Wi-Fi Option Not Showing Windows 10

Various Windows 10 users are reporting the issue with the Wi-Fi option not showing in Windows 10. This specific error can happen for various types of reasons starting from incompatible Wi-Fi driver to the faulty registry.

The problem can come from two sources- either from Wi-Fi Hardware or from the computer hardware. Else it can be happened due to some software bug. So, let’s keep the problem aside and focus on fixing its solutions. Before proceeding to fix the problem you can restart your computer and look for the Wi-Fi networks showing up. If still the error is there then try the following fixes.

Why did my Wi-Fi Option Not Showing on Windows 10?

Following are been defined some reason behind your Wi-Fi option not showing on Windows 10 are:

1: Required Services: Your Wi-Fi system requires certain services in order they can run and operate accurately. Somehow if the required services stop then it can cause the issue.

2: Wi-Fi Drivers: Your Wi-Fi drivers on the system are mainly responsible for establishing the connection between the wireless card and system. Sometimes the corrupted drivers can cause the issue to occur.

3: Look for the Network discovery.

4: Check the service configuration.

5: Try to update the Wi-Fi cards.

Solutions of Wi-Fi Option not Showing in Windows 10

Solution 1st: Reinstall your wireless adapter drivers

As has been mentioned above that there are numerous reasons where the Wi-Fi gets corrupted. While only updating your driver is not only the solution for fixing the issue. You need to go beyond that. Try to re-install your Wi-Fi driver by downloading it from the manufacturer’s website. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Open the Device Manager.

Device Manager

Step 2: Expand the Network Adapter.

locate network adaptor

Step 3:  Locate your wireless driver.

Step 4: Double click the wireless properties.

double click on wireless network properties

Step 5: Click on the Driver tab and note all your driver details.

click on driver tab

Step 6: Now close properties windows and make a right-click on the wireless card and click the uninstall button.

uninstall device driver

Step 7: Once you have uninstalled your wireless card driver, then you can move towards the manufacturer’s website. There you can download the latest version of drivers for your Wi-Fi card. Install the Drivers and restart your computer.

Solution 2nd: Change System Icon settings:

Follow the steps carefully for changing the system Icon settings:

Step 1: Open the start windows by clicking on the window logo in the left corner of the screen or you can press the Windows key and click the settings.

Step 2:  Click Personalization.

click on personalization


Step 3: Click Themes.

click on theme

Step 4:  Click the Desktop icon settings.

click on desktop icon setting

Step 5: Click the icon that you want to change and click on the change icon.

select icon and change icon

Step 6: Select an icon, then click OK.

select icon

Step 6: Click Apply

click on apply

Step 7: Click on Ok.

click on ok

Solution 3rd: Restart Explorer

There are multiple ways through which you can accomplish the restart. Here are some straightforward methods that you can easily perform:

Step 1: Open the Windows Task Manager. You can also use (Control+ Shift+ Escape) or right-click the start menu and click Task Manager.

task manager

Step 2: Depending on the version of Windows you might need to click on More Details at the bottom to see the process. But if you have to see the running process, then skip the step.

click on more details

Step 3:  Click processes at the top and under Windows processes, click on Window explorer.

click on window explorer - Wi-Fi Option Not Showing

Step 4: Click on Restart.


Solution 4th: Tweak Power Management

If the Wi-Fi option in Windows 10 disappears then this can be due to the Wi-Fi card driver power settings. Thus you need to get the Wi-Fi option back or you need to edit the Power Management settings. Look at the following steps:

Step 1: Open the device manager.

Device Manager - Wi-Fi Option Not Showing

Step 2: Expand the Network adapter list.

locate network adaptor

Step 3: Double click the wireless card.

wireless network adaptor

Step 4 : Switch the power management tab.

select power management - Wi-Fi Option Not Showing

Step 5: Uncheck and allow the computer to turn off the device to save power

Step 6: Click OK.

Solution 5th: Turn off Wi-Fi sense:

Here is how you can disable the Wi-Fi sense in Windows 10:

Step 1: Sign in to your Windows 10 computer.

Step 2: Click the start button.

Step 3: From the displayed start menu, click settings.


Step 4: Open the Settings Window, and click Network and Internet.

Network and internet

Step 5: When open the network ensures the Wi-Fi category is selected.

Step 6: Now click and manage known networks link.

Step 7: From Open managed settings, connect to the suggested hotspots and make it off.

wifi hotspot off

Step 8: Connect to the network.

Step 9: Close Manage Wi-Fi settings windows and restart PC.

Step 10: Now you can use the secured Windows 10 normally.

Solution 6TH: Check Airplane mode is turned Off

Step 1:  Click the Windows button.

Step 2: Type Settings in the Search box at the top.

Step 3: Click the first option; it should be the setting app.

settings - Wi-Fi Option Not Showing

Step 4: Click Network and Internet.

Network and internet

Step 5: On the left side of the Settings screen, Click Airplane mode.

Step 6: Now toggle the airplane mode on and off with the help of using the button. When the airplane mode is turned blue then it signifies that it is ON. And when there appears no color it means it is OFF.

Solution 7th: Check Wireless adapter in Device manager:

1: Press Windows + R.

2: Type “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter.

type devmgmt msc and hit the enter button

3: Click Network Adapters and then right-click the Wi-Fi controller.

4: Now select the update Drivers.

update network drivers - Wi-Fi Option Not Showing

5: Click search automatically for updated driver software.

6: Once drivers are installed, reboot the whole system.

Solution 8th: Check the WI-FI card:

If you have bought a Wi-Fi card and your motherboard comes without the wireless card then the solution is for you. Before you get into some other solutions make sure that you have connected the Wi-Fi card correctly. On the other end, in the case of incorrect-connectivity, the card won’t get detected properly by Windows.

Solution 9th: Turning on Required device:

Check the following points and see what you need to turn on the required devices:

1: Remove and check all the external devices.

2: Perform Startup repair.

3: Perform System Restore.

4: Check the corrupted disk and system file.

5: Set the active partition in Command Prompt.

6: Disable the secure boot option.

7: Reset the BIOS Settings.

8: Taking precautions against system errors.

Solution 10th:  Perform Full Shut down:

For performing shut down- The easiest method is to hold the Shift Key before you click the power icon and select Shut Down on Windows, Start menu. Click the CTRL+ALT+DLT and it will lock the screen. It will also force the system to shut down your PC.

Solution 11th: Clean boot your computer:

Look at the best ways of how to clean boot Windows 10. Here the steps have been involved:

1: Open Task Manager (Right-Click on the task bar and click taskmanager)

task manager

2: Select the startup.

3: Click Disable all.

startup option inside the task manager - Wi-Fi Option Not Showing

4: Click X to close Task Manager.

5: Now Restart your PC.

Solution 12th: Disable Network Connection:

1: Open Settings.

2: Click on Network and security.

3: Click on Status.

4: Click the change adapter settings.

5: Right-click the network adapter and select the disable option.

Solution 13th: Run Internet Troubleshooter:

If you are facing the missing Wi-Fi settings in Windows 10, then you can run the Windows Network Troubleshooter. And see if this fixes the issue or not. The Windows Network troubleshooter helps in fixing the network troubleshooting problems.

You can click the Start> Settings>Update and Security>Troubleshoot scroll down in the right panel. In this way, you can find an internet connection. Now click the Run troubleshooter button and fix the internet detect problems.

Solution 14th: Create a new user profile:

1: Open the start menu and click Windows 10.

2: Now press the Window key on Keyboard.

3: Search for Add user and select Add.

4: In the settings Window, open select and add someone else to this PC.

5: Create the Username and enter the password into it.

Solution 15th: Edit Group Policy:

1: Open the control panel on the Start Menu.

2: Click the Window icon on the toolbar and click the widget icon on settings.

3: Now start typing the group policy and click the option to edit the group policy.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s)

Q1: How to fix the Internet connection on Windows 10?

Ans: 1: Use Network Troubleshooter

2: Select Start>Settings>Network and Internet status.

3: Make sure that the Wi-Fi is on.

Q2: How you can fix a computer that won’t connect to the Internet?

Ans: 1: Move closer to the Wi-Fi router or hotspot.

2: Disconnect some device that is connected to your Wi-Fi

3: Move the Wi-Fi device away from transmitting devices.

4: Check service alerts

5: Check for network card failure.

Q3: How you can reset Wi-Fi on the computer?

Ans: Select the start button

2: Click on Settings>Network & Internet> Status>Network Reset

3: On the Network Reset Screen, select Reset now and click yes to confirm.

Q4: Why the computer Wi-Fi options not showing?

Ans: 1: Update your Wi-Fi adapter.

2: Open Device manager

3: Click the Network adapters.

4: Click on properties.

5: Click the updated driver.

6: Close the Window

7: Check if it’s work and if not then restart it.

Q5: How you can fix Wi-Fi to the computer?

Ans: 1: Ensure that the Wi-Fi is enabled on the device or not.

2: Move closer to the router.

3: Restart or reset the Router.

4: Check SSID and password.

5: Check Device settings properly.

6: Update the Network Drivers and operating system.

Final Words

By following all the above steps appropriately you can resolve the issue Why the Wi-Fi option is not showing on Windows 10. However, if the methods won’t accurately then you can contact us via chat we assure you that we will help in fixing the issue of Wi-Fi option not showing in Windows 10.

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