In case if you are searching for Brother Printer Print Quality Problems then this article is for you. Whenever you use a printer to print your papers, quality, or printing is the crucial factor that you consider. After all, what is the purpose behind purchasing the printer? There is no need to explain it more, and it is a very common thing that we all purchase a printer to print paper included with the quality feature.

Like a cell phone, when we are going to purchase it, we do complete research about its features, as same happens with the printer, we also give printer printing quality and its feature top priority. If you have purchased the low-quality device, then what is the point of investing in it. So you have to make sure of your printer. I would suggest you don’t ever compromise with the quality of the printer.

Presently, there are many brands of the printer available in the market, it offers good quality printing, but as upon my personal experience basis, I would recommend your brother printer. Brother printers are available in the market with different features and in various ranges included with good quality printing paper services.  

But, sometimes, you could be facing some issues related to printing; after all, it is a machine, and because of any technical problems, you may not be able to get the desired printing quality of papers. The quality of printing can be affected due to several issues, but you don’t need to be worried because if a problem arises, you can also overcome it by using some tips, tricks, and methods.

Brother printer prints quality problem and its solution:

No doubt, brother printers have different properties and capabilities, but there could be several problems that will arise that can affect its quality. To know about it in brief, you can read this full content. Here are a few brother printer printing quality issues, and its solutions are described in an effective way.

Low-quality papers:

Whenever you are going to print through your brother printer and if you are using low quality papers then it can cause a Brother Printer Print Quality Problems, because a low-quality paper may not be able to take the ink upon it or it may be stuck into your printing machine that can also cause a paper jam problem. Here are a few tips related to your paper that you should consider:

  • Before buying a huge amount of papers, it tests its few sample papers.
  • Use neutral papers instead of using alkaline papers.
  • The papers you are going to use should be 75 to 90 gm2.
  • Always use long grain papers.
  • If you used papers that have rough surface, wrinkled or creased and bond, that could also degrade the quality of printing.
  • Never use inkjet papers because it will not only affect the quality of printing but also can harm your machine.

Overall, we want to say that choosing the right type of paper is very important. Half of the printing quality result is dependent on the documents. Don’t use that kind of paper, which will affect the quality of your system.

Printer prints light, faded, dull or blurry pages:

We always expected that our printer would print a clean and clear quality text or images on the papers, but sometimes you won’t get the exact result as you were expected. When you start printing, you will find the printer prints light, faded, dull, and brother laser printer color problems. This condition not only hampers your work but also wasted your time. To resolve brother printer black smudges on paper quickly, you need to use some ways or methods. Here are a few techniques that will help you in resolving printing quality issues and also improve it.

As we mentioned above, you need to use the excellent quality of the paper. But still, it is not worth it; then you need to go for another way.

Clean and check the corona wire location tab:

STEP 1: First, you need to turn off the machine by pressing and hold the power button on the tab.

turn off using power button

STEP 2: Open the top cover by lifting its handle up.

open cartridge

STEP 3: Verify the toner cartridges by matching its color to the color label; it must be the same. And each color slot should be arranged in a proper sequence. For example, the first slot color should be Yellow, the second is Magenta, the third is cyan, and the fourth one is black.

verify toner cartridge sequence - Fix Brother Printer Print Quality Problems

STEP 4: Now, remove the toner cartridge assemblies drum unit.

assemble drum unit - Fix Brother Printer Print Quality Problems

STEP 5: Gently slide the green tab from left to right at least 15 times to clean the wire inside each four drum units. After cleaning it, make sure that the tab should be pushed to the left side.

STEP 6: There are four LED heads in it. You need to clean this, use a lint-free cloth and put a small amount of alcohol upon it and now clean these four LED heads with this cloth.

gently clean the drums - Fix Brother Printer Print Quality Problems

STEP 7: Now reinstall the cartridges and drum units and make sure that the toner cartridges color is the same as the color label on the machine.

STEP 8: Now, put the machine cover on it and turn on the power button of your machine.

STEP 9: Print a document to check the quality of the printing.

So, by cleaning the corona wire tab, which is inside of your brother printer machine, you can increase the quality of your printing documents.

Toner saver mode is turn off:

If the way of cleaning the corona wire is still not able to give you good quality of printing papers, then you can use another way to overcome this problem in which you need to turn off the saver mode. Here are the stepwise instructions to increase the quality of your printing papers.

STEP 1: On your touchscreen, press “Settings.”

STEP 2: Press up and down symbols buttons to go into all settings.

STEP 3: Press “All settings.”

STEP 4: Press up and down buttons to go into the General setup.

STEP 5: Press “General Setup.”

STEP 6: Press up and down buttons to go into Ecology.

STEP 7: Press “Ecology.”

STEP 8: Now, press on “Toner Save.”

STEP 9: Check it is in OFF state or ON state. If it is in ON state, then Press OFF.

STEP 10: Press Home>>settings>>Toner>>Test Print.

After printing the pages, press Home again.

Now, you can see your brother printer is printing good quality and color papers, so this is the effect that you can use to set up the quality of prints. But if you will find that method is not working, then there may be the environment around the brother mfc-j6920dw poor print quality. It would be best if you placed your machine in the right place where its environmental conditions are balanced.

Calibration to increase the color density and quality:

Through the calibration setting, you can increase the density and quality of your color printouts. Here are the steps that are defined to enable this property, must take a visit.

  • Press settings>>Toner.
  • Press up and down to display calibration.
  • Press “Calibration.”
  • Press “Yes” to start this process.
  • Now you can see a “Please wait” message on your screen.
  • When the please wait message disappears, press home to exit.
  • Now, your brother printer machine starts automatically calibrated internally.
  • At last, when you print your papers, you can see it will print the best color combinations.

Change your Document type in the printer drivers:

In this way, you need to change your Document Type into images and photos in your printer drivers. It could be beneficial for you to increase printing quality.

STEP 1: Open the printer folder.

STEP 2: Click on the Printing preferences by right-clicking on the Brother printer drivers.

STEP 3: In your “Document Types” select Photo/image.

STEP 4: Click Apply and OK.

Print the document from your computer to get a good quality result of your printing papers.

These are the ways that you can use to increase the print quality of your brother printer and also troubleshoot the bad printing issues of your printer. After implementing these methods for your brother printer troubleshooting, you will surely get improved results. 

Like any other device or machine, your printer is also required for periodic repair and maintenance. So, to increase its efficiency and make its life longer, you need to do a checkup of it on a monthly basis. Even after all these steps your are still getting Brother Printer Print Quality Problems then connect with us via our chat or contact page. We’ll help you solve the problem.


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