Beware of Fake Facebook Dislike Button

A lot of new Facebook scams has been started in order to spread among the users accounts of Facebook, as it has become popular recently. A few days ago there was Osama Bin Laden virus. This scam completed its task perfectly. At present a new scam is roaming over the network named “Face Facebook Dislike Button”. If we go for an analysis then we will find that all of these scams are aimed for the curiosity of the Facebook users. Facebook users are asking for a new dislike button for long time but the authority of Facebook is saying that they are still considering this feature.

Facebook hackers are using this easy way to hack with their bogus tactics. They have created the “fake facebook dislike button”. So, if you ever see any post like “I just got the dislike button, so now I can dislike all of your dumb posts lol!!” or any other posts followed by link and you click on the link then this will lead you to go a page that seems to the page requesting for permission in order to access the application. If you click allow then it automatically leads you to a complete survey. And finally it is found as a Firefox add named “Facebook dislike button”. But this add is not actually any viral threat, it is a relief.

Most important question is that where does this fake update comes from? Investigations show that these updates spread automatically when any of our friends click on the link. It updates our friend’s account without their knowledge.

Don’t click any suspicious likes in facebook without conforming that the like is secure. Facebook will inform their users officially if they want to launch the “Facebook dislike button”. Be careful in giving permission for any facebook applications. We should be careful about what is going around us. So, try to keep yourself updated about the scams occurring on facebook. But if you are the victim of “Facebook dislike button” already then just change your password. For removing the scam post and being more secure, make changes in your privacy setting. Always send a report to the Facebook team so that they can take steps to demolish this type of scam.