McAfee installation error

When you installed the McAfee products on your device you got a error message stating “McAfee Installation Error”. Therefore you must be wondering “Why do you get this message”? This message usually comes up as there are some traces from the older version of the McAfee product.

McAfee Installation Error Reasons

You are unable to install the McAfee software due to the following reasons:

1: A virus has possibly infected your computer.

2: If the device has been already infected with a virus or Malware then it might prevent you from installing any security software.

You can solve these issues by the following simple steps:

1: Download the MCPR tool.

Download MCPR Tool - McAfee Installation Error

2: Double click MCPR.exe

3: Check if you see any security warning.

Its solutions: Before you get started, check for the following methods:

1: Firstly you might need to restart your PC to solve the issue. Thus, you need to bookmark your favorite article and get back to it as soon as possible.

2: You also need to save and close all the open files and applications.

3: Now restart your computer.

4: Make sure that you a strong network connection. Also, a wired connection is probably preferred.

5: Now connect to the power supply if you are using a laptop.

Some more requirements you need to look out such as:

1: Does your PC meet the minimal system requirements like- For McAfee security suites for both Windows and Mac?

2: Is there is any incompatible third-party firewalls or security software installed?

3: Is Windows is up-to-date on your PC? To check the install and updates, see the Windows update FAQ on the Microsoft website.

Now follow the below steps carefully in an appropriate manner. When you have completed each step, then try to install the McAfee product again. Still, if the McAfee installation error happens again, then move ahead to the next step

Solution 1st: Use Pre-install tool on Windows PC

The McAfee Pre-install tool:

1: Clean up all the temporary files that might interfere with installation of your McAfee software.

2: Register the Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files.

3: Prepare your PC for installation of your McAfee software.

4: Click the link (McAfee Pre-Install Tool)

McAfee Pre Install Tool

5: When the pre-install tool.exe get finished downloading then install it in your device.

6: If you still got a problem then you can visit to (

7: You can also speak to the technical support team at (

Solution 2nd: Enable the Administrator account to Fix McAfee Installation Error

The Windows Administrator account:

1: Allows you to run the installer with the Windows permission.

2: Log out all your current account and then log in the windows administrator account to perform install.

3: Ensure that you disable the Administrator account once it installs the McAfee product.

Here is how to enable the Administrator account:

1: Type command into search box.

2: Now Right click the command prompt icon and select (Run as administrator)

3: Type: net user administrator /active: yes

net user administrator

4: Log out of Windows, then log in with the administrator account.

5: After log in as Administrator, try installation again.

Note: It is important to disable the administrator account for some security reasons when you are able to successfully install

Here is how!

1: Open a command line session like before you did and type

(net user administrator/active: no)

net user administrator no - McAfee Installation Error

2: If enabling the Administrator account won’t help then try the next step.

Solution 3Rd: Download and Run MCPR (McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool)

The MCPR helps in removing the existing McAfee product and leftover files from all the previous installations that cause problems. Take a look at the following steps:

1: Download a new copy of MCPR before each use.

2: Ensure that you use the latest version of McAfee products and it can also be successfully recognized.

3: The MCPR will not only help in cleaning the components needed for re-installation. But it is designed to clean up all the components up to 100%.

4: Once completing the step, it requires a restart.

Now before you start:

1: Bookmark all your favorite articles.

2: Now save all open files.

3: Close all the programs.

4: Now Download the MCPR tool.

5: Double-click MCPR.exe.

6: See for the security warning.

7: Click yes to continue, or Run.

8: At McAfee software removal screen:

  • Click Next.
  • Click Agree to accept the end-user for license agreement.

9: At security Validation screen:

  • Type all the characters exactly as shown on your screen
  • Now click Next as it prevents the accidental use of MCPR.

If the process remains incomplete then you can see the following messages.

  • If you see the Removal Complete message, then it shows that the MCPR tool has been completed successfully.
  • Now restart the PC to complete the removal process.

Solution 4th: Clean Up Unsuccessful:

If you see the message of cleanup Unsuccessful then perform the followings steps:

1: Restart your PC and run the MCPR again.

2: If you see the clean up unsuccessful then try to ignore it.

3: Restart the PC again.

4: Attempt to re-install your McAfee software.

Still, if you are not able to install it then:

1: Click the contact technical support.

2: Let the Agent know:

  • If the MCPR produces a cleanup unsuccessful message.
  • Are you enabling to reinstall your McAfee software?

Solution 5th: Try to re-install the software:

Apart from it, if you want to download the tool, then you can give it another try by navigating to activate. But make sure you remove all the junk files from the cache memory of your device.

Solution 6Th: Make use of different Browser:

Sometimes it happens that the main cause behind the installing issue is the settings of Web-browser that you try to install. Thus in this step, you might try switching to another web browser.

Solution 7th: Disable the Firewall:

If you have activated the firewall on your device then restrict it from certain programs. You might need to turn off the Firewall for some time and try it again later.

Solution 8th: Fix issues with DNS:

Last but not the least; you can try changing the DND settings of your device. It may also help you in getting rid of this McAfee issue. Sometimes it is too slow that it restricts the installation of the software.

Thus, if you wish to install the McAfee security solution without having any interruption then consider all the above steps so that it won’t come across the same error again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Q1: Why McAfee is not installing?

Ans: You are unable to uninstall the McAfee software because the virus has been possibly infected your computer. Thus if your device is already infected with some Virus or Malware, then you might be prevented from installing any security software.

Q2: How you can fix McAfee Problem?

Ans: Look at the following steps below and see how you can fix the McAfee problem:

1: Uninstall your McAfee software.

2: Download the pre-install tool and run it.

3: After Pre-install gets completed. Restart your computer.

4: Now Install the McAfee software again.

Q3: How you can fix McAfee error 76567?

Ans: 1: Sign in to the McAfee website or visit the

2: Download the McAfee software.

3: Update the installer certificate trusts.

Q4: How to disable McAfee?

Ans: 1: Right-click the McAfee at the bottom of the right corner of your Windows Desktop.

2: Select the change settings>Real time scanning the menu.

3: In the real-time scanning menu click the turn off button.

4: Finally you can click the Real-time scanning to resume.

Q5: How to force McAfee to uninstall?

Ans: 1: Click Start, Run, and type the following one commands

(“c:\ProgramFiles\McAfee\Agent\x86\frminst.exe”/force uninstall)

2: To remove the McAfee agent process from memory you can complete the deletion of files and restart your computer.

Final Words

Look for the above methods and apply them in the same way and see how it resolves the McAfee Installation Error. Follow the steps carefully and use it in the same manner. Still, if it doesn’t fix the issue then you can contact us via chat. We surely try to fix the problem for McAfee Installation Error.

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