Router Restarts Unexpectedly - NETGEAR Router Rebooting Issue

Fixed: NETGEAR Router Restarts Unexpectedly – Router Rebooting Issue are mainly used to share the Internet connection with multiple numbers of devices. It is a medium between the modem and the devices that are connected to the Internet. This was the first company that introduces wireless routers. However, a wireless router can do the function of a router. It also gives access to both the internet and a private network of computers. You can also connect multiple devices to your router.

So you have tried everything for fixing the issues with your WI-FI router restarts but nothing worked well? Well, no more frustration you need to take as here is a complete guide for Netgear router that helps in fixing the issue with your Wi-Fi router. Continue Reading!

What are the issues with Netgear router?

1: Netgear default username and password not working.

2: Internet LED light is red.

3: The user cannot access to router account.

4: Netgear router error 651 in Windows PC.

5: Internet connected but not working well.

6:  WI-FI router won’t turn ON.

7: Internet won’t connect to devices after router has been setup.

8: Error 404

9: Unable to reset router.

10: Blinking orange light on the router.

11: Facing issues while updating network adapter on router.

12: Firmware update failed.

13: Router keeps dropping the internet.

14: Router not connecting to the Internet.

15: Can’t change password for router.

What are the complete steps for fixing Netgear Router Issues?

Solution 1st: Check for login issue:

One of the most common router restarts issues is that the users cannot login the Netgear router. The only reason for this issue is that most of the users are unaware of the complete configuration steps and not follow the exact instructions. That’s why we have provided the complete and exact steps to configure your router restarts for securing fast internet connection. Let’s see what these steps are:

Follow has been mentioned a complete guide of how to fix the Netgear Router issues:

1: Firstly connect your modem to the router and PC to the LAN port.

2: Now turn off the modem, router and computer and again turn them ON.

modem turn on

3: Wait for few seconds and let all the steps boot up properly.

4: Launch the web-browser and type the IP address in the URL bar.

ip address

5: If it doesn’t login the page then you can use http://before the IP address.

6: Once you are on the login page, and then enter the username and password.

7: Now select yes and then click the next button.

8: A new pop-up will appear.

9: Click the next button again.

10: Finally the router will save the settings.

Solution 2nd: Test the Internet:

Perform the following test of how you can test the Internet:

1: Connect your computer to the modem while using the Ethernet cable. If you get confused then here we have described some brief information of it:

Connect your computer

The cable that is coming from the Modem to the Internet port of your router doesn’t disconnect that cable from the router and then again plug in into your Laptop or Desktop computer.

2: You need to make sure that you have turned off your wireless router and then restart your computer and modem after making cable connections towards them.

turned off your wireless router

3: Once the computer is restarted please try using the internet with your computer if that works well then it will clear a few things for eg, your modem, Ethernet cable, and Computer.

4: However if the testing gets fail, then you might need to contact your Internet Service Provider or taking help from customer support for fixing the internet.

5: Now we have done all the basic troubleshooting. So let’s dig into more and try fixing the Netgear wireless router common problems.

Solution 3rd: Console reset Netgear router:

If the above steps and testing won’t work or respond properly and still you got Netgear router with no internet connectivity then it is the time to reset the Netgear wireless router while using both the hard as well as soft reset. Follow the given steps carefully:

1: Firstly connect your computer to Netgear wireless router.

router power on

2: Now type this default gateway web address and direct log in to the Netgear router Setup console and use-, or If still doesn’t work then try or type IP address

3: It may ask then for a username and password, than use these variations:

Look for the following diagram and enter the same information as it has been given below:


AdminLeave it blank


4: Instead of using the default IP address you can make use of default web address if you want to use Netgear router login.

5: Now you can login your Netgear router and go to the backup settings and there you will s an option for Revert to factory default settings.

6: Under that you can click on erase and then your Netgear router will reset all the settings to factory default.

7: Now it might be ask for Reboot.

8: Restart both your Netgear Router and modem and then try to set up the router again. Also, you must know How you can login the Netgear wireless router in order to perfect the installation.

Solution 4th: Hard reset Netgear router:

However, if the soft reset didn’t work properly then you don’t need to take worry as there are some other ways of resetting the Netgear Router. Watch the following steps and see how to perform it:

1: Press the Reset key at the back of the Netgear router.

Reset the Router

2: Make use of a paper clip or pen and then press the reset key at the back of your Netgear wireless router.

3: Now keep holding the reset key for at least 20-30 seconds until all the lights start blinking together.

4: Restart your Router and try to set up it again. Also, it is easy to setup the Netgear wireless router after a reset.

5: Look for this method and see if this works and if not then move towards the next step.

Solution 5th: Update the Netgear router firmware:

Learn the following steps of how you can update the Netgear router firmware:

1: Well it is quite possible that your Netgear router firmware has might gone outdated and you never have bothered to perform its maintenance or software upgrade on your Netgear wireless router restarts.

2: Remember that you need to login your Netgear wireless router setup page and check for all the updates.

3: Ensure that you are connected well to the Internet in order to login the Netgear router.

4: Type the default gateway.

5: Check these web addresses for default gateway- Try log in to the or enter the IP If this doesn’t work then try again to the or enter IP address

6: Now it may asks you for entering the Username and password so use the variations defined in beginning of the post.

7: Log in your Netgear router and there you will see a message at the top point of the dashboard- saying new firmware is available.

8: Now you can tap on that message to check the firmware and update it from that point to follow the steps:

  • Go to the advanced settings and then Administration
  • Now click the firmware update or Router restarts update option.
  • Click on check option and then the router will start looking for new firmware.
  • Click on Yes and then the router gets download and the new firmware version is begins to update.

Solution 6th: Reboot Netgear Nighthawk Router:

Perform the given steps for rebooting the Netgear Nighthawk router:

1: Firstly a quick restart of the router is known as Rebooting.

Reset to default settings

2: To reboot the Netgear router, see the steps below:

3: Open a web browser that you often use and then type in the search bar.

4: Enter both the username and password when prompt appears.

5: Here the default username is Admin and the password is password.

6: However if you have changed the password, then you need to enter the modified password.

7: Navigate to the advanced tab and select the Router information option.

8: Now click the reboot button and wait for at least 2-3 seconds.

9: The rebooting process is completed.

10:  This can be done and resolve the issue of rebooting the Netgear router as well.

Solution 7th:  Troubleshoot the Network Router:

Well there is no rush to reset your Netgear wireless router to fix the Netgear problem. Try the step below and consider that router reset is the last option for it otherwise you can move towards performing the next step. You might feel amazed that most of the router’s connectivity issue gets resolved by doing only a simple reboot of the power cycle.

Here is how you can do it!!!

1: Restart your Internet Modem and router.

2: Now take the power cable put from the router and modem.

3: Wait for few seconds and before you plug it back restart your computer also.

4: Now again wait for 1 minute and look whether the internet light on your modem and router is blinking.

5: If you would see that the light on the modem is blinking that means your modem is fine and also you are getting internet from the internet service provider.

6: Now again look for the internet light on your router and try using the internet and see if the restart helped in resolving this problem or not.

7: Once you have completed this process then move forward and test the Internet service provider for both the connection and modem.

Some tips to keep the Netgear Router healthy:

There are various tips to keep the Netgear router healthy. Following are been explained some of them:

1: First turn off the router for at least 10-15 minutes and then restart or avoid overheating.

2: Change the Netgear WI-FI password every six months and don’t share the password with someone you hardly know.

3: Make a guest network and secure it with a password. However, if your guests over your network don’t need access to the main network then you can customize the settings for guest networking according to you.

4: Update the Netgear router firmware every time also there new firmware available and keep the network secure and fix bugs.

5: For better internet connectivity the user needs to place the router in the middle of the hours and configure it to a range extender.

6:  Now place the router on the wall where you find that the place is dry without having any moisture.

Advanced Netgear Troubleshooting tips:

1: Reboot your router, modem as well as your computer.

2: Make use of the safe mode of your web browser.

3: Disable the host file.

4: Now connect your computer directly to the router.

5: Scan for your malware on your PC.

6: Check if the Static IP is correct.

7: Disable the antivirus and Windows Firewall that you use.

8: Try to re-install the LAN drivers.

9: Delete the web-browser, cache, cookies, and history.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1: How you can fix the Netgear router from disconnecting?

Ans: Following are been defined some steps for fixing the Netgear router from disconnecting:

1: Restart both your Router and modem.

2: Wait for some time and then check whether the internet light on your router and modem blinks.

3: Now prevent the Netgear router from disconnecting and see if the internet light on your router starts blinking and then try to use the Internet.

Q2: How to stop the router from disconnecting?

Ans: Perform the below following steps of how you can stop the router from disconnecting:

1: Firstly, reset your router restarts your computer.

2: Move a step closer to the WI-FI router or hotspot.

3: Get a WI-FI analyzer and see if there is any WI-FI interference.

4:  Update both your WI-FI adapter drivers and WI-FI router firmware for checking manufacturer’s websites.

Q3: How you can update a Netgear Router?

Ans: For updating a Netgear update follow the below-given steps and see how to update it:

1: Firstly, tap to sign in, the dashboard displays.

2: Now tap the image of your router.

3: On the router settings page, scroll down and tap for all the Updates.

4: If the new firmware is available, tap Update.

Q4: How to test Netgear router?

Ans: For testing a Netgear router following some steps are been defined:

1: Launch an Internet browser from your computer device or wireless device that is connected to the network.

2: Type or

3: Enter the router, user name and password.

4: Now click the advanced tab.

Q5: How to fix router not connecting to the internet?

Ans: For fixing the router restarts to connect with the internet here are defined some steps of how to perform it:

1: First rule out all the false alarms.

2: Check for all the router lights.

3: Reset both modem and Router.

4: Run Windows network troubleshooter.

5: Check the IP address.

6: Check the network card.

7: Check MAC addresses filtering.

8: Reset TCP/IP protocol.

Final Words: If you got an e-mail that says your router restarts needs a security update? Then it means that you have to set up the security event e-mail notifications on your router. While setting the router, you can turn on all the e-mail notifications and get your router security alerts for your device.

The user can also find the outgoing mail server and some other information regarding the configuration screen of your e-mail. In case if you leave the field blank then you would generally not be able to receive any alert messages.

If you have enabled the router security vulnerability alerts during the time of installation. But if you don’t want any such e-mails then visit the login portal and select the wireless setup option. Also as soon as you save the settings your network will be open to any WI-FI compatible device and thus you will not get the warnings.

You can follow all the above steps and fix the Netgear router problem as soon as possible. Still, if you will experience the same issues again then you can contact us via chat and we surely help you in resolving your problem.

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