how to fix canon printer in error state windows 10

Are you unable to troubleshoot the Canon Printer error state problem, then it is best for you to look for some effective solutions. You can take help from the solutions, which we describe in this Canon Printer error state guide, to rectify and resolve the problem at a rapid pace.

As you know, Printers are the necessary need for performing printing jobs with an advanced Printer. Canon is one of the most popular Printer brands for providing the best Printer assistance to people over the globe.

Besides all the Canon Printer quality, we can’t neglect the fact that a Canon Printer is a machine, and a machine can fall ill sometimes. So, it is common that your Canon Printer gives you some issues, Canon Printer error state is one of them.

Causes of Canon Printer Error State

Whenever you find that your Canon Printer is not responding, then maybe your Printer is in an error state; that’s why it’s not responding. It is difficult to find a specific reason behind this problem; still, there are few primary causes of Canon Printer error state problems, which are mentioned below.

  • The USB cables or wires are not connected well.
  • Maybe the drivers are not accurately installed.
  • BIOS issue.
  • The software or drivers you have installed for you is not suitable for your Canon Printer model.
  • Connectivity issue.

How to Fix Canon Printer in Error State Windows 10

Suppose you are performing your important printing job, and at mid of the work, it stops performing. Undoubtedly, this kind of situation will raise your temper. Those users face this kind of problem many times; they generally ask, “How do I get my Printer out of error state?” or “What should I do when my Printer is in an error state?” and so on.

We have few solutions to solve the Canon Printer error state issue, and these are mentioned below. Follow the below-given Canon Printer error state fixes.

Solution 1: Make ports setting changes

Making ports setting changes is one of the effective solutions to clear the Printer in error state problems. Here we have given all the important steps to make your ports setting changes, follow these steps.

Step 1: First, press Windows key + R on your keyboard to open the run box.

Step 2: In the run box, type devmgmt.msc and hit the enter button to open the Device Manager.

canon printer error state type devmgmt msc and hit the enter button

Step 3: In the top menu, click on View, select Show hidden devices.

canon printer error state click on view select show hidden devices

Step 4: Do right click on Ports(COM & LPT), and select Properties. 

click on ports com & lpt and select propertiesbrother-printer-error-state-control-panel

Step 5: In the properties windows, open the Port settings tab.

Step 6: Now, select Use any interrupt assigned to the port.

Step 7: Check the box next to Enable legacy Plug and Play detection.

Step 8: Click on, OK.

select Use any interrupt assigned to the port

Step 9: Reboot your computer, and check the issue has been fixed.

Solution 2: Check that Printer is Online

If your Canon Printer is offline, it could also be why your Canon Printer is showing error state error.  In this instance, the most effective way is; Check your online Printer status and enable it. Follow the below-given steps to execute this process.

Step 1: Open the Control panel on your windows system.


Step 2: Select Devices and Printers>Printer. 

printer and devices


Step 3: If you find your Printer has offline status, then do right-click on it and select User Printer Online.

right-click on it and canon printer error state

Step 4: If your Printer is able to go online, then it will show a Ready message on your screen, instead of showing Offline.

Solution 3: Reinstall the Printer Drivers

There is no need to be surprised to hear that drivers’ faulty or incomplete installation is responsible for generating Canon Printer error state problems in windows 10. As you know, for performing printing, job drivers play a crucial role, so if something is wrong with your Printer drivers, that means it leads your Printer in an error state.

To correct or resolve the issue, you just simply need to reinstall the Printer drivers and follow the below-given steps to reinstall the drivers.

Remove Printer Drivers

Step 1: First, open the search box on your Windows 10.

Step 2: Type Printer & Scanners in the search box.

canon printer error state type printer scanners in the search box

Step 3: Now, go into the Printer & Scanner, here you will see a list of your connected printing devices.

Step 4: Select from here your preferable Printer or that Printer that you want to be removed.

Step 5: Click on Remove Device option and confirm Yes.

click on remove device option and confirm yes

Reinstall Printer Drivers

Step 1: First, go to the official website of the Canon Printer.

select type, language and model number and press enter

Step 2: Locate your Printer drivers and software.

Step 3: Click on Download Button.

Step 4: Install the downloaded file to install the downloaded file; you need to open the downloaded file and then follow the on screen instruction.

Step 5: At the end of the installation process, click on Finish. 

Step 6: At last, restart your Printer and experience high-quality printing service.

Solution 4: Set Printer spooler service automatic

“Canon Printer in error state, how to fix,” Fixing this problem is not so much tricky; you can fix the error state problem simply and easily by following the Set Printer spooler service automatic method. Follow the below-given steps to execute this method.

Step 1: Press Window key + R on your keyboard to open the run box.

Step 2: In the run box type, services.msc, and press Enter.

canon printer error state in the run box type servicesmsc and press enter

Step 3: Now, you need to search for Print Spooler service in the right pane, but before that, you need to make sure that it is set to Start.

Step 4: Now, do right-click on Print spooler; after that, select Properties.

do right-click on print spooler after that, select properties

Step 5: Now, go into the General tab, and set the Startup type to Automatic from the drop down menu.

Step 6: Click on Apply and then OK.

click on apply and then ok

Step 7: Close the Services windows.

Step 8: At last, Restart your PC and Check if the issue is fixed or not.

Solution 5: Update your Windows

If the previous method isn’t able to resolve your problem, you need to move to another solution: “Update your Windows,” for fixing the Canon Printer MX922 error state problem. For updating your windows software, you need to follow the given steps.

Step 1: First, press the Start button and open Settings.

start and settings

Step 2:Then click Update & Security.

recovery option

Step 3: Select Windows update, click on Check for updates.

check for updates and download and install now

Step 4: Now, your windows start searching for updates automatically; if it finds any update, then let it complete the process.

Step 5: Restart your computer.

Step 6: Once your PC has started, it’s time to check that Windows fixed the issue.

Solution 6: Verify the Connection

Sometimes, the incorrect or loose connection could be the Canon Pixma Printer’s reason in an error state; at this instance, the only solution to resolve this problem is; Verify the connection. Below we have mentioned all the important steps for verifying the connection, follow them.

Step 1: Check that there is appropriate communication between Printer and computer.

Step 2: The cable or wireless network you are using should be connected well and has no problem.

Step 3: If your connection is loose or any other fault in connection, then you need to make a strong connection.

Step 4:  At last, you need to perform a print job to confirm the connection.

Solution 7: Restart your Computer and Printer

Sometimes, you don’t need to follow lengthy procedures, to troubleshoot Canon Printer error state issues. You can easily resolve this problem by following a simple and easy Restart your computer and Printer process; instead of following a lengthy process. Follow the below-given steps to perform this process.

Restart your computer

Step 1: First, click on the Start button.

Step 2: Click on the Power button.

Step 3: Click on the Restart option.

select restart

Step4: Your Pc or computer starts the restarting operation; you have to wait for it to restart. Once it has been started, you can perform your printing job to confirm that the printing task is executed successfully.

Restart your Printer

Step 1: First, you need to unplug the Printer from power and remove the Ethernet cord.

Step 2: Wait for a minute.

Step 3: Plug back your Printer into the power outlet. Also, reconnect your Ethernet cable accurately.

Step 4: Run the test paper to see the problem is resolved. Also, it would be best if you cleared the print queue to allow a fresh start.

Therefore, these are our few workarounds or solutions that you should try to bring out your Canon Printer from error state. You should try these methods one by one until your problem has been resolved if next time the Canon Printer error state problem encounter implements your suitable and preferable method to troubleshoot this problem.

Hopefully, our solutions will help you fix your Printer issues, so if you like these solutions, leave your comments in the comment section below.

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