Norton Antivirus Wont Install on Windows 10

Norton Antivirus is one of the best computer security software and is easily available in the market. It is the most widely used antivirus software in comparison with its other competitors. At some point in time, there is a need to norton antivirus won’t install on Windows because while browsing the internet a single click can go wrong or the e-mail can corrupt your data and install a virus on your PC. Sometimes most of the users face that the Norton Antivirus won’t install on Windows 10.

Therefore there is a need to contact with a Norton Antivirus toll-free number. This gets sometimes frustrating when the Norton Antivirus stopped working or not opening. Norton helps in removing viruses, malware, and adware from your computer.

However, if the Norton antivirus is not scanning or working on your PC then it shows that your PC is open for hackers. Thus they can take advantage of this situation. To overcome this scenario you need to contact Norton’s customer service technician.

Why Norton Antivirus Won’t Install on Windows?

The Norton is one ongoing security subscription that secures your business and gives you time to focus on what is important to running your businesses. It helps in keeping the information safe and secure.

Here are some of the reasons that shows why Norton won’t install on Windows 10:

1: Norton Antivirus won’t install on Windows 10 if there is any third-party security software related to drivers installed in your device.

2: The user can resolve this problem by:

  • Restarting your computer.
  • If still, it shows the problem, then you need to uninstall the third-party security software before you install the Norton Product.

How to Fix Norton Installation Error on Windows 10?

You can fix the Norton Antivirus won’t install on Windows 10 by the following given steps:

1: On your UWP device, you need to launch the Microsoft Store app.

2: Now search for Norton security.

3: In the search results that appear, select the app that meets your requirement: Norton Security.

4: Finally, on the Microsoft store page for Norton, Click Get and install the app.

Here has also been defined some other troubleshooting steps that helps in fixing the problem Norton won’t get installed in Windows 10.

Solution 1st: Restart your Computer:

restart your device

If Norton Antivirus won’t install on your Windows 10 then you can try to restart your computer in safe mode with networking and re-install Norton. Then you need to run a Norton Power eraser scan and start restarting your computer in Normal mode. If you are still unable to login into your Norton account then you need to access the Internet.

Remember that the poor internet connection can also prevent you from signing in to your Norton Login account. Restart your computer as well as your router.

This will help in resetting your internet connection and resolve the Norton antivirus login issue. Learn the following steps of you can restart your computer

1: When the computer is powered on or restarted then tap the F8 key for at least one-second intervals.

2: Now Choose an option screen and click the troubleshoot button.troubleshoot

3: On the Troubleshoot screen, click the “Advanced options button”.advanced options

4: On the Advanced options screen, click the Startup settings option. In Windows 8, the option is labeled as Windows Startup settings instead.

5: Under the startup settings, you need to select the Restart button.

6: Finally, you need to press the 5 Key Modes with Networking.

Solution 2nd: Disable the Firewall:

The smart firewall helps in monitoring the communications between your computer and other computers on the Internet. It also helps in protecting your computer from security problems.

When the smart firewall is turned off, then it shows that your computer is not protected from internet threats and security risks. If you need to turn the Smart firewall off, then you should need to turn it off for a specified duration and after which it is turned on again.

For disabling the firewall, you need to perform the following steps:

1: Open Control Panel.

control panel

2: Choose System and security.

System and security

3: Choose Windows Defender Firewall.

Windows firewall

4: Select Turn Windows Firewall on or off.

Turn Windows Firewall

5: Select the bubble next to Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended).

Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended

6: Then click OK.

Solution 3rd: Use Different browser:

Norton generally works with limited functionality and supports only the domain level of web-supervision on Microsoft edge. However, the Microsoft Edge is the default browser for Windows 10 and the Microsoft internet explorer is also available and fully supported by the Norton family.

For dealing with this problem we recommend you to switch to a compatible browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox on Windows 10. Learn these following given steps:

1: On your desktop, on the bottom-left corner, click the windows icon and then click Settings.

settings - norton antivirus

2: In the Settings Window, click Apps.

Apps - norton antivirus

3: In the Apps window, click Default apps.

Default apps - norton antivirus

4: In the right pane, scroll down to Web-browser and then click Microsoft edge.

5: Now choose an app dialog box and select your preferred web browser.

Solution 4th: Uninstall any Non-Norton Life Lock Security Product:

The Norton won’t install on Windows 10 if the user experiences any third-party security software or their related drivers that are installed on your device.

Thus, to resolve this problem, you need to restart your computer and if still the problem doesn’t get solved then you need to uninstall the third-party software before you start installing the Norton Product. Perform the following steps for uninstalling the Non-Norton Life Lock Security Product:

1: Firstly, you need to open Windows + R to open the Run Dialog box.

2: Now type the following text and then hit enter appwiz.cpl

Run - norton antivirus

3: Here you will see all the installed programs.

4: Now you need to select the option for non-Norton life lock security.

5: Click the Un-install button.


6: Follow all the on-screen given instructions.

7: When the un-install gets finished then restart your computer and still if this couldn’t solve the problem then install Norton in safe mode.

Solution 5- Install Norton from Safe Mode

Now if you are thinking that how you can install Norton in safe mode the look at the following steps below and perform it in the same manner:

1: Firstly, exit all the programs.

2: Now Press Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog box.

3: Type msconfig in the Run Dialog box and then press Enter.

msconfig - norton antivirus

4: If you see that the User Account Control window appears, then click “Yes” or Continue.

5: In the System Configuration window, on the boot tab you need to select Safe boot and Network.

6: If you are running Windows XP: then in the system configuration Utility Window you need to select SAFEBOOT and Network.

7: Click OK.

8: When it is asked to restart your computer, then you need to restart the device and the computer starts restarting in the Safe mode and Networking.

restart - norton antivirus

9: Finally, you are ready to install the Norton.

Solution 6th: Fix issue with DNS

Norton makes use of the Norton Domain Name System (DNS) service to provide the content filtering policies. These policies block all the unsafe, fraudulent, and infected websites from entering into your protected network.

Norton core DNS usually supports the DNS security extensions and add a layer of security to safeguard DNS from the data modification attacks. Else, you can change your DNS setting to use Internet Security protocol or third-party DNS service or Google DNS.

You can fix the DNS issue by the following given methods:

1: Firstly launch the Norton core app.

2: On the top-left corner, tap the menu icon.

3: Tap Settings>Network>DNS

4: In the DNS screen under the DNS provider you need to select one of the following options:

  • Norton Secure DNS (Recommended)
  • ISP’s DNS.
  • Google DNS, etc

However, if you choose Google DNS, then Norton core uses the IP addresses and as your DNS servers

On the other hand, if you will choose Neustar Advantage DNS, then Norton core uses the IP addresses as your DNS servers.

Solution 7th: Run Norton Remove and Re-install Tool:

Norton Remove and Re-install tool mainly helps in either reinstalling or uninstalling the Norton device security on the Microsoft Windows operating system.

When the user tries to run the tool, it uninstalls the Norton currently installed and restarts your computer. Once the computer gets restarted, then the tool automatically gets downloads and installs the latest version of Norton.

If there is any issue that is related to installing the Norton after the computer gets restarted then you need to install Norton device security.  Both the Norton removes and reinstall tool can be used to:

1: It helps in removing the current product and reinstalls the latest version of Norton.

2: Remove the Norton completely and it will not get automatically installed.

3: Now download the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.

4: You need to save the file to the Windows desktop and the file gets automatically saved to its default location.

5: Now to open the download window in your browser press the Control + J key.

6: Double-click on the NRnR icon.

7: Before click to agree you need to read the license agreement.

8: Now click Remove and Reinstall.

9: At last click the Restart button.

10: Once the computer gets restarted, the user needs to follow all the on-screen instructions to reinstall the Norton. Still, if you have any issue related to Norton installation after the computer gets restart then read the Install Norton device security.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s)

Q1: What steps should be taken for uninstalling Norton?

Ans: For un-installing the Norton security software you need to learn the below following steps:

1: Firstly, download the Norton Remove and Re-install tool.

2: Now to open the Downloads window in your browser, press the Ctrl + J key.

3:  Double-click the NRnr icon.

4: Read carefully the license agreement and then click Agree.

5: Click Advanced options.

6: Click Remove only.

7: Click Remove.

8: Finally, click the restart button now.

Q2: What you will do if the Norton won’t get open?

Ans: If the Norton software won’t get open then try to follow these given steps and do it in the same manner as it has been explained:

1: Firstly, download the Norton Remove and Re-install tool.

2: To open the Downloads Windows in your browser press the CTRL + J key.

3: Double-click the NRnR icon.

4: Read the license agreement and then click Agree.

5: Click Remove and Re-install.

6: Click Continue or Remove.

7: Now click the Restart button.

Q3: How to Upgrade Norton 360 to Norton Security?

Ans: Here has been defined the basic steps for upgrading Norton 360 to Norton Security:

1: Firstly, go to the Norton Update center.

2: Now click on Update and if the download doesn’t get start automatically then you need to download the program manually.

3: On the File Download- Security Warning Window, click Run.

4: In the end follow all the on-screen instructions.

Q4: How you can update Norton Subscription?

Ans: Follow the steps carefully and see how you can update the Norton subscription:

1: First Start up your Norton application program.

2: On the main window, you need to look for the renewal section near the bottom.

3: Now choose the Renew Button and follow all the instructions for secure checkout.

Q5: How to install Norton 360 product key?

Ans: For installing the Norton 360 product key try to perform these basic steps:

1: From your web browser, go to the

2: Now click sign in.

3: Here you will see a get started page and click Enter a new Product key.

4: Type the product key.

5: Read the license agreement and then click agree.

6: Now on the Annual Automatic Renewal authorization page update your billing address and all other details.

Final Words:

Well, these are some of the above troubleshooting steps that you need to follow whenever Norton antivirus won’t install on your Windows 10.

But even after all these steps if you are still not able to fix the issue then it is recommended that you need to contact Norton Customer support to look into the issues and get the possible solutions.

Still, if it doesn’t resolve your problem then you can contact us via chat and we surely help you in giving the best possible solutions. Our technicians got a lot of experience in handling these issues.

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