Does your Windows 11 computer’s printer print but not scan? If so, this post will offer solutions to your Canon Printer Won’t Scan on Windows 11 issue. Go on reading!

Why is Windows 11 unable to scan with your Canon printer?

Your Canon printer may not be able to scan documents in Windows 11 for the reasons listed below:

  • Difficulties with USB connectivity.
  • Unreliable driver
  • Absentee driver
  • The device driver is damaged.
  • Difficulties with scanner and device compatibility
  • Having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi if the printer is wireless

How Do I Fix Windows 11’s Canon Printer Won’t Scan?

This post offers five simple fixes for the Canon printer not scanning issue on Windows 11 along with step-by-step instructions.

Solution 1: Update your Canon printer drivers

The following actions should be followed to upgrade your printer’s drivers:

1. Click Start, then select Settings.

start and settings

2. Next, select Check for updates under Update & Security.

check for updates and download and install now

3. If Windows Update discovers an updated driver, your drivers will be downloaded and installed. Your scanner or printer will then use it automatically after that.

Solution 2: Choose “Power Save”.

Try adjusting your system’s power settings using the procedures below if your Canon scanner isn’t functioning:

1. Use the Windows search bar to look up power saving.

2. After that, choose a power plan from the menu.

edit power plan - Canon Printer Won't Scan

3. Next, choose the Power Saver option and turn on the Power Saver option under the Choose a power plan heading.

Solution 3: Utilize Hardware and Device Trouble-shooter as a third option

Follow these procedures to see if you can run a Hardware and Device Trouble-shooter to resolve the Canon printer not scanning issue on Windows 11 devices:

1. In the Windows search box, type “troubleshoot,” and then select “Printer” from the list of alternatives.

run the troubleshooter for printer

OR you can click the Printer icon to go directly to a page with a solution to a printing issue.

2. After that, you must select run the trouble-shooter.

3. When all else fails, the Windows trouble-shooter will show up and walk you through the steps to fix the issue with your Canon scanner not working.

run the troubleshooter for windows update - Canon Printer Won't Scan

Solution 4: Verify the Compatibility of Your Scanner

The incompatibility of your Canon scanner with Windows 11 may be the cause of the issue. You can use the Support page on Canon’s official website to check the model, series, and consequently compatibility of your Canon printer.

Solution 5: Use Device Manager to check the software for your Canon scanner as a fifth option

The steps listed below can be used to check your Canon scanner software using Device Manager:

1. Log onto your Windows 11 system and launch.

Device Manager

2. Choose your Canon Scanner from the list of available devices.

3. Now, choose the option to update driver software by performing a right-click on the dialogue box.

update driver printer - Canon Printer Won't Scan

Most Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Why am I unable to install printer drivers on Windows 11?

The system’s old or previously installed Printer driver may be to blame for this. You must completely uninstall the old printer driver before you can install the new one.

Q2. On Windows 11, how can I download Canon printer drivers?

Answer: By following the instructions provided, you can obtain Canon printer drivers from the company’s official website:

1. Go to the Support page on Canon’s website.

2. Type the model of your printer in the website’s search box.

3. Choose your driver from the list of available drivers based on compatibility with your system.

4. Lastly, click the Download Driver button.

Q3. Why does my printer scan but not print?

Your PC’s scanning settings have likely been disabled. In addition, the following factors may contribute to your printer’s printing but not scanning issues:

1. Driver is out-of-date

2. Driver is missing

3. The device driver is faulty.

4. Problems with device and scanner compatibility

Q4. In Windows 11, how do I manually install a printer driver?

The procedures listed below can help you manually install a printer driver:

1. First, go to your system’s Device Manager and choose the Printer & drivers option from the list.

2. Click on the Add a Printer option now.

3. After that, select the Next button and when prompted, connect using a USB cord.

4. Next, choose your Printer and driver version from the built-in operator’s menu and click the Next button.

5. Restart your computer and perform

Q5. Without using USB, how can I connect my printer to my computer?

With the help of following methods, you may connect your printer without a USB:

1. To start, go to system settings.

2. Complete the connectivity by connecting your machine and printer to the Wi-Fi.

3. Open your printer settings now.

4. When you are ready to connect the printer to your computer, follow the instructions in the dialogue box that appears.


We hope that this post will help you quickly resolve the issue with your Canon printer not scanning in Windows 11. The problem will be resolved quickly if you accurately implement the five suggestions listed above. However, you can get in touch with us in the chat box or the comment section below if you continue to have trouble fixing the Canon Printer Not Scanning in Windows 11 problem.

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