Canon PIXMA Printer Not Responding Error

There are most of the Canon Printer users who are having issues in fixing the Canon PIXMA printer not responding to problems. Whenever the user tries to attempt to print something then this issue occurs.

So, it becomes sometimes very frustrating and thus the user can’t print anything in any document with the help of a Canon Printer. But you don’t need to worry as this issue can get easily fixed.

Why does the Canon PIXMA Printer not respond?

There is no doubt, that Canon Printers have been a leading manufacturer of printing and it is best suitable for office equipment.

Canon printers only focus on image quality that includes printing technology, digital cameras, etc. Thus, these printers include a broad range of models and provide consumers and enterprises quality printing results.

There could be various reasons that the Canon PIXMA printer not respond and these issues include:

1: Check if your printer is turned on and it is in ready status.

2: When you are using a cable connection, check it is securely connected.

3: When you make use of a USB connection, you need to make sure that the USB port is operable, and if not then you need to try another USB port, if available.

4: Check if your router access point is working properly.

5: Print spooler issues.

5: Poor connectivity.

6: Bad hardware status.

7: USB issues.

8: Wrong connectivity endpoints and a lot more.

How to Fix Canon PIXMA Printer Not Responding?

If you are facing the Canon printer not responding problem then it simply means that your printer has stopped working. It also means that your Canon printer has stopped communication with the computer and now the printer is no longer able to print any documents.

The reasons behind causing the Canon Printer not responding problems can be numerous. It might be like overloading of printing work on the printer or some other complicated reason. So, we will start with basic troubleshooting steps if you are not able to fix your problem.

Here you can proceed with some of the advanced troubleshooting steps:

Problem 1: Canon PIXMA Printer not responding Wired:

Follow these below-given steps:

1: First, you need to make sure that the USB cable is properly plugged into the ports on the computer and Canon printer.

printer-connected-with-computer to Fix Canon PIXMA Printer Not Responding

2: However, if you are connected the cable to a USB hub then you need to remove it and then connect it directly to the computer.

3: Now, attach the USB cable to a different USB port on your computer and check if there is an issue with the USB cable.

4: Now, you need to run the Windows troubleshooter.

Additional Troubleshooters to Fix Canon PIXMA Printer Not Responding

5: Next, click the printer option and then select Run the Troubleshooter, and still if you see any issues then rectify them.

run the troubleshooter for printer to Fix Canon PIXMA Printer Not Responding

6: Here you need to press the Windows and R together and then open the Run window.

7: Now, specify services.msc in the open fields and then tap the Enter key.


8: Next, in the service Window, you need to select the print spooler option and then choose the Restart option i.e. available on the left panel of the window.

restart printer spooler to Fix Canon PIXMA Printer Not Responding

9: Take a test print now.

print a test page to Fix Canon PIXMA Printer Not Responding

Problem 2: Canon PIXMA Printer not responding to USB:

Here is how you can perform this step:

1: First, you need to select the Devices and Printers option.

click on devices and printers

2: Now, search and locate your Canon Printer.

3: Next, you need to right-click on the printer and then select the printer properties option.

Printer properties to Fix Canon PIXMA Printer Not Responding

4: Now, click the ports tab and then check for the port that contains your printer’s name, USB, or, DOT 4, WSD, network.

ports-option to Fix Canon PIXMA Printer Not Responding

5: Once you check-marking the ports then you need to click Apply save button in order to save the changes.

6: Now, you need to try a test print and check if the printer starts printing over the USB connection.

Problem 3: Canon PIXMA Printer not responding Wireless:

Here we have defined some steps for it:

1: Sometimes the wireless printer not responding issue occurs when the Canon printer has lost communication with your computer device.

2: Now, power off your Canon Printer and then wait for about 20-30 seconds.

turn on printer

3: Next, you need to unplug the electrical cord from the rear side of your Canon device and then switch off your Windows system.

4: Once you have connected the cord to the rear power port of your Canon device then you need to turn it on.

5: Now, you need to remove the electrical cord from your access point or router.

modem turn on to Fix Canon PIXMA Printer Not Responding

6: After 10-15 seconds you need to re-attach the cord with your wireless router.

7: Next, you need to switch on the system and then check whether the wireless printer is not responding to the error has been fixed or not.

8: If you still face some issues in Canon Pixma not responding problem then you can call us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: What are the steps for fixing Canon Pixma Printer?

Ans: 1: First you need to perform the hard printer reset in order to fix the Canon printer issue.

2: Now, you need to power off the printer and then unplug it from the wall socket.

3: Next, you need to remove the cable from the rear of the printer.

4: Here you need to leave the printer to rest for a minute.

Q2: How you can reset the Canon PIXMA printer?

Ans: In order to reset the Canon PIXMA printer, look for these steps:

1: First, press Setup.

2: Now, press the arrow buttons until you navigate to the device settings and then press Ok.

3: Next, press the arrow buttons to navigate to reset the setting and then press Ok.

4: Select Yes.

5: Now, press Ok and your device gets completely reset.

Q3: What you need to do if the printer is not printing well?

Ans: 1: First, you need to check your printer error lights.

2: Now, clear the print queue.

3: Next, solidify the connection.

4: Ensure that you have the right printer.

5: Install the drivers and software.

6: Now, add printer.

7: Check that the paper is installed and it should not be jammed.

8: Now, fiddle the ink with ink cartridges.

Q4: What steps you need to take if the printer is not responding?

Ans: 1: Firstly, you need to check and see if your printer is ready to use.

2: Now make sure that your printer is properly connected.

3: Next, you need to conduct a printer power cycle.

4: Make sure that you have set your printer as a default option.

5: Clear print queue.

6: Restart print spooler service.

7: Now, re-add your printer to your PC.

Q5: How you can get the Canon printer out of the error state?

Ans: 1: Make your port settings change and then press the Windows logo key +R on your keyboard and type devmgmt.msc and then hit open to devising manager.

2: Now, make sure that the printer is offline.

3: Re-install the printer driver.

4: Set the print spooler service to automatic.

5: Update the Windows.


Hopefully, we have defined all the steps that help you in Fixing Canon PIXMA Printer not responding to the error issue. You can follow these steps and get rid of this issue.

Although, if these solutions won’t work properly then you can get in touch with our technical team of experts and get help from them.

We have a year of experience in solving this problem. So, feel free to contact us at any time and we assure you that we will provide only hassle-free solutions.

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