Antivirus is Blocking Internet in Windows 10

Cybercrime is a de facto element and antivirus is a requirement if you want to guard your info, confidentiality, and operatives on a regular basis. Moreover, modern antivirus resolutions are often packaged suits with cloud security and firewalls, system optimization, etc. However, sometimes, the foregoing firewalls can obstruct your Wi-Fi network from working, blocking you to link to the Internet. Antivirus is blocking Internet! One of the most annoying things you may face with your computer, laptop, or phone is when you are not able to link your internet. That can be an acute obstacle. But here we have drafted this column for your ease by penning the easiest and efficient solutions to sort this concern.

Why Does Antivirus is Blocking Internet?

Before proceeding to the endeavors to solve the internet connectivity problems, let us know the basic reasons accountable for inducing the fault.

  • Viruses and/or Malware invaded your PC through an infected USB, downloaded data, emails, or some spiteful file.
  • A maximum number of antivirus applications originate with an inherent firewall service that is able to bar entrance to the internet due to dubious websites or data.
  • Problems with the system driver
  • Maybe you are seeking to employ the internet in some public place, so you might be hindered from reaching some websites. In this situation, the only alternative to unlock these websites is by reaching out to these officials.

How to Fix Antivirus is Blocking Internet?

What if you are working on a web page on your browser and it displays “No internet” regardless of your internet being operative? It is baffling, isn’t it? Well, this appears to be an error with the antivirus where it hinders your system to access the web page.

Some malware irregularities restrict Internet browser settings by appending a Proxy Server. In these cases, you are incapable to utilize any websites, and therefore unable to install the required software to defeat the safety viruses. . This is a quite typical error and it can also be settled efficiently. Let’s take a look at how.

Solution 1: Verify the Connection to Fix Antivirus is Blocking Internet:

The first action to resolve the issue of the internet not working is to check the power connection.

  • Check your Internet connection, wifi, or internet.
  • Check any wires and restart any routers, CPU, Disk drive, or other network media you might be utilizing.

Enable Chrome to enter the network in your firewall or antivirus settings.

If it is previously classified as a program entitled to access the web, try eliminating it from the file and appending it again.

Solution 2: Disable the Antivirus to Fix Antivirus is Blocking Internet:

If you want to disable the antivirus security, you can perform it through windows security setting in the following ways given below:

Step 1.  Hold Windows + I, to begin with, Windows Settings.

start and settings to Fix Antivirus is Blocking Internet

Step 2. Tap on Update & Security -> Windows Security -> Virus & threat security.

virus and threat protection to Fix Antivirus is Blocking Internet

Step 3. Find the “Virus & threat security settings” segment in the right panel, and tap Manage settings.

Step 4. Switch off the “Real-time security if off, transmitting your equipment vulnerable” title.

manage settings

In this way, you can tentatively disable antivirus on Windows 10. If you want to facilitate the antivirus security again, you can reboot your processor or follow the same procedure above to put on the security.

Solution 3: Reinstall the Antivirus

If none of the previous actions proved productive, the other solution that we can try is the reinstallation of the antivirus solution.

Now, before you proceed to the Control window and reinstall the antivirus, keep in mind that most of the supporting apps that come with the series are not genuinely necessary. Here’s how you can reinstall the antivirus by applying the following steps.

Step 1. Tap on the search box

Step 2. Move on to the control window and open it.

control panel to Fix Antivirus is Blocking Internet

Step 3. Locate Windows Security or as we say anti-virus application that may influence your prevailing establishment.

Step 4. Right-click to its title and click Uninstall.


Step 5. Ultimately, uninstall the application you want to eliminate.

Step 6. After the uninstalling process is completed, reinstall the program again and reboot your device once established.

That should solve your issue and you should be capable to connect to the internet.

Solution 4: Check Firewall

The antivirus or antimalware resolution can’t prevent the internet connection per se. Nevertheless, with the combining of multiple safety solutions into one unit, one can face third-party firewalls.

Sometimes by error, other times because of the justified doubt that your network isn’t secure.

In order to fix that, you can reconnect your router, restart all tools like we already recommended, and look for modifications.

If those steps are to no positive outcome, make certain to completely examine the Firewall component of your antivirus program.

You can generate exceptions to allow specific applications to reach through the firewall.

This system differs, so keep in mind to google your antivirus or monitor the Help region in order to determine how to execute it.

Make certain to upgrade it again and, the experts will implement solutions or resets the application on time.

Solution 5: Reset Antivirus:

Here’s how you can carry out the resetting antivirus method:

Step 1. Begin with the Start menu.

Step 2. Right-tap or hold on to Windows Security on the Start menu.

open Windows Security to Fix Antivirus is Blocking Internet

Step 3. Tap on the ‘More’ option, and choose App Settings and locate your antivirus software app.

Step 4. Tap on the Reset key in Settings.

Step 5. You will notice a confirmation pop-up, choose the ‘YES’ option to verify.

Step 6. Once your process is completed thoroughly, shut down the settings and restart your system.

Solution 6: Run Internet Connection Troubleshooter

Windows originates with a keyboard troubleshooter option. You can drive it if the above methods are not restorative toward the issue.

Step 1. Initiate by clicking on the Start key and choose Settings.

Step 2. Locate the entitle Update & Security and click on it.

click on update & security

Step 3. Now proceed on to the Troubleshoot option from the left window and choose the Additional troubleshooters title from the right window screen.

Additional Troubleshooters to Fix Antivirus is Blocking Internet

Step 4. Hit the Internet Connections and tap on Run the troubleshooter headline.

run the troubleshooter for internet connectionrun the troubleshooter for internet connection to Fix Antivirus is Blocking Internet

Step 5. Execute the measures as demonstrated on the display screen to go through with the system.

Using a troubleshooter option is the most effective and quick thing to do in this condition. And many users have reported it to be helpful to fix their connection into working again.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q1. How Can I Stop My Antivirus From Blocking a Program?

  1. If you still need to stop your antivirus program from blocking our program, here’s how to settle that:

Step 1. Locate your installed program.

Step 2. Right-tap on the typo Setup.exe file, and select Properties.

Step 3. Now select the ‘Compatibility’ option.

Step 4. Verify the space adjoining to Run this program under compatibility.

Step 5. Choose another model of Windows from the drop-down list. It must be a model approved by the year of the program that’s having the problem.

Step 6. Tick the bar next to Run Program as Administrator.

Step 7. Select OK.

Step 8. Double-click on Setup.exe and follow the on-screen directions to conclude the installation and restart your system.

Q2. The system is showing the following statement, whenever trying to use the internet ‘Security or firewall settings might be blocking the connection.’ How can we fix the firewall hindering the internet connection?

  1. Here’s what you can do to solve this error:
  • Hold the Windows + R key and insert ‘devmgmt.msc’
  • Now, extend Network adapters,
  • Right-tap on your adapter and Uninstall it
  • You can now close the settings after the whole process is finished and restart the device.

Q3. My browser can’t link to the internet unless I uninstall my antivirus. How to solve this problem?

  1. This is a very common issue faced by several users. All you need to do is:
  • Go to the settings in your processor and
  •  Locate for the ‘update’ title and click on it.
  • Update your system thoroughly.
  • Note: Don’t operate anything or click on any key while the system is on update mode.
  • Once completed, you will see a pop-up asking to restart the device. Confirm ‘Yes’ and that’s it.

This error probably occurred because your pc wasn’t rebooted precisely.

Q4. Can Firewall or Antivirus software be barred from the connection even with the firewall off?

  1. Here’s how you can resolve this concern

Go to Settings > Network & Internet > WIfi > Manage Known Networks, highlight and remove the network having problems, restart the PC to check if it shows up again.

It is also suggested that to check the router wire in by ethernet cable to connect, then secure the ethernet cable into the modem (if not connected) to perceive if this might be a problem with the router.


The techniques stated in this clause above should assist you to resolve this issue. If everything else crashes, there’s the likelihood that your keyboard could be unclean or damaged. In this situation, you should be showing it to a skilled mechanic or buy a new one.

We hope these techniques helped you in settling your error. Do you still have any issues on how to fix the antivirus blocking internet problems? Without any hesitation let us know in the comment section below or make a call on our support number. Our specialists will aid you in every possible way, with just one snap.

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