Brother Printer Not Printing After Windows 10 Update (1)

Has your Brother Printer stopped working after installing the Windows 10 update? If so, then there might be the possibilities that your windows update is not responding to the corresponding drivers.

After upgrading the system to Windows 10, if the Brother Printer drivers are not working well, then don’t need to panic as fixing them is not a difficult task. There are numerous ways to download the Brother Printer Driver in Windows 10 and quickly fix its issues.

Why Brother Printer Not Printing After Windows 10 Update?

Most of the users have expressed serious concern with Brother Printer Devices after updating the Windows 10. There might be two reasons where your printer won’t work properly:

  • First, when you have set up (manually) means no way driver.
  • Second, the location of the wrong printer driver.

What may be the reasons for Brother Printer not printing after windows 10 update?

A) Downloaded Brother Printer won’t install properly:

For dealing with this issue, you need to look out the three things properly:

1: See where you have saved the file:

Let’s assume that you have downloaded the printer folder and it contains a long path. Then there are strong probabilities that the installation part will not be a success.

  • You need to choose the location and download the self-extracting file and make a temporary folder for it. It can beneath the root directory of (C: / Brother)

2: Time to execute the downloaded file:

If you have extracted the downloaded file and if it will not prove helpful in installing drivers then go ahead with the following installation:

  • Open the extracted folder.
  • Double-click on “D_SETUP/EXE”. This will trigger the installer.

3: Which driver you need to download:

Still, if you have received the error. Then Set up start error code-2. Moreover, it can also be code 193, code 216, and code 267. Make sure you check the operating system and reinstall all the correct drivers.

Some more common issues that have been found in Brother Printer Driver and troubleshooting involve:

Brother printer drivers dcp-t310Brother bt 6000 bk driverBrother Printer driver hl 1110Brother Printer driver hl 1111
Brother Printer driver hl 2280dw


Brother hl-2270dw driver is unavailable windows 10Brother Printer driver Windows 8


Brother dcpt 130 driver
Brother drivers mfc-j430w


Brother drivers mfc- 7860dw


Brother drivers mfc-6490cw


Brother dcpt 510w driver
Brother drivers 2270dw


Brother dcp-t710w driver


Brother lc61 printer driver


Brother dcp l2520d printer


It’s Solution:

As such there are various ways for fixing the Brother Printer and its solutions have been defined below:

So, to fix when Brother Printer stops printing after updating Windows 10 -> go to the Microsoft catalogue link (which is shown below) and here you can go ahead and update the version of your window.

1:  For instance, if you are using Windows 10, versions 2004 then you have to install this update (KB4567523)


2: If you have Windows 10 version 1909 then you can install the update (KB4567512)


3: Similarly if you are dealing with Windows 10 version 1903 then install the update (KB4567512)

KB4567512 - Brother Printer Not Printing

Once you have installed the update, you can restart your computer and test your printer

Still, if it doesn’t resolve your problem yet then perform these troubleshooting steps mentioned below:

Step 1st:  Ensure Printer is connected:

If your printer is not connected properly, then it probably won’t work. Therefore, you need to make sure that it is connected to your device. Once you have confirmed the connection, then examine whether the printer problem is fixed or not. If yes, then you have solved the problem.

Step 2nd: Run the Printer Troubleshooter:

If you have updated Windows 10 and found that Brother Printer is not responding then the situation might distress you. But an easy way for fixing this problem is downloading the Windows Printer Troubleshooter from the Microsoft server.

Now take a look at the following instructions below:

1: Run Windows Printer Troubleshooter.

2: Press the Window button + I to open the settings of your device.

3: Click on UPDATE and SECURITY.

update & security

4: Then Select Troubleshoot, from the listed outcomes, you can select the printer.

troubleshoot printer - Brother Printer Not Printing

5: Start Printer Troubleshooting and click the next option.


Step 3rd: Update Brother Printer Driver:

If the Brother Printer is not working after the installation of the Windows 10 update then there is an issue in your Printer Driver with the Windows. Thus, you need to update the Printer Driver from Manufacturer Website.

In this step, you need to visit all the websites of Printer Manufacturer and search for the latest driver available with version Windows 10. Now download the app printer driver and save it to the local drive.

Follow the below-mentioned steps and firstly remove the old corrupted Printer Driver:

1: Click the Windows Key + X>App & Features>Scroll down and click program and features> Select your printer> Select Uninstall.

2: Type Printer in Window Search box>Printers and Scanners>Select your Printer>Remove Device.

3: Open Control Panel>Program and Features>Right click on Installed Printer driver and then select Uninstall.

4: Restart the Windows for completely removing the driver.

Step 4th: Reinstall Printer Driver:

However, if updating software still didn’t work properly then remove the driver completely and reinstall them again.

1:  Press Windows + I to open settings.

2: Navigate to devices>Printers and Scanners.

printers and scanners option windows 10  - Brother Printer Not Printing

3: Find your printer and click on it and then click to remove the device button.

Remove device brother printer

4: Go to the start menu type “Print Management” and press “Enter Key”.

print management - Brother Printer Not Printing

5: Now, select all the printers and right-click on it, and delete all of them.

print management

6: Restart your PC, Plug back the printer cable and start installing the driver again.

Besides, you can also visit the Printer Manufacturer Website and install the latest available driver to fix Brother Printer Not Printing after Windows 10 Problem.

Step 5th: Reset the Print Spooler:

The term Print Spooler is a Windows Software Program and manages the print job that is sent to the printer. Therefore if your printer stops working unexpectedly then you should restart the spooler service to see if the problem has been resolved or not.

1: Press the Windows + R and type service. msc and ok.


2: Scroll down and look for service name “Print Spooler”

do right-click on print spooler after that, select properties

3: Check the Spooler service is running or not and its startup is set to automatic.  Then make a right-click on the service name and Select Restart.

restart printer spooler - Brother Printer Not Printing

4: If you find that the services have not started then double click on it. Here the print spooler properties change the start-up type automatic.

5: Now, it’s time to print some documents, and look the printer is working appropriately. And if not, then watch the next step.

And in case if you have Brother Printer then go the Brother Printer Website (

Once visiting the above website you have to enter the model number of your printer over there. But make sure you enter only the model number of your particular printer. Then you need to select the Windows and then click on OK and download the complete Driver software package there.

Step 6: Take help from Microsoft Virtual agent:

Well, if all the above steps still won’t work properly then take help from the Microsoft virtual agent. Click the link below and select the appropriate reason like (My printer isn’t working) and then it provides your some troubleshooting steps and if it still not resolve the problem then click on (Let’s try some another solution)

Related (FAQ’s) Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What steps should be performing when you cannot print from the computer through USB?

Ans: For solving this problem, perform the following steps:

  • Examine the status of your Brother Machine.
  • Check the connection between the Computer and Brother Machine.
  • Check Printer driver settings.
  • Restart both the Brother Machine and the computer.
  • Make sure the device manager recognizes the Brother machine.

Q2: What to do if you cannot print on a wireless network?

Ans: For resolving this type of issue, check the following things:

  • Have you set up the Brother Machine?
  • Is the Brother Machine turned on?
  • Have you tried to check and repair your wireless?
  • Do you change the wireless networking environment?

These are some basic things that you need to take care of.

Q3: What to do when you cannot print the Brother Machine on a wired network?

Ans:  # firstly, verifies the Brother Machine is powered on or not and if it is error-free.

# Look the connection between the Brother Machine and Computer

# Make use of Window connection repair tool

# Uninstall and re-install the Brother Driver.

Q4: How many times can a Brother Cartridge be refilled?

Ans: Most of the Brother Printer Cartridge can be refilled up to 5 times. It mainly depends on your usage whether it is daily, weekly, or monthly. Somehow if your prints look bad then it can be most likely to be refilled again.

Q5: What is “OEM”?

Ans: The term OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. It means that everything which has been selling is made by the original Brother products.

Final Words

We hope our article was helpful and you were able to fix the Brother Printer Not Printing problem after Windows 10 update. If you were unable to fix the problem then please connect with us via our chat located at the bottom right corner of your screen.

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