Canon Printer Error 05 in Canon MP 250270 PCASTA

The Canon Printer error 05 usually occurs due to issues with the Printer’s ink cartridges. However, you need not worry; you can easily fix this error with the help of this article.

What Causes the Canon Printer Error 05?

The following could be the potential reasons for Canon Printer error 05 in your Printer:

1. The Printer is not installed correctly.

2. The USB cable connecting the Printer and the system is damaged.

3. The system is incompatible with the Printer.

How to Fix Canon Printer Error 05?

You can follow the solutions mentioned below to fix the Canon Printer error 05.

Solution 1: Reset Printer

You can reset your Canon Printer to fix the Canon Printer Error 05 using the following steps:

1. Firstly, switch off your Canon Printer.

Turn your printer on to Fix Canon Printer Error 05

2. Now, remove the power cord from the Printer.


3. Remove the cord from the power source as well.

unplug-power-cord-hp-printer to Fix Canon Printer Error 05

4. Wait for 20-30 seconds.

5. Connect the power cord to the Printer and the plug.

6. Turn on the power source.

7. Print a copy to see if the error is resolved.

Solution 2: Reinstall Clean Blockage

To reinstall a clean blockage of your Printer, follow these steps:

1. Turn off your Printer and let the carriage returns to the docked position.

Turn your printer on

2. Now, remove the ink cartridge and turn it upside-down. The print head is the metallic rectangle on its underside.

open cartridge to Fix Canon Printer Error 05

3. Now, you need to dip a cotton swab in a glass cleaner and then gently clean the print head.

verify toner cartridge sequence

4. Insert the cartridge back in the Printer and turn it on.

5. Now, run the automatic cleaning utility.

Solution 3: Reinstall Ink Cartridge

You can reinstall the ink cartridge to fix the Canon Printer error 05 using the following steps:

1. Turn on the Printer and flip back its cover to access the printer cartridge.

2. Now, open press firmly the cartridge holder and release the cartridge from the compartment.

3. If you do not detect anything in the inner section of the cartridge, like ink stains on the brass connectors, reinstall the cartridge.

4. Next, press the cartridge folder firmly until you hear the click lock.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How should I troubleshoot my Canon Printer?

Answer: You can try to troubleshoot your Canon Printer by cleaning the print head of the Printer or by using the following steps to use the in-built utility:

1. Right-click the Windows Start menu and click on Settings.

2. Now, select Update & Security and tap on the Troubleshoot option.

3. Next, in the Troubleshoot section, under Get up and running, click on Printer.

4. Lastly, click on Run the troubleshooter to start the troubleshooting.

Q2. My Canon printer is connected, but why is it not printing?

Answer: This problem could be arising due to print jobs or commands stuck in the printer queue.

Q3. Where is the reset button on Canon PIXMA printer?

Answer: To reset the Canon PIXMA Printer, firstly, find the stop button on the Printer’s control panel. Now, press that button and hold it for a few seconds, and release it after the orange color alarm lamp blinks 20 or more times.

Q4. Why did my Canon printer suddenly stop?

Answer: Your canon Printer might have suddenly stopped because of power connectivity issues or issues related to your Printer driver. You can fix your Printer by running a power cycle of your Printer, checking its network connection, or by reinstalling or updating the Printer drivers. You can also check if there are any pages stuck in the print head.

Q5. How to run diagnostic on Canon printer?

Answer: You can do it by following the given steps:

1. Firstly, select Start on the Windows taskbar.

2. Then, tap on Printers and Faxes and right-click on the corresponding printer driver icon.

3. Next, select Properties from the pop-up menu and tap on the Print Test Page button.


We hope you can now solve the Canon Printer error 05. However, if you are unable to solve the problem, then you can connect with us via the chat box at the bottom right or through the comment section below. We can help you in solving the Canon Printer error or any other issues with Canon Printer.

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