connect brother printer to wi-fi

If you’ve bought a new Brother Printer and want to connect it to the Wi-Fi or a Wireless network, then this tutorial is perfect for you. Here we’ve covered some of the best methods to get your Brother Printer Connected to a Wi-Fi.

It is prevalent to see Brother Printer not printing when connected to a network. There can be several causes which can trigger this issue such as network reset, Wi-Fi security key changed, or outdated Brother Printer drivers.

There are also many instances where Brother Printer users have complained about a network-connected printer gets automatically disconnected from the wireless. If you are among those users who are facing similar network connection issue in Brother Printer, then you are at the right place to get the working solution.

Follow the video below

Connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi with the help of the video posted below.

Know your network/router Login id/username & Password – SSID and Password

It is essential to know the router IP address, username and password to access it while connecting Brother Printer via WPS key and also the router’s SSID and WEP key/Wi-Fi password.

Wi-Fi Router IP Address, Username and Password: To know your router default login IP Address, user id and password check the router’s manual, check at the back of the router, try default user id and password admin for both id and password, or the last option is to search online.

You have to enter the IP address into your web browser for login to your router. To find the IP address of your router open a computer which is connected to your router, Open CMD > type ipconfig > Your Ip address will show up in the Default Gateway line and will be something like this 192.168.1. Here is the default list of default id and password for different routers.


SSID and WEP Key: SSID is the name of your Wi-Fi network you need to login to your router, and from the security tab, you can see both SSID and the WEP key (Wi-Fi password) note it down in a piece of paper.

Brother Printer Network Reset

Now that you’ve got the SSID and WEP key or Wi-Fi password follow the steps below to reset the network of your Brother Printer.

Step 1: Turn on your Brother Printer

Step 2: To reset the wireless connection press the Menu button

connect brother printer to wifi

Step 3: Scroll down to Network with the help of down arrow key on your printer and Press OK.

connect brother printer to wifiStep 4: Scroll Down and Select Network Reset.

connect brother printer to wifi

Step 5: Press 1 to Select Yes.

connect brother printer to wifiStep 6: Press 1 again to confirm the reboot

Step 7: The printer will now reboot and the network reset has been successfully done.

Follow the next step in order to connect your Brother Printer to Wi-Fi.

Connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi

Once you’ve done the network reset of your Brother Printer next you’ll get the option of Wi-Fi setup to connect to a network. Follow the steps shown below.

Step 1: Once you restart the Brother printer after the network reset you’ll see a message Wi-Fi setup will start. Refer to Quick Setup Guide

Step 2: Then Press OK

Step 3: Press Ok three times to get inside Setup Wizard

connect brother printer to wifi

connect brother printer to wifi

setup wizardStep 4: A message will appear on your screen Enable Wlan? Press Ok to accept. Press Ok Again

wlan messageStep 5: Wait for a moment while it searches a wireless network

Step 6: A list of SSID will appear on the screen choose the Wi-Fi network you want to connect with and you need WEP Key/Wi-Fi Password of your router to connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi

listStep 7: Enter the Wi-Fi password using the Brother Printer Keypad

enter the wifi passwordStep 8: Next Press Ok and then Press 1 to apply the settings

press ok and 1A report will print out automatically to let you know that your printer is reconnected to the Wi-Fi.

Use Brother Printer Setting Tool – Connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi

Brother Printer Setting Tool is available for Windows only. To make sure this tool runs smoothly you first need to install your Brother Printer Driver. You can check your Brother Printer Drivers at Device Manager > Print Queues > Brother Driver. If you do not have the Brother Printer Driver installed on your computer then follow the steps below to install the drivers.

Install Brother Printer Driver

Step 1: You need to open a Web Browser first in order to install the Drivers.

Step 2: Go to Brother Support & Downloads Page.

Step 3: Select your Brother Product from “Search by product category page”.

select product

Step 4: Select the product series. We have MFC-J5 series printers.

mfc j5 series

Step 5: Select your Brother Printer Model Number.

Step 6: Select the Operating System and hit OK.

operating system

Step 7: Click on Full Driver & Software Package (Recommended).

full driver package

Step 8: Click Agree to the EULA and Download at the bottom of the page.

agree eula

Run the installation package which you’ve just downloaded on the computer. Follow the instructions to install the Brother Printer driver.

Download and Install Brother Printer Settings Tool

Now that you’ve downloaded and installed the Brother Printer Drivers it is time to show you how to install Brother Printer Settings Tool. Follow the steps below: –

Step 1: Open the web browser on your computer and Go to Software Installer Page

Step 2: Click “Agree to the EULA and Download” at the bottom of the page

connect brother printer to wi-fi agree eula

Step 3: Open and run the downloaded exe file

Step 4: Click on Yes to Install the Printer Settings Tool

Step 5: Turn the printer on, connect it to the computer with the USB cable

Step 6: Click Auto Select

Step 7: If a USB cable is not available, Click on Manual Select

Step 8: Select the Model Number, Language, and Click OK.

brother printer install software

Step 9: Install Settings Information

Step 10: Input Serial Number of your Brother Printer. Serial Number can be found on the back of the unit. OR find the Serial Number Here

Step 11: Agree to the License Agreement and let the Installation complete

Connect Via Infrastructure Mode

Infrastructure mode is actually a wireless network framework which has a central WIRELESS LOCAL AREA NETWORK access stage / router at the heart from the network. In infrastructure mode, wireless products communicate with each other with a WLAN gain access to point/router. If the Brother cellular machine is usually part of facilities mode network, it gets all printing jobs through a WLAN access level / router. Follow the steps below to connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi: –

Step 1: Note down the SSID and Network Security Key Wi-Fi Password

Step 2: Connect the Brother Printer to Computer with a USB cable

Step 3: Press and hold the Wi-Fi button on your printer for a second. Check flashing blue light in the Wi-Fi indicator to ensure that the Wi-Fi on your printer has turned on

Step 4: Start the Printer Setting Tools. Check the above heading on this article to download & installing the printer setting tool

Step 5: Click the [Communication Settings] button. Select [Wireless LAN] for [Selected Interface] in the [General] tab, and select [Infrastructure] for [Communication Mode] in [Wireless Settings] in the [Wireless LAN] tab

Step 6: Click on Search and Select the SSID from the list or else you can input the SSID which you wrote down

Step 7: Enter the Network Security password or Wi-Fi Password

Configuration in Infrastructure Mode without a Network Cable

Step 1: Turn on the Printer and turn on your computer

Step 2: Put the Brother Printer CD/DVD into the disk

Step 3: Click on Install Printer Driver

Step 4: Select your region

Step 5: Next Click Wireless Network Users

Step 6: Choose Wireless Setup and Driver Install (Recommended), and then click Next

Step 7: Select Step by Step install (Recommended) and then click Next

Step 8: Choose Without cable (Advanced) and then click Next

Configuration in Infrastructure Mode without a Network Cable

Step 9: Turn on your Machine Wireless Settings

Step 10: Briefly change the current wireless configurations of this pc

Step 11: Check on “Checked and Confirmed” to confirm the wireless setting

Step 12: Select your Brother Printer and click Next

Step 13: The wizard will search for wireless networks available from your printer. Choose the access point you wish to associate the printer with, and then click Next

Connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi via WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

WPS stands for Wi-Fi protected setup which helps communicate your router with other wireless device like phone, printers, and scanners. To connected Brother Printer to Wi-Fi make sure that your router contains WPS button.

Step 1: Make sure your router contains a WPS button which usually found at the back of a router

Step 2: Keep your Printer and router in the Wi-Fi range

Step 3: Press the WPS button on the router and Press and Hold the Wi-Fi button on the Brother Printer for 5 seconds

Step 4: The Wi-Fi indicator lights in blue when the connection is established

Connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi with Ad-hoc Mode

Step 1: Turn the Brother Printer’s Wi-Fi on

Step 2: Start the Printer Setting Tool, and click the [Communication Settings] button. Select [Wireless LAN] for [Selected Interface] in the [General] tab, and select [Ad-hoc] for [Communication Mode] in [Wireless Settings] in the [Wireless LAN] tab.

Step 3: From your PC/Laptop or Mobile device select the SSID of the Brother Printer and enter the password which you setup in the Printer setting tools.

Step 4: Once both your printer and wireless device gets connected then the indicator of your Brother Printer turns blue.

These are some of the methods which you can follow to connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi. If you are having trouble connecting your printer to Wi-Fi, then you can leave a comment and we’ll try to add a working solution.

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