search Windows for HP and then double click the name of your printer.

2: Now the HP Printer Assistant software opens.

3: Click the Quiet mode icon at the top of the bar.

4: On the Quiet mode tab, select OFF and then click Save to turn off Quiet mode.

Solution 7th: Find Printer IP address:

For finding the Printer IP address perform these steps:

1: Touch Settings>Wireless>Display Network Configuration>Display Network Summary.

2: Remember that it should be display at least 4 lines and that is:

  • Hostname
  • IP Address
  • MAC
  • SSID

3: However if it shows none of these things then there is a chance that the printer is not connected well to the network.

4: Write down the IP Address and it will look like “” or “” or something similar like that.

Solution 8th: Configure PC for port 9100 Printing:

For configuring the PC for port 9100 Printing do the following steps:

1: Firstly open the Control Panel and then go to Printers or you can view the Devices and Printers.

click on devices and printers

2: Now right-click on the slow HP Printer and select the “Printer Properties”.

printer properties

3: Select the “Ports tab” and then Add Port.

Add Port

4: Select the Standard TCP/IP port and now click the “New port” and click “Next”.

Select the Standard TCPIP

5: Now type your printer’s IP address and let the Windows select the port name and click “Next”.

type your printers IP address

6: Click the “New port” box.

7: Click on the New Port that says “Standard TCP/IP port.

Select the Standard TCPIP

8: Click the check box labeled with SNMP i.e Status Enabled and then click OK.

9: Now try to print a document. Also, you may need to cancel the documents that you have tried to print previously. But even those they also start likely printing.

10: All these steps will be able to fix HP slow printing problems. It also changes the networking of the printer to use a TCP/IP connection on port 9100.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s)

Q1: How to fix slow printing problems?

Ans: Following are been defined some of the best ways to fix the slow network printing issues:

1: Access Printer Properties.

2: Adjust your device settings well.

3: Speed up slow spooling on the Print server.

Q2: How to fix the Printer Queue issue?

Ans: Learn the following steps to fix the Printer Queue Issue:

1: Press Windows Key + R to open the Run Dialog.

2: Type services.msc, then select OK.


3: Double click the Printer spooler service and change the start type to Automatic.

4: Restart the computer and try to install the printer again.

Q3: What are the methods to fix the issues on Windows 10?

Ans: Watch the steps below to fix the issue on Window 10:

1: Click Start, then the settings icon.

2: Click On devices and select the Printers and Scanners from the left-hand list.

printers and scanners

3: Click on the printer.

4: Now click the Manage Button.

manage printers and scanners

5: Click the Printing preferences link in the left-hand list.

click on printer preference

6: Click on the other tab.

7: Ensure that the SNMP communication box is unchecked.

Q4: How to restart Print Spooler in Windows 10?

Ans:  Perform the steps below to restart the print spooler in Windows 10:

1: From the Cortana search bar type the services.

2: Select the services Desktop app.

3: Scroll down the list of services and then right-click on Print Spooler.

4: Now click on the Restart button.

Q5: How to clear Printers Memory?

Ans: 1: Firstly you need to restart the print, it will reet the device and clear all its memory of any active print jobs.

2: Now turn off the printer and then unplug it from the power socket.

3: Leave it for a couple of minutes and then again plug the printer into the power socket.

4: In this way, it will fully clear out the power of the memory and erase it completely.

Final Words: Following all the above steps helps in fixing the HP slow printing problems. Perform the given steps in the right manner and resolve the issue of HP Printer printing issues completely. Still, it won’t works then you can directly contact us on chat we will surely help in solving the problem of HP Printer related issues.

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