Download & Install Canon MG5270 Printer Drivers

Well, when we talk about computer printers, then Canon is the first name that comes to our mind. Canon Printer is one of the most renowned names of excellent products and services. These printers can be used for office, home, and student work purposes. But the most challenging task is how we can set up Canon Printer and Install Canon MG5270 Printer Drivers on your computer.

Methods to Install Canon MG5270 Printer Drivers

The Canon MG5270 printer is one of the best digital machines with inkjet print technology. It produces monochrome as well as color documents as high-quality photos.

Some of its office machine features include the ability to print or save memory cards. Besides, it can also print from a USB flash drive or save to USB flash drives. Its diagonal display size is up to 2.4 inches for the Canon Printer.

Method 1 – Manually Update Canon Printer Drivers:

Downloading Canon Printer drivers can be a tedious task and updating device drivers found in Canon Printer can also be a hassle and especially when you contain multiple devices. There comes some point when both your printers and computers need driver updates in order to run smoothly and working properly.

Here is how you can download and install Canon MG5270 printer drivers to save time and to manage all your driver updates:

1: Firstly, start Device Manager by holding down the Windows key and then press R.

2: Next, you need to type “devmgmt.msc” in the dialog box.

type devmgmt msc and hit the enter button to fix Canon MG5270 Printer Drivers

3: Under “Print queues” find your printer.

4: Now, right-click on the Canon printer listed.

5: Click Update Driver on the menu.

6: Click Search automatically for updated driver software.

update driver printer to fix Canon MG5270 Printer Drivers

7: Now, restart your computer.


Some of the features that driver support offers to help in keeping your computer running at its best:

1: Driver scanning with model matching.

2: Customizable user settings.

3: Secure .NET framework.

4: Patent enterprise-level technology.

Method 2- Automatically Update Canon Printer Drivers:

If you are having problems with your Canon Printer then it’s time to update your driver. After all, no one knows when the driver gets corrupted, and stops telling your printer how to work correctly. While upgrading your printer drivers automatically are only the solution for resolving this problem. This can also protect you from wasting power ink.

So here you can take a look to see how an automatic printer driver upgrade can help you.

The Canon Printer updated drivers are available on Canon Printer official website. So, search for the printer drivers on its official website.

1: Firstly, you need to open the web browser and then visit the Canon Printer official website.

2: Now, search for your Canon Printer model in the search field.

3: Here you will get the matching models and series in the search result.

search for canon printer driver

3:  Next, you need to click on Printer model number Link.

click on printer model no.

4: Move your cursor to the driver link and then click on that.

click on driver link

5: Next, click on download.

click on Download to fix Canon MG5270 Printer Drivers

6: Once the download gets completed click to install the drivers.

7: Now, accept the license agreement and then click Ok.

agree installtion license to fix Canon MG5270 Printer Drivers

8: This will start the installation process and ensure complete and proper installation.

Method 3 – Download Canon Drivers from Official Website:

Here you can download the Canon Printer updated drivers.

Some other methods to follow the instructions for installing Canon Printer:

To setup Canon Printer there are two techniques:

USB Connection.
Wireless Connection.

Method 1: Canon Printer setup using USB Connection:

1: Open your Canon Printer, attach cartridges and then turn on your Printer.

open cartridge

2: Now, attach your Canon Printer to the computer via USB cable.

printer-connected-with-computer to fix Canon MG5270 Printer Drivers

3:  When both Printer and computer are connected, then it will install the Canon Printer setup itself.

4: However, in some cases, Windows won’t be able to find drivers for your printer model.

5: In that scenario, you need to visit Canon Printer’s official website and then search for your Printer model and then download the latest drivers as per your Canon Printer model.

6: Now, double click on the downloaded Canon Printer setup file and then follow the steps to install Canon Printer on windows computer.

Method 2: Install Canon Printer using Wireless connection:

To Install Canon Printer using Wireless connection you need to follow these given steps:

1: Firstly, make sure that Canon Printer is having a wireless connection method.

2: Now, open the Control panel and then click on Add Printers & Scanners option.

add a printer

3: Once you will the Canon Printer model in the list then select your printer model and hit next.

4: While doing these steps helps in installing your Canon Printer.

5: However, if your printer model is not on the list then you need to visit Canon Printer official website.

6: Now, locate your printer model number and then select your windows operating system and then download the latest printer drivers.

search for canon printer driver

7: Next, double-click on the Printer driver file and then hit next.

Download canon printer drivers to fix Canon MG5270 Printer Drivers

8: Select Wireless Printer Install method and then hit next.

select wireless setup to fix Canon MG5270 Printer Drivers

9: Here it will give you the option to press the WPS button.

wireless icon to fix Canon MG5270 Printer Drivers

10: Now, find and press the WPS button on your Wi-Fi router and then press the Ok button on your printer within 2 minutes.

11: Once you see the wireless connection successful then you can check your printer connection with a test print.

Method 3: Canon printer wireless setup using USB cable:

1: Firstly, attach your Printer and computer with a USB cable.

2: Now, open your Canon Printer official website to download the latest and updated drivers.

click on Download to fix Canon MG5270 Printer Drivers

3: Next, open the downloaded printer setup file and then agree on the on-screen instructions, and then hit Next.

agree installtion license to fix Canon MG5270 Printer Drivers

4: Now, you need to choose and attach a wireless printer with a USB connection method.

5: Here it will show you the list of available Wi-Fi connections and then select your wireless connection and enter your password.

6: After few clicks, Canon Printer will connect your computer with a wireless connection and now detach the USB cable.

Note: For Canon Printer setup with a wireless connection, you need to confirm that your canon printer and computer are connected with the same wireless connection.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s)

Q1: How you can get Canon Printer to scan?

Ans: In order to get your Canon Printer top scan, follow these steps:

1: Place Documents.

2: On the Windows desktop, you need to double-click the Canon Printer icon.

3: Now, click one of the scanning buttons.

4: Specify the required settings.

5: Click Start.

6: Click Scan.

Q2: How you can install a scanner driver?

Ans: Follow these steps to install scanner driver:

1: Firstly, the installation screen will appear here automatically and if prompted you need to choose your model and language.

2: Now, choose Install Scanner Driver.

3: Click Next.

4: Now, read the agreement and check the Accept box.

5: Click Next.

6: Click Complete.

7: Click Install.

8: here the scanner connection box will appear.

Q3: How to connect Canon Printer to Chromebook?

Ans: To connect Canon Printer to Chromebook, refer to these following steps:

1: At the bottom right, firstly select the time.

2: Now, select Settings.

3: At the bottom, you need to select Advanced.

4: Under Print and Scan, select Printers.

5: Now, under available printers to save, next to your printer, select Save.

6: Check the printer that appears at the top, under Saved Printers.

Q4: How you can upload documents?

Ans: In order to upload the documents, learn these steps:

1: On your Android Phone or Tablet, open the Google Drive App.

2: Now, tap Add.

3:  Tap Upload.

4: Find and tap the files that you want to upload.

5: View uploaded files in My Drive until you move them.

Q5: How you can scan and e-mail a document?

Ans: In order to scan and e-mail a document, refer to the following steps:

1: Firstly, click the Scan Tab.

2: Now, select the Document Type and Scan size.

3: Next, click Scan.

4: Here the scanned image will be displayed in the image viewer.

5: Now, you need to click send E-mail.

6: Here the send E-mail dialog will appear and you only need to configure the attached file settings and then click Ok.

Final words

Hopefully, all the above-given solutions help you to Install Canon MG5270 Printer Drivers. You can try these steps and install the Canon Printer. However, if this won’t resolve your issue, you can contact our experienced team of technicians.

You can connect with us via chat and we surely help you in resolving this issue. We are available all time so you easily contact us. We assure we revert within a couple of time. Also, if you want to ask any questions the kindly ask in below comment section.

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