HP Printer Color Off HP Printer Color Problem

HP printer is the most reliable printer for business and office professionals. The printers have been in the market for many years and it has continuously produced the best high-quality printers in the industry. It gives top-notch performance no matter the project you are using it for. Its print colors are well- saturated and look very natural. HP printer prints are also very sharp and shiny. But Some times your HP Printer color off or having an issue with color printing. You can relay on this article to fix this issue and to turn on color of your HP printer.

Why is your HP Printer Color off?

Many things can make your HP Printer color off. They includes

  • There is no ink in the cartridge.
  • Printhead is not working properly.
  • You did not enable print color.
  • The ink cartridge is not installed properly.
  • The printhead nozzle is dirty.

How to Turn my HP Printer Color Back On

It can be frustrating when you are in a hurry to print out some official document, only to realize your printer color is off but your printer is working. But do not worry because we have all the solutions to your color printing problem. Here is how to turn your printer color back on.

Solution 1: Enable Printer Color Command

1. Open your computer and click on the start button.
2. Then select Device and click on it.

click on devices
3. Select your printer and right-click.
4. After this, click on Printing Preference.

click on printer preference
5. Go to the Color tab for the printer and click on it.
6. Then select enable print in color option.
7. Then click on Ok.

Solution 2: Reinstall HP Printer Print Head

1. Turn ON your printer.

Turn your printer on to fix HP Printer Color Off
2. Then open the ink cartridge access door.

open cartridge
3. After this, carefully lift the latch handle which is on the print carriage.

4. Gently lift the printhead up and carefully remove it from the printer.

locate the glass printhead
5. Raise the latch handle and then reinstall the printhead.
6. After this, lower the latch handle carefully.

Solution 3: Reinstall Printer Drivers

1. Open your computer and go to the start menu and select Settings.

click on settings to fix HP Printer Color Off
2. Then Click on Devices.

click on devices
3. After this, click on Printers and Scanners.

printers and scanners
4. Go to the Related Setting on the right corner and click on Print Server Properties.

Printer Properties to fix HP Printer Color Off
5. Then go to the Driver tab to check if your printer is listed there.
6. If it is not listed there, click on Add.

click on driver tab
7. Click on Next in the ‘Welcome to the Add Printer Driver Wizard.
8. After this, go to the Processor Selection dialog box and click on the device’s architecture.
9. Then click on Next.
10. Select your printer manufacturer on the left side of the Processor Selection.
11. Select your printer driver and click on Next.
12. After this, click on Finish.
13. Then follow the instructions displayed on your screen to remove and reinstall your print driver.

Solution 4: Check Print Setting

1. Open your computer and go to settings.

start and settings to fix HP Printer Color Off
2. Then select Devices.

3. After this, click on Printer and Scanner.

printers and scanners to fix HP Printer Color Off
4. Go to Related Settings.
5. After this, select the Print Server Properties.

6. View your print setting by clicking on the tabs displayed on your computer screen.
7. Click on Advance on your layout tab if you want to access more print settings.

Solution 5: Reinstall Ink Cartridge

1. Firstly, you need to open your printer to see the ink compartment.
2. Open the ink tray at the center of your printer

open your printer to see the ink compartment to fix HP Printer Color Off
3. Your printer model depends on how you can access your printer ink cartridge.
4. You will see the ink cartridge in the center of your printer.
5. If you are using the HP All-in-all printer, you can see the ink cartridge by lifting the top lid of your printer.
6. Remove any ink inside the ink cartridge.

 to fix HP Printer Color Off
7. Remove the new ink cartridge by opening the packaging.
8. Remove the protective tab used to cover the ink cartridge.
9. Carefully put the new ink cartridge into the ink slot.
10. Gently close the ink cartridge door.

Solution 6: Check Alignment lines and Green Color Blocks

How to check through Windows

1. Turn On your computer and click on the start button.
2. Then go to Devices and Printers.

click on devices and printers
3. Select the printer you want to align and click on it.
4. After this, select Printing Preference.

click on printer preference to fix HP Printer Color Off
5. Go to the Service tab and click on Align the Print Cartridge icon.
6. Wait for the printer to print out an alignment page for you.

How to check through Print Quality Diagnostic Report

  • Examine the green color block by making sure the lines are straight
  • Make sure they are also connected
  • Ensure there is no white gap in the green color block.

Solution 7: Check Color Blocks

Here are steps to check the color blocks on the Print Quality Diagnostic Report

  • Make sure the color block is not showing white lines.
  • Make sure the color blocks have not faded away.
  • Check if any of the color blocks are showing white lines.
  • Check if any of the color blocks has completely faded away.

Solution 8: Print a Print Quality Diagnostic Report

1. Open your computer and go to your software programs.
2. Then search for the HP folder in the list of your software programs.
3. Select the folder for your printer and click on it.
4. Then click on the name of your printer.
5. After this, select Print and Scan, then click on it.
6. Then click on Maintain Your Printer.
7. After this, select the Device Service tab.
8. Then click on Print Quality Diagnostic Page.

Solution 9: Examine for ink smears on the back of printouts

1. Load your printer with plain white paper
2. Go to your printer control panel.

Network Setting Canon Printer to fix HP Printer Color Off
3. After this, swipe the display button to the left.
4. Then touch Setup and Tools.

5. Then touch Clean Page Smears.
6. Gently wait as the blank page come out of the printer


Q1: how do I check my ink level?

1. Open your computer and go to the start menu.
2. Then search for Device and Printers.
3. After this, click on Device and Printer.
4. Then select the printer you want to check.
5. Check the bottom of the Device and Printer section to see the printer ink level.

Q2: Why do I experience smudge when printing?

This can happen because of the following reasons

  • Dirty printer
  • Accumulated dirt on the roller

Q3: How I can stop my printer ink from smudging?

Here are ways to stop your printer ink from smudging

  • Remove all the moisture inside it.
  • Remove every excess ink
  • Do not allow it to stay in a wet area.

Q4: Why is my HP Printer printing only in black and white?

This can happen if your printer page is set up to print grayscale.

Q5: How can I reset my HP Pinter?

  • Turn off your printer.
  • Then disconnect all power cables from the printer for about thirty seconds.
  • After this, reconnect your printer.
  • Then press the hold and resume button on your printer.
  • Release the button after your printer is on.


The steps given above will give you solutions on how you can turn your HP Printer Color Back On. If you still experience any problem after trying all these steps, you can contact us through the chat box or comment below. We are very professional and we will help you find solutions to your problem.

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