Troubleshoot HP Printer error 79 while Printing Documents

Printing anything has become easier with the aid of multiple printer versions introduced in the market. It just one click step. It is the most notable producer of printers. While HP printers are recognized for their reliability and effectiveness, they still demand an aiding hook from day-to-day usage. Sometimes you might encounter some paper adaptability problems while printing. But such issues are common. The technological concerns are the disturbing ones. And we all know printers collapse at the most unfavourable times. Error 79 is one of the most common errors faced on new devices by these printers.

If you aren’t aware of or are encountering this HP Printer Error 79 key issue on your equipment or your afresh printer then you are in right place. We hereby have compiled the easiest and efficient methods and resolution guides for evacuating from this fault lastingly.

Why does your HP Printer show “HP error 79” when printing documents?

After examining this specific issue, it leads that this error can transpire due to various documented reasons. Here’s a shortlist of possible accused. Go forward and determine the exact cause of this fault with your HP printer.

  • Printer file glitch
  • Outmoded printer firmware
  • Firmware malfunction.
  • Lurking hardware issue.
  • Comprehensive document.
  • Faulty printer circuit connection.
  • Defective print job.
  • An inappropriate DIMM might be placed.

How to Fix HP Printer Shows “HP error 79” when printing documents?

Printing is made manageable and smooth with HP printers and hence if users are ever impelled across any restriction that stops them from managing the printer steadily, then they need to check the strength of the printer operators and presumably download HP printer drivers to improve the printer matters.

Proposing the most advanced printer driver upgrades has the potential to settle most printer-related concerns but one has to be conscious of the methods to download HP printer drivers efficiently. Some Windows and macOS users are facing the service error 79 whenever they strive to induct a printing task on their HP printer. Check out the following methods on how to restore this issue:

Solution 1 – Reinstall Drivers:

Here’s how you solve the HP Printer error 79 by reinstalling drivers in the given steps:

1. In the Windows Search space, inscribe Control and open the Control window.

2. Select Uninstall a program and eliminate all HP printer-associated freeware.

uninstalla program in control panel to Fix HP Printer HP error 79
3. Open the device operator by tapping on the start option.

4. Eliminate the HP device by uninstalling it below the print panel.

5. Hold on until the drivers are fully installed, thereafter, reboot the system.

6. Eventually, establish the HP related operating system and that should be adequate to repair the obstacle, feasibly

Another possible step is to simply exclude the printer tool from your system and reinstall it over. This method demands you to uninstall both operators and HP-linked software.

Solution 2 – Turn Off and ON Error 79:

Following are the steps you can carry out by switching in and out the Error 79:

1. Switch off the printer and hold it up for 40 seconds approximately.

2. Forthwith plug in the printer and let it be in motion without any disturbance.

3. Suspend the surge guard if you are applying it and immediately plug the printer into the switch outlet.

unplug to Fix HP Printer HP error 79

4. If the notification continues then verify the firmware model and upgrade to the latest version if available.

Solution 3 – Remove and Reinstall DIMM:

You can perform this step in two ways as follows:

  • Discard and then connect the DIMM (Dual in Memory Module)again

1. Switch off the printer.

2. Subsequently, exclude the DIMM.

3. Now reestablish the DIMM to verify that is placed accurately in the device.

4. Ultimately, Plug-in the HP printer.

  • Displace or lift the DIMM

1. Start with lifting any placed DIMMS in your device.

2. Conduct a retest on your HP printer device.

3. If your printer operates precisely, install the DIMM equipment that is approved by your respective printer.

Solution 4 – Restart your Pc and Printer:

If the problem is firmware-related, the procedure below should resolve it swiftly. Here’s a quick guide on power cycling your HP printer device:

1. Begin by assuring that your printer is completely switched on and in a passive tone. If you can still detect sounds arising from your device, don’t proceed! Preferably, wait patiently until the device is in the hush before prompting to the next step here.

2. Once you guarantee that your printer is operating in passive mode, detach the control wire from the back of your printer. Afterwards, assure that you’ve also eliminated the power string from the main socket.

3. Now unplug the whole system i.e, printer as well as your PC.

unplug-power-cord-hp-printer to Fix HP Printer HP error 79

4. After you have favourably unplugged the device, hold on for a minimum of 1- 2 minutes before ramming the fiber back in to secure that the energy capacitors are effectively diminished.

5. After this stage has been enacted, reconnect the potential cord and originate your printer and system conventionally.

6. Once the heating-up session is completed, start another printing task, and detect if the problem is now repaired or not.

Solution 5 – Start Print Spooler Service

The startup type determines how the service will start. We have to keep the print spooler service startup type Automatic. Here’s how you can execute this method in the following steps:

1. Head on to the Start panel and right tap on my Computer option and choose Manage.

2. Now hit the Services and Applications title to open the list in that respective window.

3. Snap-on Services to observe the services menu.

open services on Windows 10

4. Tap twice on the Print Spooler.

5. Hereafter push the Stop key in the print spooler feature, to briefly halt this aid and transmit this window to initiate.

right click on printer spooler to Fix HP Printer HP error 79

6. Now keep in mind to commence the Windows Explorer in start menu> my computer only.

7.  In the pane proceed to the printer spool enclosure C:\\Windows\\System32\\spool\\PRINTERS and destroy any data in the printer spool sheath particularly any shockwave portfolios.

Windows System32 Spool Printers

8. In the Print Spooler Properties pane, Tap on the Start key to reboot this service and push the OK pin to shut this window.

9.  Therefore to verify if the error is fixed, try printing again.

Solution 6 – Update Firmware:

In order to be to upgrade straight from the printer, your equipment needs to establish Web Services and have precise access to the Internet.

The accurate directions on establishing an imminent firmware update on your printer will be ranging from version to version. Nonetheless, we’ve built general steps that should make it simpler for you to place the indeterminate upgrade:

1. On printers by an ePrint key or icon sense or push the HP ePrint symbol, then locate the Setup menu. Next, scan for a setup listing labeled Product Upgrade.

2. Upgrade the driver.

3. On printers with text-based lists, locate the Setup / Settings / Service. Subsequent, enter the Preferences / Printer Maintenance / Tools panel, then select Web Services > Printer Upgrade >LaserJet Upgrade.

4. If you’re mentioned to allow the Terms of Service or log in with your account, grasp the instructions and authorize Web Services if needed.

5. Hold up till the upgrade system is terminated, then reboot your printer manually.

Solution 7 – Delete Print Queue:

One of the most annoying issues you may encounter is a paper impaled in the print queue. It won’t print and even halt every document in the back from printing. To get the printer to loosen and document print here is how to unload the print queue by following steps:

1: Browse services to the search space and tap on the accurate result to initiate the Services menu.

2: Discover the Print Spooler setting, tap twice on it and select the Stop option.

right click on printer spooler to Fix HP Printer HP error 79

3: Proceed to File Explorer, go to C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS and you will notice the records that are currently in the printer line.

Windows System32 Spool Printers

4: Select all these catalogs and eliminate them.

5: Head back to the Print Spooler setting panel, double-tap this assistance, and pick Start to reboot it.

select restart to Fix HP Printer HP error 79

And voila, you’re done!

Frequently Asked Question:

People always encounter enigmas about technical subjects. It is necessary to get solutions to the issues. Here are the frequently asked questions about the HP-Printer error 79. We got our specialists to furnish answers to the inquiries.

Q1.My Printer is Spooling but not Printing? What should I do?

Problems with the Printer Spooling settings cause errors with printing. HP Printer spooler fault is quite prevalent, In this situation, the printer spooling operates, but the printer does not reprint. The way to overcome this error is as follows

  • reboot your device and then start it again.
  • Or change your printer spoolers.

Q2. What is HP-service error 79? How to overcome this error on Windows?

  1. HP-service error 79 on HP printers designates that the print function is damaged or the printer firmware is old, outmoded. As a consequence, the spooler crashes to interface with the printer. Here are few methods on how you can overcome the HP-Printer error 79:
  • Operating the built-in printer Troubleshooter.
  • Power Cycle the HP Printer Device.
  • Upgrade the Printer Firmware.
  • Turn off and turn on the error 79.
  • Reinstall DIMM

Q3. How Do I Reboot the Print Spooler?

You can effortlessly reboot the print spooler setting from the Services Management Console in the Windows panel by following steps:

  • Locate the Services Management Console from the Start window.
  • Now, Find the Print Spooler Services.
  • Eventually, reboot the same and your print spooler will start working efficiently.

Q4. How to Turn off the Error 79 display on the system?

Implement the following measures to settle the fault from the printer control window.

  • Detach the printer from the interface.
  • Switch off the printer, hold for 60 seconds, and then plug in the device.
  • Therefore, Switch on with the web connection equipped.


We hope that the above-mentioned solution definitely assisted you in fixing the HP printer 79 service errors. All the addressed resolutions are accurately verified by the specialists to get discard the problem, effortlessly and in a very efficient manner. If you are still facing or hanging in this HP Printer Error 79 Code issue or any other fault, do not hesitate to comment in the comments section or contact us via contact box so that we can fix and resolve it too by our quick techniques guides

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