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download and install brother printer drivers on windows 10

To make your document in a usable format, what you should prefer, or I would like to ask, “what is your first choice to convert your document in the most usable format”? Most of us answer this question as “Printer.” The printer is that device that carries multi functional efficiency for your homes and offices.

We all know that today’s most of the data and information carries in PDF file format or electronic file format, and the value of the paper is getting less day by day. But still, after this, the carrying information on a piece of paper still has its own advantages. Now it’s a trend of the electronic file, but for most of the purposes, we use printing papers for commercial and personal goals. So, we cannot wholly neglect its value; it is also very advantageous.

There are many brands in the market which offer printing machines, but one of the most popular and versatile printer brands is Brother Printer. Brother printer manufacturer and designed their printers with multiple printing and quality capabilities. They created it in that way; they would be easily usable for every small to significant business printing purpose. It not only offers you black and white printing papers, but also quality color content, in a single device.

Downloading and Installing Brother Printer Drivers

Suppose you are a new user of a brother printer, you don’t know how to install drivers to make your brother printer work with your computer? So, let me tell you if you are a new user, then you must know that Brother printer drivers are the essential thing that you should download first in order to print anything from your computer or a wireless network.

Brother printer drivers are a kind of software piece that helps your printing device to communicate with your system device or computer. It gives an interface so that your brother printer would be easily communicated to your device. For using it, to your printing purpose, it should be necessary to establish a connection between both of these to complete the task.

How to download and install brother printer drivers in windows 10

Most of the users generally prefer windows 10 operating systems in their device because of its latest advantageous and security features. If you are Windows 10 users and you want to enjoy the printing service of your brother printers, then you should first download and install brother printer drivers in your device. Now, here we are going to describe drivers’ download and installation methods to make your printer using the process easy.

Install built-in printer drivers in windows 10

Using built-in brother printer drivers gives you basic support functions for your printer device. The internet connection is the most important thing to accomplish this task without an internet connection; you cannot complete this task. But the only drawback of using this driver is, it does not support scanning functions. It only supports a printing function. Follow the steps to complete this procedure.

Step-by-step process:  

Step 1: Save all your on-going tasks on your computer and close the not important ones before you start following the process. 

Step 2: On your Windows 10 Operating System open Windows and Printers

printers and scanners

Step 2: Click on Add a Printer or Scanner

add a printer or scanner

Step 3: If you were able to find the model number of your Brother printer then follow the instructions as shown by the Windows 10 OS and you’ll be able download & install the Brother printer drivers. If not then click on the printer that I wan’t isn’t listed

printer isn't listed

Step 4: Click on “Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings” and click Next option

add a local printer option in Windows 10

Step 5: Verify that you’ve connected your Brother Printer to the computer with a USB. Choose Use an existing port (LPT1: Printer Port)

use an existing port

Step 6: Select the manufacturer i.e. Brother and Find the model no. of your printer. Then click on it and choose Next option

choose printer manufacturer and printer model no.

Step 7: But if your model is not listed, then you have to click on the window update button to download the additional drivers.

Step 8: If you find that previous drivers are already installed then, Replace the current driver; click on it and after that Next.

Now, leave the printer name as listed and then click Next, and choose an option for sharing and then click Next.  

After the drivers are installed, you will receive a confirmation for choosing your printer to set on default or a test page. Choose from that you want and click on the finish.

Install brother printer drivers from the official website:

For installing brother printer drivers, the easiest and reliable way is to download and install it from the official website of brothers. But make sure you have an internet connection to complete this process. Follow these below mentioned steps to complete this procedure.


Step 1: Open your web browser and go to the Brother’s official Website

brother website

Step 2: Go to the product type and select your printer model, or you can search your printer model in the search box.

select brother printer model number

Step 3: Once you choose the model no. you’ll get the next option of choosing the operating system in our case its Windows 10

select windows 10

Step 4: Now under the built-in drivers option click on “Click here to see how to install the built-in drivers.”

click here

Step 5: Now follow the guide inside to install the Brother printer drivers. The steps are most probably same as the previous one discussed in the article.

Follow all the suggested instruction to complete the installation process.

Install brother printer drivers from CD-Rom:

Another way of installing printer drivers is by using CD-Rom for windows 10 operating systems. But while doing this process, you have to keep in mind a few points. Never ever connect your printer with the USB cable until the installation process is completed, and if you did it, then you have to cancel the “New Hardware Wizard” and disconnect the printer. After doing this, you can start your driver installation process. Here are the steps that help you in installing the drivers with the CD.


Step 1: Insert the driver CD into the device CD drive.

Step 2: When your CD starts playing, it shows brothers setup with the pocket jet installer.

Step 3: Click (PC windows software) from the pocket jet installer.

Step 4: Now, click [Standard Installation] or the specific item you want to install.

Step 5: When you click on the standard installation, many items are installed, but it depends on the model. The installed items are Printer driver and PJ-600 Series Utility, Printer driver, PJ-600 Series Utility and P-touch Editor and Printer driver, and PJ-673 Utility.

Step 6: Now, select the model and follow all the instructions that display on your screen.

Step 7: Click finish.

Therefore, if you are looking for ways of the driver’s installation process, then, the above mentioned three ways are the easy and the best of downloading and installing Brother printer drivers for your pc. These methods are described in the step-wise process so that you can easily understand it and implement it for your printer setup. You have to go through these ways at once, and which one you find the most suitable, you can use that. In case of some problem you can also contact the brother printers support experts they will deliver you quality and quick service.

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