Brother Printer Unable to Print

As a brother printer user, if you ever face a brother printer unable to print problem, then here is a complete guide to fix your brother Printer not-printing issues, stay tuned with us to know all required information related to your brother printer.  

Like any other printers, a brother printer could be extremely dubious, and their functioning could affect your work. A Printer is a machine and a little issue can create noteworthy inconvenience to you. There could be many issues, but out of these, Brother printer stop printing is required special consideration, because it hampers your work.  

Despite that fact, the brother printer has been effectively active to offer you quality printing service in your home and workplace and make your printing paperwork smoother and quicker.

Reasons behind your Brother Printer Fails to Print

Undoubtedly, the brother printer is in high demand worldwide and a reliable machine, but sometimes it is quite moody as our best friend. When it stops printing, it could be an irritating condition for you, and you may think of just throwing it away and purchasing a new one.

I agree that it may be irritating sometimes, but my friend, nothing happens without any reason. And, there is also a reason behind the brother printer unable to print. Below a few reasons are mentioned that affect your printer printing functioning.

  • Wireless and wired network printing issue
  • Paper jam problem
  • Printer drivers problem
  • Ink and Toner issue
  • USB printing problem
  • Offline issue
  • Printer machine switched on or off
  • Printer shows Ready status but not print
  • Connection problem

How to fix Brother printer unable to print problem

If your brother printer is stopped printing, that means you have to fix it so that you can get it back quickly in a workable condition. After reading the causes of brother printer printing errors,  you already got some idea about it, and now it becomes easy for you to fix printing errors. 

Here we have explained, the troubleshooting steps to fix brother printer printing errors. This write up is for you, follow it.

Solution 1: Fix Brother Printer Offline issue

Brother Printer’s offline status could be a problem behind the printing problem. An offline mode indicates that your Printer is not an active state, then how could you think it would be able to print. To make your Printer in the workable condition, you have to change its offline status. Below the steps are described to change the setting of the brother printer offline.

Step 1: Open Printer & Scanners Setting on your Windows 10 Computer or Laptop.

printers and scanners

Step 2: Select your Brother Printer, which you are using.

Step 3: Click on Open queue.

Brother Printer Open Queue - fix unable to print

Step 4: In the upper left corner, click on the Printer option.

printer option open queue

Step 5: Once you click on Printer option you’ll see use printer offline option in it.

use printer offline - fix unable to print

Step 6: Make sure to un-check the use printer offline option.

uncheck use printer offline option

After unchecking the user printer offline, your brother printer unable to print offline error issues will be resolved. To make sure the printing process is a brother printer, you can do a test printing.

Solution 2: Fix brother printer printing error by checking Port

If your brother printer is connected to the wrong port, then it can also create a problem in the printing process. To make your printer printing process smoother and error-free, you have to check brother printer ports and ensure that it would be connected right. Follow these steps to check your printer ports.

Step 1: Open Printers and Scanners.

printers and scanners

Step 2:  Click on your Brother Printer and then click on Manage.

brother printer manage option

Step 3: Next open Printer Properties.

printer properties

Step 4: After you open Printer Properties next you need to click on Ports option.

ports option

Step 5: Inside the Ports option you need to select your Brother Printer Port and then click on Apply and ok.

printer port apply ok

Now, your process of checking the ports and connecting your Printer with the right Port has been completed. A port connection plays a very important role in the printing process of your brother printer, so you have to ensure that it is connected in the right way before you start printing.

Solution 3: Fix brother printer printing issue by checking its switched on or off status

Do you think, without switching on your Printer, would be able to perform printing?” Printing is far away; even it wouldn’t be able to start. The Printer must be switched on if you want to use it for printing papers.

Sometimes, you don’t realize that your Printer is switched off, so you have to check the brother printer’s switched on or off status. If you find it off, then you have to own it. Follow the below described steps to execute this procedure.

Step 1: If your brother printer is showing lightning, that means it is receiving enough power. It also indicates the signal On.

Step 2:  If you find an error light is blinking, that means there is an error in your Printer, and it won’t start.

Step 3:  Check the switch of your Printer, if you find it Off then turn it On. Now you can see your Printer is started, and you can easily perform printing action.

You have to follow these three steps for switching on your brother printer. If you realized that there is no light in your Printer even after it switched on, then that means there is some issue associated with your power connection you have to reattach power code again.

Solution 4: Fix brother printer printing issue by reinstalling your Brother printer

Sometimes the printing problem arises because of the improper installation of your brother printer. In that condition, the only solution is that you have to remove and reinstall your Printer. Below is a complete guide for “How to remove and reinstall the Brother printer for resolving printing error?” 

How to remove the brother printer:

Step 1: Open Printer and Scanner.

printers and scanners - fix unable to print

Step 2: Click on your Brother Printer and Click on Remove Device.

Remove device brother printer

Finally, you can see your brother’s printer has successfully been removed.

How to reinstall brother printer

Step 1: As usual, open Printer and Scanner option on your Windows 10.

printers and scanners

Step 2: Click on Add printer & scanners option and the let the system find your printer for you.

add a printer or scanner

Step 3: If you see your printer then click on it and follow the on-screen instructions to add the printer. In case, your computer was not able to locate your printer then click on “The printer that I want isn’t listed

printer isn't listed

Step 4: Choose “Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings” and click Next option.

add a local printer option in Windows 10

Step 5: Verify that you’ve connected your Brother Printer to the computer with a USB. Choose Use an existing port (LPT1: Printer Port)

use an exisitng port lpt1

Step 6: Select the manufacturer i.e. Brother and Find the model no. of your printer. Then click on it and choose Next option.

choose printer manufacturer and printer model no. - fix unable to print

Step 7: Follow the on-screen guide to re-install the Brother Drivers.

Finally, you will find that your brother printer is reinstalled and it is ready to perform printing action, for checking its condition you can print a paper.

Solution 5: Fix the brother printer printing problem by removing jammed papers

Paper jam is the common reason that affects the printing process of a printer. The stuck and jammed paper acts as a barrier for the processing of further pages, and at a point, it will stop printing. Below a step-wise process is defined to remove jammed papers in the brother printer.

Step 1: First, unplug your Printer from the power outlet.

Step 2: If you find the paper support flap is open, then close it.

Step 3: Pull the paper tray of Printer, to let out of the Printer.

Step 4: To release the jammed papers, pull 

the two green levers inside the machine.

Step 5: Now, pull out the jammed papers.

Step 6:  Remove the jammed papers by lifting the clear jam flap.

Step 7: If you still could not remove the jammed papers, you have to open the clear jam cover from the backside of the printer machine.

Step 8: Now, pull the jammed papers carefully out of the machine.

Step 9: After removing the jammed papers, close the jam clear cover properly.

Step 10: Put the paper tray back inside the machine, close the scanner cover, and at last, unfold the paper support flap.

Step 11: Now, plug back your brother printer and ensure that the error message is cleared.

Removing jam papers procedure would be very easy if you will do it like the above-described steps and make sure you do it carefully.

 Solution 6: Fix Dry ink and Toner issue

Brother printer dry ink and the toner cartridge issue highly affect your printing process. Sometimes you can see your Printer is unable to print papers; in that condition, the improper functioning of the brother printer’s inner toner cartridge could be responsible. Here we will discuss how you can fix the toner cartridge issue of the brother printer

Step 1: Open the front cover of your brother printer. 

Step 2: Remove the Drum unit

Step 3: Now, press on the lever and remove the toner cartridge

Step 4: Now, look at the developer roller and check if there are spots, dirty or other defects on the roller. 

Step 5: Rotate the roller; it may be hard to move, so you can use a screwdriver on the main gear. Be careful while doing this; make sure it does not damage the teeth of the gear. 

Step 6: Rotate the roller in the down direction.

Step 7: In case you find dry ink or other dust particles, then clean the roller with a soft cloth. If there are vertical lines on the developer roller surface, that means your blade is dirty, or the toner builds up along the edge of the blade. 

 Step 8: Take thin cardboard, insert it between the blade and the roller, and move it along the blade. It should remove all the toner build-up and the dust that causes the problem in printing. 

Step 9: Now, turn by hand, the developer roller and clean the developer roller with a soft cloth. Brother toner cartridges don’t have chips, but they have a reset gear that should be positioned properly. You should know that each cartridge is different with different reset gears, so you should find the gear’s proper position. 

Step 10: Now, you have to pay attention if you are going to a used toner cartridge; when your Printer is sensed, a new toner cartridge, the bias voltage set to high voltage. Then, the voltage is gradually reduced to keep the density level even throughout the cartridge’s life. This process is necessary because a used toner cartridge has a tendency to print darker. So, if you reset a used toner cartridge, the Printer will believe it’s a new cartridge. The voltage will be set to a high voltage. So, there is a risk of light prints. 

Step 11: If the cartridge loses toner, check the Mylar blade. The Mylar blade is along with the toner roller; it prevents toner from falling out of the cartridge. 

Step 12: if the blade is wrapped, worn out, with small pinholes, the cartridge will leak. Most of the time, the problem is a blade that is coming loose, so probably you’ll have to disassemble the cartridge and change the Mylar blade. 

Step 13: Clean the toner inside the Printer with a soft cloth. Don’t use compress air. The toner powder could cause a problem to the laser scanner. 

The process is done here, and now you will find that your printer toner cartridge has been repaired now and able to perform the printing process. But you should know that maybe you have to follow different sets of instructions because different cartridges have different guidelines. 

Solution 7: Fix Brother printer printing problem by troubleshooting Wi-Fi Connection

Sometimes your brother won’t be able to print because of the Wi-Fi connection problem. If your brother printer is wireless, it would be able to perform only when connected to a wireless connection, without a connection printing process, it is not possible. If you find there is an issue with your Wi-Fi connection, then you have to reset your wi-fi connection for troubleshooting brother printer printing errors. Below we give steps in brief to fix your wireless connection. 

Before you start this process, make sure you know the network name and the password for your wireless network. The network name you can easily find on the back of your modem. 

Step 1: To reset your wireless connection; first, you have to press the Menu button on your Printer. 

Step 2: Now, scroll down to the network, and press OK

Step 3: Scroll down again and select Network Reset and press OK.

Step 4: Press 1 to Reset, and then press 1 again to confirm the network reboot

Step 5: Now, you can see your Printer is a reboot. Once the rebooting process has completed, your Printer asks you to set up Wi-Fi.

Step 6: Press OK three times to launch the setup visit. 

Step 7: Now, your Printer has started wireless searches

Step 8: Now, you have to select your wireless network. (Don’t worry if you are prompted to use double UPS you can just simply select No.) 

Step 9: Now, enter your Wi-Fi password. The password should be in uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. 

Step 10: Now, press OK, and press 1 to apply settings.

 After following these steps, you will see your brother printer Wi-Fi connection is fixed, so now you can print your papers. Despite this, I would like to inform you that these steps are applicable to the following models of brother printer printing errors. 

  • Brother printer MFCJ470DW Printing error
  • Brother printer MFCJ430DW Printing error
  • Brother printer MFCJ265DW Printing error
  • Brother printer MFCJ615DW Printing error
  • Brother printer DCPJ140DW Printing error

Solution 8: Fix brother printer printing issue by upgrading or installing printer drivers

Sometimes the printing issue will arise because your brother printer drivers may not be installed in your system, or maybe they are outdated. In those circumstances, you have to download or install your printer drivers or software to troubleshoot the brother printer printing problem. Below the step-wise issues are described to upgrade or download your printer drivers.

Step 1: You need to open a Web Browser first in order to install the Drivers.

Step 2: Go to Brother Support & Downloads Page.

Step 3: Select your Brother Product from “Search by product category page”.

Brother search by product category

Step 4: Select the product series. We have MFC-J5 series printer.

mfc j5 series

Step 5: Select your Brother Printer Model Number.

select printer model number

Step 6: Select the Operating System and hit OK.

select operating system

Step 7: Click on Full Driver & Software Package (Recommended).

full driver & package

Step 8: Click Agree to the EULA and Download at the bottom of the page.

agree to the EULA and Downloads

After following these complete steps, you will find that your printer drivers are successfully downloaded and installed. If you want to update your drivers, then download it; it will automatically be updated. 

These are the essential and important methods that you should follow to troubleshoot your brother printer unable to print problems. All the above-described solutions are in the step wise procedure, and these are very easy to understand and implement for you, so you can try these whenever you encounter a printing problem.

If you are facing other printing errors like; brother printer unable to init 52, brother printer unable to print 48, brother printer error 50, brother printer unable to print 52, brother print unable to print 50, then you can follow us for getting a detailed and effective step – wise solutions for fixing your brother printing errors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How to find a Brother printer Default password?

That is the most common question that is generally asked by first time users of brother printers. And it is essential to enter as being a first time user of a brother printer. Generally, the brother printer default password is “Access.” But, if you want to change your password, then you can choose the option BRA-admin light. 

Question 2: Is the WPA key the same as a Wi-Fi password? 

WPA (Wireless Protected Access) key is also called Security Key. In simple words, it is a password that is used to connect your Wi-Fi network. It is also another name for the password of your router or modem. It is also known from many other names like; WPA/WPA2 passphrase, WEP key, Wi-Fi, and security.

 Question 3:  Why is my brother printer in an error state? 

There is not a particular reason behind your brother printer is an error state. It could be happening because of many different reasons like; Outdated drivers, software changes, jammed paper, faulty connections, low links, and many more. To solve this issue, you have to go through a procedure of multiple steps, which starts with checking the power connection of outlets. 

Question 4: What are the possible causes if your Printer is not responding?

Whenever you print something from your Printer, it will display an error message “printer, not responding.” Many causes would be responsible for your Printer, not responding; it could be hardware status and configuration or maybe faulty drivers. 

Question 5: Why is my brother printer connected by not printing?

There could be a number of reasons behind the brother printer printing issue; however, it is connected. Maybe there are no papers in the paper tray or empty paper tray of Printer, ink toner cartridges are empty, Printer is not properly connected with a USB cable, Use a USB cable for a wireless printer, Wireless printers unreliable in terms of connection, etc. 

Even after following all these step-by-step solutions carefully but you not able to fix the Brother Printer unable to print problem then check our chat help. I hope you’ll find the right suggestions to fix the problem.

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