HP printer wont scan in Windows 10

Are you facing HP Printer won’t scan the issue? Well, this issue usually occurs due to an error in the printer drivers. No doubt, that HP Printers is among the well-known printer brands for Windows 10.

Thus all the HP models are all-in-one printers. With the help of these printers the users can print, scan, fax a document and even take out the duplex copy.

The HP Printers are built with such impressive features and it generally won’t disappoint the users. But sometimes it happens that they may also fail to perform or work normally.

Due to its amazing features or due to some error the issues in printer driver usually get fails to perform. In this article, you can learn the following steps of how you can resolve the HP Printer scanning issues.

Reasons for HP printer won’t scan in Windows 10

The HP Printers is an excellent printer brand for Windows 10.  Besides it, also manufacturers and multifunction the printers that can scan the documents but however sometimes it stops working normally. Often users face this issue while updating their computer and if you are facing the same issue then no need to work. Just read the article!

There are various reasons where the HP printer is not able to print the document and it seems a very common issue that results from many different reasons:

1: Missing or out-dated drivers.

2: Faulty Connections.

3: Bad configuration in Windows and a lot more.

Sometimes even simple things like having no ink or paper getting jam can cause serious frustration with any printer like HP Printer!

How to fix HP Printer scanning issues?

For fixing the HP Printer scanning issues you can follow the basic steps and perform it in the same way that it has been defined here:

Solution 1st: Check HP Printer Status

1: Firstly, you need to make sure that your HP Printer has got enough paper in the paper tray. If you have seen that there is a paper then ensure it doesn’t stick or jammed the paper feed.

However, if you find that there is then check with your manufacturer and remove the paper as you don’t want to ruin the internal motor of the paper feeder.

2: Is your ink toner is empty or filled? The best way is to consult with a specific printer manual for examining the ink levels or toner levels for your printer. Also, the new HP Printer can easily display ink levels. Else if you need to service your HP Printer then you can directly contact the HP customer support team.

Solution 2nd: Install Printer Software:

Once you have completed checking the HP Printer status then it is the time to upgrade or install HP Printer software to your Windows 10 device:

1: First and Foremost, right-click the start option.

2: Now press the Run.

3: Put “appwiz.cpl” on the given bar.

4: After that press OK.

Put “appwiz.cpl” on the given bar

5: Now choose the HP Printer software that is present on the App and Features Control panel applet.

6: Choose the Un-install option.

Choose the Un-install option

7: Press the “Yes” button for further confirmation.

8: Now, Restart Windows 10 as soon as the un-installation of the HP printer gets completed.

restart your device

9: There is a need to delete the printer from the Printers and scanners option in the Settings. For performing it you can go to Cortana after pressing the combination Windows key + Q on your keyboard.

10: Now write Printers in the search bar.

11: You can press Printers and Scanners for visiting the Window.

printers and scanners option windows 10

12: After that choose the Printer and press the Remove devices option. You also need to remember that the printer needs to be turned on whenever you select the option.

Remove device brother printer

13: Follow all the instructions for removing the Printer.

14: Now you can visit the HP support page.

15: Now press on the Printer for opening the search bar.

Choose printer

16: Click the submitted option.

hp driver website

17: Next press on Change and choose a 64 or you can also choose a 32-bit windows model for the pull-down menu.

18: Now you can click the change option.

19: Press on Download and download the Driver and Software package.

20: Now visit the place where the driver and software package has been downloaded to.

software and drivers for hp

21: Next click the downloaded and software package once installing it.

Note: While performing these steps don’t turn off your computer and Printer.

Solution 3rd: Open scan troubleshooter:

In this method, you will scan everything that will help in detecting why your HP Printer won’t scan. HP Printer has its own print as well as Scan doctor software that helps in fixing all the problems related to the printer.

Therefore, the troubleshooter can help in resolving and fixes all these issues whether it is printer related or scanner related. Follow the below steps and learn how you can use the HP Printer:

1: Firstly, make sure that your HP printer is connected well to your laptop or desktop.

2: Now click the HP Print and Scan doctor on the HP Customer support page and download the troubleshooter.

scan doctor troubleshooter

3: Click HPPSdr.exe and open the software’s window.

4: Next click Start and select your HP Printer that doesn’t scan well.

5: Choose the fix scanning option.

Choose the fix scanning option

6: After this, the troubleshooter will start telling the users about the error if detected any error.

7: If it displays the X icons, then it shows that users might need to follow the further guidance that the troubleshooter will provide.

Solution 4th: Ensure Windows Service Image Acquisition is enabled:

Among all the essential services the Windows Service image acquisition is the most important scanning service. Therefore, the users might need to enable the service to fix the HP Printers’ scanning. Thus, if you want to enable the service then try the following given steps:

1: First and Foremost Right-click the Start Menu.

2: Now the Win + X menu will get open.

3: Select Run.

4: Enter “services.msc” in the search box.

5: Click Ok.


6: Now double-click on Windows image acquisition to open the Window directly.

7: Choose Automatic in the Startup Type drop-down menu.

Choose Automatic in the Startup

8: Click the Start menu.

9: Click OK.

Solution 5th: Turn off Windows Defender Firewall:

If you are trying to use the network printer then this resolution might help in fixing the HP Printer scanning issue. The Windows defender firewall blocks all the network printer ports and communications. So, there is a need to turn off the WDF and the other third-party firewalls.

This may help your HP Printer scanner to work normally. Follow the below following steps and learn how you can turn off WDF in Windows 10.

1: Firstly, open the Cortana app.

2: Next you need to enter the Firewall in the search box.

3: Now you can select the Windows Defender Firewall to open the Control Panel applet.

4: Click on Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off.

5: Remember that HP Printer and Scan Doctor involve the Firewall settings:

Here is how you can open the settings:

1: First click on Network.

2: Now you can choose Troubleshooting firewalls on HP Print and Scan Doctor’s.

3: Next click on Disable (It will disable the firewall)

4: Click OK.

If you are using some third-party software, then they usually involve firewalls. Hence to disable them temporarily can make your scanner work. Also, most of the antivirus software has a disable-button of some description on their system tray.

Solution 6th: Run system file checker scan:

The corrupted files can also be one of the reasons behind the printer scanning issue. If it is the case then it is recommended to run the System file checker scan.

Also, it will help you to check and repair all the corrupted files. Follow the steps below for running SFC scan in Windows 10:

1: Type cmd in search box .

2: Now click the Command Prompt and click Run as administrator.

command prompt run as administrator

3: Enter DISM.exe /Online /Cleanupimage /Restorehealth

Enter DISMexe

4: Press the Return button before starting an SFC scan.

5: Enter sfc/scannow in the command prompt.

6: Press Enter.

sfc scannow

7: SFC scan may take approx half an hour once it gets fully completed.

8: Now restart the computer.

Solution 7th: Reset your HP Printer:

Once you have turned off and on the printer, then these techniques solve the printer scanning issues occasionally.  This is often called power cycling. It can re-initialize the scanner’s configuration parameters.

So turn off your HP Printer and disconnect it from the power cable and then wait for 15-20 minutes and then again turn your printer ON and try to scan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Q1: How to fix a printer that won’t scan?

Ans: Learn the following basic steps of how you can fix the printer scanning issue:

1: Firstly, check the USB cable as well as Printer.

2: Update your Printer Drivers.

3: Get the latest Printer drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

4: Run the Printer Troubleshooter.

Q2: How you can update the driver for the Printer?

Ans: Following are been defined some steps of how you can update the driver for Printer:

1: Go to Control Panel.

2: Now click Hardware and Sound.

select hardware and sound to fix common canon printer problems

3: Click the Device Manager and show all the connected hardware on your machine.

4: Look for your Printer drop-down that contains the relevant printers.

5: Now Right-click the printer you want to update the drivers and click on Update driver.

Q3: How to reset Wireless Printer?

Ans: For resetting the Wireless Printer try to perform the following given steps:

1: From the home screen of your printer control panel, touch the wireless icon.

2: Now touch the setup icon.

3: Touch the Restore Network Defaults or Restore Network Settings.

4: Click “Yes” to confirm your selection.

Q4: How to update Printer Drivers in Windows 10?

Ans: For updating the printer drivers in Windows 10 try the following given steps:

1: Open Start.

2: Now Search for the Device Manager and then click the top results to open the app.

3: Expand the Printers branch.

4: Right-click the Printer and select the Update driver option.

5: Click the Browse my computer for driver software button.

6: Now Click the Browse button.

Q5: How to stop Printer from Updating?

Ans: Here has been defined some ways from stopping the Printer from updating:

1: First click the Printer image on the home screen.

2: Now click the “Advanced” settings.

3: Click Tools.

4: Click Printer Updates and then click Firmware updates.

5: Now select “Don’t check for updates” and then click Apply.

Final Words

If your HP printer is also creating trouble in scanning then you should give a try to the above-given steps and see how it works and fix the printer scanning problem in no time. If the above-given methods won’t work accurately then you can contact us via chat. Our technical team will surely help in resolving the HP Printer scanning issues and make your device run more compatibly.

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