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In today’s competitive world doing business on tablets or smart-phones has become necessary. Due to this, the computer has started using wireless printers instead of normal ones. Wireless printers allow users to print documents, PDFs, images, and many more. All this can be done without a physical connection or by using cables.

Various things are quite frustrating when you print a document and your wireless printer is in an error state. Perhaps you connect to try the Wi-Fi printer in your home but still, the problem persists. Thus, it leaves your printer stubbornly out of the grid.

Why is the Printer not connecting to Wi-Fi? What’s wrong?

Before going to the advanced steps, you can look at some basics that why Printer not connecting to Wi-Fi.

  • Ensure that the Printer is ON and that it has the power.
  • Connect the printer to the computer.
  • Check for any warning lights or some error messages on the printer.
  • Make sure that the Wi-Fi is connected well.
  • Use a USB cable to connect and see whether it works or not.
  • Confirm that your device is on the right network.

Solution 1: First Restart Everything:

The restart helps in fixing the software glitches and could cause the wireless printer not to work properly together. The wireless printer or router can all rely on your home/office network to connect to the internet.

However, it is configured if one device acts up and affects the others. With the option of restarting you can get back to the network again. After that you can try while the printer works well or not.

Solution2: Check for connectivity:

If restarting your device still doesn’t help to fix the issue then the next thing you can do is to check the wireless connectivity. Sometimes it happens that the main culprit behind the wireless printer problem is its connectivity.

Therefore, you need to check whether the wireless printer is available or not. If not then you can reconnect your network and run a test print job whether the issue is fixed or not.

Solution 3rd: Give your printer a new spot:

The Wi-Fi signals deliver the data to the devices and might be invisible. If your printer has been stopped working then there is a possibility of various occurrences.

As such numerous things inside a house affect the Wi-Fi. It can be a refrigerator or the presence of construction material in your houses like Pipes or large tanks. Therefore you need to put your Wi-Fi at a new spot where there will be no disturbance of such things.

Solution 4th: Set Your Printer as a default Printer:

Sometimes it is possible that you are trying to connect the Wi-Fi printer and it has itself set as a default. It happens sometimes that a printer may install software that contains a Virtual Printer. This hit the print command and the virtual printer saves the file instead of the actual document.

Look at the following steps carefully and perform it in the same manner:

Step -1: Click>Start>Control Panel>Hardware and sound.

select hardware and sound to troubleshoot wireless printer problems

Step -2: Click the Device and Printers.

printer and devices to troubleshoot wireless printer problems

Step -3: Right-click the printer and select set as Default Printer.

set as default printer

Step -4: Click yes or OK to confirm the action.

Solution 5TH: Clear the Printer Queue:

A printer having errors may hold up the line in case you want to cancel it. A large document can take a longer time in expecting to download it. For example, a file that requires more time to travel to a printer from a phone other than the printer. You can clear the print queue by using the commands like this:

Step -1: Type command  in Search box.

open cmd to troubleshoot wireless printer problems

Step -2: Make a right-click on the command prompt and select Run as Administrator.

cmd run as administrator to troubleshoot wireless printer problems

Step -3: Type  then press Enter


Step -4: The print queue on your windows should have been cleared.

Step -5: Now type exit then press enter to exit the command window.

Solution 6th: Update Router firmware:

Ensure that your firmware is up-to-date. The manufacturers rolled out the updates and addresses bugs, vulnerabilities, or some of its other issues. Sometimes even connectivity too.

The updates to routers and computers can disrupt the connection to printers. Moving from Windows 8 to Windows 10 you have created an interruption in your connection. Thus there is a need for the firmware to update. If changing the router settings didn’t help then it’s better to update the firmware and address all the bugs.

Solution 7th: Reset the Printer:

This is the nuclear option. If all else fails then this will helps in clearing every setting including the Wi-Fi login. In this way, you can re-establish the connection. Moreover, the direction for performing a factory reset varies by brand or by model. Somehow if the printer has a liquid crystal, then the command is found in the settings menu.

If the wireless printer in the office or the home is not functioning well then you need to restart the printer first. For that, you need to turn off the computer, the wireless printer, and the router for a couple of minutes. It might come as a surprise that you simply need to restart the device. It has also enabled the number of users to fix a few printer common issues.

Solution 8TH: Disable VPN Connection:

Although if you are using a Virtual Private Network to securely connect a Wi-Fi network. Then it could restrict you from printing via a Wi-Fi printer. It merely happens for Wi-Fi security reasons. Also, it can disable the VPN connection and try to connect the home network, and resume all the printing functions.

Solution 9th: Check Firewall Settings:

The Device firewall is mainly designed to block the attacks from Malware. But it can also block network settings for printing. Sometimes it could be overprotective of the device and won’t let to see the printer over the local network. The firewall settings can vary so there is a need to check the user guide on the vendor’s website for support resources.

Solution 10th: Run the Troubleshooter:

Look at the following steps carefully and implement it in the same manner:

Step -1: To run troubleshoot, open Settings>Devices>Printers & Scanners..

printers and scanners

Step -2: Now Right-click the printer icon and click Troubleshoot.

run the troubleshooter

Step -3: The printer troubleshooter helps in identifying and fixing the problems connect to your printer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q1: How do you reset a Wireless Printer?

Ans: Step -1: Press the Start copy black button while holding the power button.

Step -2: Now Press the Cancel Button three times.

Step -3: Release the power button and the wireless light next to the wireless button on the printer blink.

Q2: How you can fix the Printer connection?

Ans: Follow the steps carefully of how you can fix the printer connection:

Step -1: Try to connect the printer with a cable. This helps you in seeing the Wi-Fi signal issue.

Step -2: Find a new spot for the Printer.

Step -3: Examine the printer queue.

Step -4: Reboot the Printer.

turn off your printer

Step -5: Ensure that firmware is up-to-date.

Step -6: Confirm the mobile device is on the right network.

Step -7: Reset the printer.

Q3: How the Printer can connect wirelessly?

Ans: If you find that your device is not giving you an option to connect then you need to download the Google Cloud Print app. Follow these steps properly and connect your printer wirelessly.

Step -1: First open Settings>Devices>Printers & Scanners.

printers and scanners

Step -2: Select and add a printer or scanner.

add a printer

Step -3: Now you can print the document with ease.

Q4: Why the Wireless Printer not Printing?

Ans: Check all the following things carefully and see what is behind your wireless printer is not printing

Step -1: First you need to try to restart your all devices.

select restartturn off your printer

Step -2: Check whether the printer is connected to the network or not.

Step -3: Is the printer connected to the network?

wireless icon

Step -4: Is your computer is connected to the Internet?

Step -5: Check if anything has been changed in your computer

Step -6: Was anything updated on your wireless router?

Step -7: Are you connected to the VPN?

Step -8: Has the IP address of your printer has been changed.

Q5: How wireless Printers work?

Ans: The wireless printer work by using the wireless router and is used to allow your desktop, PC, Laptop, or another device to connect with the internet.

Final Words

If all the above steps won’t work effectively then you need to go to the manufacturer website and enter the model number of the printer and select the current operating system and download the current software driver for the printer.

You can also view the common troubleshooting steps and enter your specific printer model number. Still, it doesn’t work accurately then you can contact us via chat we will try to help you in resolving this problem.

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