Hp Printer Printing Wrong Colors

Today, it has been mostly observed that many users encounter obstruct of HP Printer Printing wrong colors issues. However, the printing is working but the colors in the printer outcome are not working well. Thus, these issues gets easily resolved by following the given troubleshooting steps.

In this article, we have defined the best troubleshooting steps that help in resolving HP Printer printing Wrong colors.

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Why does your HP Printer printing wrong colors?

As mentioned above there are several users who encounter the error with a printer while taking colored print outs. Thus, if you want to understand that why the problem of printer is not printing color then here are some reasons given below:

1: Sometimes the color settings of your printer are not correct.

2: The printer might have a faulty color balance.

3: Non-color setting is enabled in Printer.

4: Printer drivers are corrupt.

5: The cartridge of your Printer is at fault.

How to Fix HP Printer Wrong Color Printing Problem?

When HP Printer doesn’t provide color printing, then it becomes quite frustrating for the user who wants urgently color printout. This sometimes becomes a very annoying situation for those who are in an urgent rush of color printing but the printer causes trouble to them.

Therefore, when you succeed in identifying a printer problem then you can remove this error very easily.

Solution to fix the HP Printer Printing Wrong Colors correctly has been defined below:

Solution 1: Print and Evaluate Self Test Report:

Step 1 – Check Ink level:

Here has been listed some steps to check Ink level:

1: Firstly, you need to open the Control Panel.

search for control panel

2: Now, find and open the Devices and Printers option.


3: Next, right-click the printer icon and then select the Printer Properties option.

Printer Properties

4: In the Printer Properties window, you can see the ink or toner levels for a currently installed cartridge.

Step 2 – Print a Test Paper:

In order to print a test paper you need to follow these given steps:

1: Firstly, you need to go Control Panel.

search for control panel

2: OR, in the Search box, on the taskbar, you need to type Devices and Printers.

3: Now, click Devices and Printers.

click on devices and printers to fix Printer Printing Wrong Colors

4: Next, touch and hold right-click on your Printer.

5: Click Printer Properties.

Printer Properties

6: Next, be sure that you select Printer Properties and not Properties; else you will not see a Print Test Page button.

7: Under the General Tab, you need to touch or click the Print Test Page.

print a test page to fix Printer Printing Wrong Colors

Step 3 – Identity Which Cartridge Printed:

To identify which cartridge is printed, you need to go to the Windows store and then download the HP smart app and once the application gets downloaded and install then you need to “Add your printer and then you can view the ink levels on the home screen of the app.

Step 4 – Look for Defects:

To check the defects in the HP printer, look for these given steps:

1: Download HP Print and Scan Doctor.

2: Now, Run HPPSdr.exe from the download section on your computer.

3: Once HP Print and scan doctor gets open then you need to click Start.

click Start in HP Scan doctor

4. Then choose your Printer and click Next.

choose your Printer and click Next scan doctor

4: Depending on the problem, you need to click Fix Printing or Fix Scanning.

Fix Printing or Fix Scanning in scan doctor

5: Now, the test results are displayed on the screen.

Solution 2 – Replaced HP Printer Print-head:

Refer to the following given steps to Replace HP Printer Print-head:

1: Firstly, you need to load unused plain white paper in the input tray.

load paper in paper tray to fix Printer Printing Wrong Colors

2: Now, press the Power button to turn on the Printer if it’s not already on.

Turn your printer on

3: Next, insert your fingers on the left side of the printer and then pull it forward and then open the cartridge access door.

open cartridge to fix Printer Printing Wrong Colors

4: Here the carriage moves to the left side of the printer.

5: Now, wait until the carriage is idle.

6: Next, lift the latch handle on the carriage.

7: Grasp the sides of the printhead and then lift the printhead and pull it towards you and then remove it.

printer color cartridge

8: Now, dispose of the Printhead.

Solution 3 –Enable Print Color Command:

To enable the Print Color command you need to follow these steps:

1: Firstly, you need to open the Printers utility.

2: Now, right-click on your printer and then select Properties.

Printer Properties to fix Printer Printing Wrong Colors

3: Here you will get the list on the left side and you need to select Printer options and then scroll down to the Printer features and change the Ink set option to color.

4: Now, hit Apply.

Solution 4 – Print Head Cleaning:

Follow these steps to insert Print head cleaning:

1: Firstly, you will need to remove the new Printhead and cartridges from the package, and then you need to set the cartridge aside.

2: Now, grasp the Printhead on both sides and then insert the printhead into the carriage.

printer color cartridge to fix Printer Printing Wrong Colors

3: Next, you will need to carefully touch the handle on the carriage.

Solution 5 –Select Additional Layout and Print Option:

Follow these steps to select Additional layout and print option:

1: To change the size of your printed document you need to select Reduce/Enlarge document to select one of these given options:

Firstly, you need to select the Fit to Page option to size your image or document.

Now, select the Zoom to option in order to reduce or enlarge your document.

2: Next, select one of the following color correction options:

Select Automatic to adjust the sharpness, brightness, and color saturation for your image.

Now, select Custom and then click the Advanced button to manually adjust the color correction or turn off color management in your printer software.

Select the image option to access additional settings for improving printed images.

Now, to add a watermark to your printout, you need to select watermark settings.

If you want to add a header or footer to your document then select Settings to customize the text and location.

Now, select any of the Additional settings options to customize your print.

Solution 6 – Manage Colors:

To manage colors in HP Printer look for the following given steps:

1: From the software program, you first need to select the Print option.

2: Now, select the product and then click the Properties Preferences button.

click on printer preference to fix Printer Printing Wrong Colors

3: Next, click on the Color Tab.

4: Select the HP easy color check box to clear it.

5: Now, select a color theme from the color-theme drop-down list.

6: Press the Ok button and then close the document Properties in the Dialog box.

7: In the Print Dialog box, click the Ok button to print the job.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1: How you can fix color problems on HP Printer?

Ans: To fix color problems on HP printer, try these following steps:

1: From the software program, you need to select the Print option.

2: Now, select the product and then click the Properties button.

3: Next, click the Paper Quality tab.

4: Now, in the color section you either need to select Black or White.

5: Click the Ok button and then close the document Properties in the Dialog box.

Q2: How you can fix HP Printer not printing black ink?

Ans: If you are looking of how you can fix an HP printer not printing black ink then refer to these steps:

1: Firstly, you need to clean the Printhead.

2: Now, you need to open the Printer troubleshooter.

3: Fix the Printing with HP Print and Scan doctor.

4: Now, add a cartridge to the printer.

5: Replace cartridge that contains low ink.

6: Align the printhead.

Q3: How you can fix Printhead problems?

Ans: Follow these steps to fix printhead problems:

1: Firstly, you need to update the printer firmware and once you update the printer firmware then it might resolve your printhead problems.

2: Now, check the carriage for a printhead latch.

3: Next, reset printhead at least up to three times.

4: Replace the printhead.

5: Now, service the printer.

Q4: How you can deep clean a printer?

Ans: Here has been listed few steps to deep clean a printer:

1: First, you need to open the printer driver setup window.

2: Now, click deep cleaning on the Maintenance tab, and when the deep cleaning dialog box opens you need to select the ink group for which this cleaning would be performed.

3: Next, execute deep cleaning and make sure that the printer machine is on, and then click Execute.

4: Complete “Deep cleaning” and check for the results.

Q5: How you can run a nozzle check on your Printer?

Ans: Perform these following steps:

1: Firstly, load few sheets of plain paper in the product.

2: Now, press or up the arrow button and then select Setup and press the OK button.

3: Next, select Maintenance and then press the OK button.

4: Select Print Head Nozzle check and then press the Ok button.

5: Now, press one of the Start buttons to begin printing.

Thus, in this way you can run a Nozzle check on your printer.

Final words

By reading the above article you will learn the best troubleshooting methods for removing the error HP Printer printing wrong colors. You can follow these steps one by one and see which method works best for you.

However, if this didn’t resolve your issue then you can contact our technical support team who has relevant experience in finding the best solutions for printer-related problems.

You can communicate with us via chat and we surely help you to deliver hassle-free solutions within a limited time. So, feel free to contact us today and send your queries to us and we revert you as soon as possible.

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