Creating Gmail to Default Email Program

The development & improvement of computer & internet technologies has made is easy for us to send information from one place to another via various means. The latest technology that helps us to send mail to any parts of the world simply by sitting in front of your own desk is called Email. Email commonly stands for Electronic Mail. It helps you to send messages with the help of internet.

You can also attach various types of files such as image, music, video & even small size software along with your text messages. There is a limit on the size of the file you can attach & it can be up to 25MB. It is not necessary to mention that it is faster than traditional post mail. For this reasons, many people call post mail as “Snail Mail” since the inspection of Email. Almost all of the Internet users have a email account.

If you want to create an email account, you will find that there are thousands of email service providers such as- Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail etc. they design their email in way so that anyone can use it for free.
Google designed & developed Gmail. It has its own unique features & specifications. The use & popularity of Gmail started to increase since its inspection.


Want to connect with your Gmail account in your Windows? Having problems in doing that? If you want to do that, you have to create Gmail to default email program. Do not know how to do it? it is not a difficult task & anyone can easily do that. If you are still in trouble you should Contact with any Certified Technician.

Search in Google for “Google notifier”. Download the application. After downloading click the notified icon (you will find it in system tray). Then go to the options & find “Use Gmail for Internet Mailto:links & click Ok.

If you need help, contact us. The certified technicians will help you to create Gmail to default email program through E-mail Support & Remote Support. You can contact with them anytime because they are available 24/7 in every week.

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