setting up a wireless hp printer

Setting up a Wireless HP Printer

If you are searching for how to install HP printer to Wi-Fi then you’ve come to the right place. In this article we are going to show you the exact methods required to setting up a wireless HP printer.

In the current age, technology has advanced far beyond the limit many persons have foreseen it would be.

During the earlier stages of technology, printers were known to initially work by connecting via your computer by a USB cable.

However, with new developments and integration’s, printers have reached the level of connecting wirelessly.

Wireless printers are devices which allows you to print a document from your computer, tablet or phone without connecting via a cable to the printer.

Once connected to an active network, you can simply search for the printer name and send your document.

With this development, persons can work faster, more efficiently and hassle-free. Being wireless is a great asset as it allows for multiple computers on a network to be connected and can print easily. But how does one initiate the setup of these printers?

In this article, we will focus on how to effectively set up and operate your Wireless HP Printer both automatically and manually.

Many persons do use HP devices, and with new advancements on a daily basis, it is imperative in knowing how to set up your wireless devices as it will save you time and cost.

Step you need to follow to setup HP Printer Wirelessly

Check to ensure your computer and network are compatible for Wireless connection.

– There are specialized specifications that are needed in order to complete the setup effectively. In most cases, your computer must be running the latest version OS such as Windows Vista, Mac OS X 10.5 or similar later versions.

– Your computer must be connected wirelessly to the network as well as the operating system.

– You can check the Compatibily here on HP’s website. HP Printer’s Windows 10 Compatibility

Search for your printer’s software

– After ensuring your computer matches the specialized specifics, you need to search for your printer’s software (which you can source at by entering your printer’s model number and download the relevant file.)

– After downloading, you will double-click the file to view the printer setup process.

 Turn on your HP printer

– When you have successfully downloaded the file and open to view the setup process, you will need to power on your printer.

– Once your printer is compatible with wireless setup, you will be directed through the following steps via your computer screen:

Step 1- Select Network (Ethernet/Wireless). You will find this option close to the middle of your computer screen.

Step 2- After opening the link, you will select the option that states “Yes, send my wireless settings to the printer.” Clicking this option will allow for locating your printer and sending the necessary wireless network information over to the printer. The initial connecting of your printer to the network will occur after sending (the time the process takes to complete may vary – could take a few minutes).

Step 3- Once the connection is completed, you will see a confirmation on your computer screen.

Clicking the confirmation link will then initiate the final setup process, and once this is completed, you will be able to use your printer.

Wireless Setup HP Printer Manually

In addition to setting up wireless HP printer automatically, the process can also be done manually. The process, though similar in some areas, may also differ when it comes to installing manually.

Your manual HP installation process can be done through the following steps:

Ensure your HP printer is installed on your computer

This step is not considered a tedious one as all you need to do is connect your printer to your computer via the USB cable available. Connecting the cable will allow for the software to be installed on your computer.

In the case it doesn’t automatically install, you may need to install the software via the installation CD that came with your purchase. (Sometimes, there may be issues with getting your already installed printer – via USB cable – to be connected to a network. As such, you may be required to uninstall and then reinstalling the printer to your computer).

Power on your printer

Connect your printer to the power outlet and turn on and wait a few seconds for boosting.

If necessary, activate the printer

For some HP printers, when it is powered-on, you may have to manually activate the touchscreen abilities which will initiate the network setup.

For those printers without a touchscreen, you may need to self-connect. NB: If your printer was already installed on your computer, you might need to uninstall and reinstall to the network.

Start the setup process

Step 1- After you have successfully connected, search for the “setup” option on your computer (location may vary as it may be to the right of your screen or by scrolling to the bottom of the page).

Step 2- Click open and search for Wireless and select that option (you may see the wireless option without going through the setup link).

Step 3- You will then select the option “network” which will allow the printer to search for an available wireless network connection to connect to. It would generally connect to the strongest network which would be that which you need it connected to.

Step 4- If password coded, once connecting, you will be prompted to enter your password (on the printer) for connection. Once entered and selected the “done” option, the credentials will be automatically saved on the printer. The printer after successful connection will enable you to use your printer wirelessly.

Wireless HP Printers are becoming more prevalent in the world of technology. But why have they gone for a wireless option? It provides a wide range of benefits for using including more efficient networking that allows multiple printing to one printer from different stations. Also, it provides flexibility and mobility as the user may not have to be in close proximity to the printer in order to initiate a print.

Wireless printing is also better for business as it provides a multi-functional option in printing directly from the internet on a secure network connection. Your wireless HP installation process is simple and can be done by anyone without the need to hire a professional IT personnel. The step by step process, details all that needs to be done with every successful completion of prior steps.

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