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Welcome to PCASTA Computer Maintenance Services, where you’ll get all the necessary help regarding any computer issues which are challenging to troubleshoot. In this article, we are going to tell you how to identify some of the standard software issues on your computer and how you can fix them with the help of our computer technicians.

In case you’ve tried troubleshooting of your own and have messed up settings on your computer, then the best solution for you is to connect with white hat technical and computer maintenance services providers of PCASTA via the chat support located below. Integrate your PC or laptop with the technical experts here at PCASTA and let them fix your computer or laptop for you while you sit back and relax.

Alright, before we move ahead and help you out with the entire required PC technical support, let give you a quick tip on when to decide or how to tell that your computer needs a maintenance service. The computer problems are basically divided into two parts one is Hardware- the issues related to the computer’s hardware part, and the other is software- the issues related to the software part of your pc.

How to Tell that your Computer Needs a Maintenance Service

While some of the minor issues on the computer go unnoticed, however, few problems can’t be ignored in any way. As for the identification of the problem part that the issue you are having is due to faulty hardware or a glitch in the software you’ve installed, follow the guide below, and identify the problem yourself.

Common Hardware Issues

Blank Screen: If you notice a blank screen on your computer, then try to check the connection between the tower/CPU, and the monitor also check the power outlet to verify it has been plugged in properly.

black screenComputer Crashes: The most common problem is the computer keeps crashing issues. The common causes of random PC crashes are overheating and viruses. Try installing an antivirus on your computer and also try to keep it in a cold place.

computer crashedBSOD: Blue Screen of Death can be caused due to malfunctioning hardware of your system, and it isn’t much you can do about it because it indicates that your pc operating-system has reached a point where it can no longer operate correctly. Although there are solutions like system restore, checking hard disk errors, and startup repair.

bsodStartup Issues: Issues with the motherboard of your computer or laptop can cause startup issues in it, like refusing to start, restarting while loading the OS, and startup is very slow. You can either replace the motherboard or try removing the startup files to fix the problem.

startup issuesCommon Computer Problems

Slow Computer/Laptop: Lookout for background applications that might be using a lot of memory while running in the background. Other than this, try to clear temporary files, browser cookies, and other unnecessary files from the computer.

slow computerComputer Freezes: The leading cause of freezing computers is too many programs running simultaneously on a computer or a laptop, which has insufficient RAM. There are other reasons also like computer worms, malware, and viruses, and corrupt drivers, which can freeze your pc.

computer freezesSlow Internet: Another common issue found on most of the computers is the slow internet. According to Microsoft, Spyware can slow down your internet because it monitors internet usage and adds delays to it so that it can steal your details. Other than spyware, you need to check the Internet connection, Wi-Fi signal strength, and speed to confirm the problem and fix it.

slow internet computer maintenance services

Pop-Up Ad: Apparently, you might have noticed while surfing the internet, you see annoying pop-ups on the browser when you click on a link. If you see too many pop-ups, then remove any unwanted software or application installed on your computer also install anti-malware programs like Malwarebytes and Hitman Pro. Alternatively, you can contact PCASTA online support tech to get unwanted pop-ups removed from the computer.

pop up ads computer maintenance services

I think I’ve been hacked: If you notice unusual changes on your pc or laptop which you do not acknowledge changing or the password has been changed with your knowledge, then you need to connect with the PCASTA’s online technical support team immediately. Some of the common signs of getting hacked are random pop-ups, antivirus program not working, computer behaving strangely, computer password changes, bank account compromised, and unknown software installed on the computer.


Even if you are having an issue that is not mentioned here, you still need a maintenance service for the computers/laptops in your home or office. PCASTA offers online tech support services to those who require urgent support like individuals, students, small businesses, freelancers, realtors, or an enterprise.

PCASTA Computer Maintenance Services

Our remote computer support technicians ensure that your computer stays free from any viruses and issues like slow computer, pop-ups, freezing, and hacking. Since 2011, our motive is to provide A1 computer, printer, and router tech support services to our clients with simple on-call solutions and round the clock support. Find out in which areas we can help you with: –

      • Diagnosing computer problems and making the client aware of everything like how it happened and what are the steps needs to be taken to fix the issue.
      • Fix any issues related to software parts of the computer’s peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard, and external hard drives.
      • Help clients in fixing printer problems such as printer won’t print, printer not connecting to the Wi-Fi, and printer paper jam issues.
      • Fix computer online & restore deleted files that you accidentally deleted.
      • Remove pop-up ads and install ad blockers that block unwanted pop-ups on your system.
      • Cleaning browsers and removing unused extensions.
      • Speed the startup of the system by disabling unwanted startup programs.
      • Reset, Boot, and Restore the computer properly if required.
      • Make your computer or laptop fast by deleting temp files, and disk defrag and removing empty folders.
      • Install antivirus, anti-malware, and anti-spyware software to protect the system from all sorts of hazardous items.

With our online pc help chat, a user can contact our highly-experienced and reputed computer remote support technicians to the right tools and proper guidance. Using our computer maintenance services helps you can enhance the performance of the computer or laptop.

Why Trust PCASTA PC Technical Support?        

PCASTA Individual and Business Computer Support fix computer and communications gear in your organization. It doesn’t matter where you located, and the expert technicians will take the remote of your computer and fix any problem related to it, including new personal PCs, machines, modems, routers, printers, and more. Check out why we’ve been in business for over ten years and what you’ll get once you sign up for the service: –

      • Free Troubleshooting
      • On-call Support
      • Instant Emergency Response Time
      • Professional & Friendly Service
      • No Fix No Pay
      • Lower Price Guaranteed
      • 100% Satisfaction
      • Yearly Subscription Plans
      • Quick Repair Process
      • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

One of our most significant accomplishments is having a large number of returning clients who year after year have put their belief in PCASTA computer maintenance services. Get the support you deserve to sign up for the best pc technical support for computers and other peripherals.

Frequently Asked Questions | Computer Online Support

Q. How do I contact you?

A. You can connect with one of our remote support technicians via the chat support and you can also call us at our toll-free number 1-888-883-5055.

Q. How do you provide computer support & services?

A. Once a client call us related to their pc problems our customer support executives listens carefully and writes down all the issues on the CRM. Next it is passed on to a qualified pc remote support technician where he/she is going to connect with your pc/laptop and troubleshoot the problems in front you with the help of remote support tool.

Q. Where are you located?

A. We are a multi-national company (MNC) and our head offices are located in California, USA.

Q. What are your Plans?

A. There are two types of plans one time fix and annual plans. If you choose a one-time fix then the cost of the computer maintenance services depends upon the issue and our annual plans starts from $199.99.

Q. How do I pay you?

A. You can pay us via our secure merchant payment gateway with any Debit or Credit cards like Visa, Master, Amex, and Discover.

Q. Will I get any receipts of the payment?

A. Of course you will, once the payment is confirmed we’ll send you the payment receipt along with the subscription details.

Q. What I’ll get if I sign up for the annual plan?

A. Annual plan includes: –

    • 1 Desktop / Laptop
    • 365 Days Validity
    • Software Application
    • Routine Check Up
    • Unlimited Support
    • Monthly PC/Laptop Optimization
    • PC Optimization
    • Virus Removal & Protection Installation
    • OS Restore, Repair & Re-install
    • Phone, E-Mail & Chat Support
    • Do you accept payment in installments?

Yes we do, but there are certain terms and conditions which can be set depending on the situation.


PCASTA believes in offering honest & genuine services to the customers. Our process of assisting is simple. We are in the business since 2011, and we have provided premium technical assistance to thousands of clients worldwide with complete transparent and trustworthy services. Our Support Includes: –

  1. Printers Support
  2. Emails Support
  3. Antivirus Support
  4. Network Support
  5. Online Tech Support
  6. Online PC Support
  7. Computer Support Technician
  8. Desktop Computer Support
  9. Remote Desktop Support
  10. Business Computer Support
  11. Computer Tech Support