Epson Printer Error 0x10

The Epson Printer Error 0x10 is a common printer error in old and new Epson Printers. Usually caused by an issue in the scanning mechanism, this article will help you find the reasons and solutions to this error.

Why does your Epson Printer show Error 0x10?

Following are the potential reasons because of which the Epson Printer shows Error 0x10:

1. There is a fault in the scanner area of the Printer, which is causing the jam during scanning and hence giving rise to the error.

2. There is an internal hardware issue in the Printer.

3. Wear and tear or a power surge of your Printer.

How to Fix Epson Printer Error 0x10s?

If you’ve tried to fix the error by switching on and off the Printer repeatedly, you need to follow other solutions to fix this problem. Follow the solutions provided below to fix the Epson Printer Error 0x10:

Solution 1: Reset Printer

Follow these steps to reset your Epson printer in order to fix the Epson Printer error 0x10:

1. Disconnect the power plug from the Printer and wait for a few minutes.

unplug-power-cord-hp-printer to Fix Epson Printer Error 0x10s

2. Now, press and keep holding the Power button on your Epson Printer for 60-70 seconds. 3. Now connect the power plug back to the Printer by holding the power button for 60-70 seconds again.

Turn your printer on

Finally, check if your problem continues or the Epson Printer Error 0x10 is solved.

Solution 2: Physical Inspection

As mentioned above, the Epson Printer Error 0x10 can be caused due to issues in the scanning mechanism like a paper jam or internal hardware problem.

Now, in order to fix this error, you need to conduct a physical inspection of your Epson Printer. To do that, lift the lid over the glass of the Printer, and look if there is any piece of paper or any other thing stuck there. If you find any such thing, remove it carefully.

Solution 3: Update your drivers

You need to update your Epson Printer drivers to fix the Epson Printer Error 0x10. Follow the subsequent steps to do so:

1. Tap the Start button and open Settings.

start and settings to Fix Epson Printer Error 0x10s

2. Now, tap on Update & Security, and click on Check for updates option.

check for updates and download and install now

3. Your drivers will be downloaded and installed if Windows Update finds an updated driver. After that, your Scanner/Printer will automatically use it.

You can also update your Epson Printer drivers from the Device Manager through these steps:

1. Open the Device Manager of your Windows system and search for your Printer.

Device Manager

2. Then, right-click on it tap the Update driver option.

update driver printer

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What is the reason of my Epson printer being in an error state?

Answer: Your Epson printer might be in an error state due to a problem in the Printer itself. To fix it, you need to check the Printer’s connectivity with the power, system and Wi-Fi. Also, inspect the ink cartridge if it’s running low and has a paper jam.

Q2. How is it possible to run a diagnostic on my Epson printer?

Answer: Follow the given steps to run a diagnostic on your Epson Printer:

1. You first need to hold the paper button and simultaneously press the power button to switch it on.

2. Next, release the power button and wait for the Printer’s operation check. After this, release the paper button.

Q3. What does the red light blinking on my Epson printer mean?

Answer: The red light on your Epson Printer usually blinks when there is an ink shortage in the cartridge or when your Epson Printer does not recognize the ink cartridge.

Q4. What are the steps to stop my Epson printer from going to sleep?

Answer: You need to follow these steps to stop your Epson Printer from going to sleep:

1. Firstly, press the home button and then choose the Setup option.

2. From the screen that appears, scroll down and choose System Administration.

3. Next, select the Common Settings and choose the Power Off Timer.

Q5. Is it safe to use alcohol to clean printer heads?

Answer: Yes, if you are using isopropyl alcohol to clean the printer head, it is safe.


We hope the solutions discussed above helped you fix the Epson Printer error 0x10. However, if you are still not able to solve the problem, then you can connect with us via the chat box at the bottom right or through the comment section below. We’ll try to help you solve the issues with Epson Printer.

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