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In this modern world, we have to print various things such as different books, journal articles, research materials, powerpoint slide, etc. from computers, memory cards, websites, USB mass storage, etc. we print these documents or files for personal or business purpose.

The device that helps us to perform the activity of printing files from an electronic form into physical paper is called a Printer. The popularity & use of Printer is increasing day by day. To face this increasing demand, many well-known electronics companies are now involved in designing Printer such as HP.

If you purchase or want to use HP printer, at first, you have to install or set up it. Set up HP printer is not an easy task. Even if you are experienced users, you should follow the guideline from any well known Live Tech Support Company while going for Setup HP printer.

Setting up a new HP Printer is not a difficult task if you follow the manuals correctly. To get it running up directly or from a computer or network follow the HP Printer setup below.

Items required before you begin the setup HP Printer

You need to check a few items before starting to setup HP printer smoothly and without any hassles. Make sure you confirm all the things below and then start the HP Printer Setup.

  1. HP Printers Driver CD/DVD
  2. Power Cables
  3. USB cable minimum 3m long
  4. PC or Laptop
  5. If already install then remove device. Open Control Panel>View Device and Printers>Right-Click HP Printer>Remove Device>Yes

To setup HP Printer properly you need to confirm that you’ve arranged all the items above for a smooth setup process. Although some of the things aren’t necessary for every procedure, still it can help in another way.

How to Setup an HP Printer for the first time

If you’ve bought a new HP Printer and want to set it up so that you can start utilizing it without any delay, follow the step by step guide below to setup HP Printer for the first time.

Step 1– Unpack the HP Printer from the box and remove all the tapes and packing material from outside and then from inside of your Hp Printer.

Step 2– Connect the printer into a power source or socket and Turn it on.

Step 3– From the HP Printer Control Panel, select language, time, and country/region. You can skip the process if the printer does not have the control panel.

How to Setup Ink Cartridges for the first time

Once you’ve unpacked the new HP Printer and setup all the details like language, time, and region, then the next task is to install the cartridges into the HP Printer. To setup the HP Printer Ink Cartridges for the steps below.

Step 1– Slide the output tray to make it lower, and then the access door of ink cartridges.

Step 2– Take out the black setup ink cartridge from its package.

Step 3– Remove the tape on the ink cartridges. NOTE: Do not touch the ink nozzles or copper-colored contacts.

Step 4– Confirm that you install the cartridge in the correct slots (Tri-color on the left and Black color on the right). Check the HP Printer Manual which came with the printer package.

Step 5– Slide the cartridge into its slot until it snaps into place. A ticking sound will come if entered correctly.

Step 6Repeat the same above process (Remove the tape & snap into place) to install the tri-color setup cartridge.

Step 7– Finish the setup by closing the access door of the ink cartridges.

Now, ensure that the printer recognizes the setup cartridges and is ready to use.

How to Load Paper into the Input Tray in HP Printers

After unpacking, choosing languages, time, region, and setting up ink cartridges, the next thing to setup is the papers. Follow this link to know the HP Printer paper supported sizes.

Step 1Lift the input tray to raise it to its locked position.

Step 2– Hold the paper width guide and slide it to the outermost position.

Step 3Load the papers in the input or paper tray.

Step 4– Slide in the paper width guide until it rests on the edge without bending it.

Step 5– Open the output tray and tray extender.

Step 6– Complete the alignment process for best quality prints.

Download and Install the HP Printer Software & Drivers

In order to complete setup HP Printer, you need to download the HP Printer Software and Drivers from its official site. If you’ve got a CD/DVD then insert it into your computer’s CD-DRIVE. If you don’t have HP Printer Driver CD/DVD then follow the steps below.

Step 1– Connect the HP Printer and Computer or Laptop with a USB cable.

Step 2– Go to HP Customer Support – Software and Drivers Downloads.

Step 3– Type the model number of your printer and click submit.

Step 4– Choose Driver Product Installation Software>Basic Drivers>Download for product installation.

Step 5– Choose Driver-Universal Print Driver>HP Universal Print Driver for Windows PCL6 (64-bit)>Download.

Step 6– Click on Run and follow the onscreen instructions to install the Hp Printer drivers.

Once the installation is completed, try rebooting the printer and computer. Open any file and print it from the computer to finish setting up the HP Printer for the first time.

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