How to Troubleshoot Epson Printer Configuration Problem

Numerous Windows customers are recounting that they are getting the “You encountered an Epson Printer Configuration Problem” at any time they attempt to print something on their nearby linked printer. Many Epson printer operators are facing this problem with their printers.

Their Epson printer isn’t reacting to their command when they’re trying to print something with it. This problem is a common problem for HP printers and Multifunctional (MFP).

This is an annoying issue. You can’t imprint anything with your Epson printer, and this may hinder you from getting your work done.

Why do you face Epson Printer Configuration Problem?

Configuration error in Windows 10, Windows 8 is a typical issue with an Epson printer, and here are some reasons why this error is caused:
1. The printer operator is obsolete.

2. The printer entry is flawed.

3. Another mediator or Windows update is intervening with the printing order.

4. The network has no clear access to the printer.

5. No DLL (Dynamic Link Library) files not installed manually.

6. There may be some issues in the Epson printer to connect with electricity.

7. Inappropriate arrangement of the port.

How to Fix Epson Printer Configuration Problem:

If you’re actively searching for methods to solve this error, we, hereby, present you with a list of solutions as follows:

Solution 1 – Remove and Reinstall your Printer to Fix Epson Printer Configuration Problem:

This is the easiest and simplest step to fix printer errors; here’s how you can do it:

1. Quite obvious, the first move is to uninstall the printer from Windows.

2.Now go on the Settings, click on Tools, and then Printers & scanners. Tap on your printer, and below push Remove device.

Remove device brother printer to Fix Epson Printer Configuration Problem

3.A “Confirm” popup with yes or no optionS will surface on your screen.

4.Tap on Yes, and the printer will withdraw from the list.

5.Now, you re-add the printer

6.Snap-on Add a printer or scanner option. Windows will examine your nearby network as well as any that are physically attached to your system.

add a printer to Fix Epson Printer Configuration Problem

7.Tap on your resurfaced printer. Windows will reinstall themselves.

Solution 2 – Upgrade your Windows to Fix Epson Printer Configuration Problem:

To resolve the error, we suggest you first verify Windows Update for new drivers. Carry out the following steps to check the windows upgrade:

1. Tap on the Windows symbol in the Task bar; in the search bo,x type Windows Update, and then click on enter.

2. Choose Check for updates.

windows update download

3. You’ll find the driver you want to install in displayed windows, tap on OK, select that option, and further push the Install Updates panel.

4. However, if you see no driver listings in the window update, you’ll have to install the suitable Epson driver from the official site of Epson.

Solution 3 – Eliminate all Junk Files to Fix Epson Printer Configuration Error:

Here’s how you can carry out cleaning all the junk files:

1. Start with the printer features panel and pick the utility tag.

2. Examine and right-click on the printer symbol within the control panel, to begin with the printer menu.

3. Now, tap the utility or maintenance tab.

4. Further, you will see a utility tab termed as Printer preferences or Utility depending on your windows version.

click on printing preference to Fix Epson Printer Configuration Problem

5. To move the cleaning cycle, tap on the Head Cleaning option. Locate the title marked “Head Cleaning” or “Print Head Cleaning” and click. You have to confirm before the process starts.

6. A signal at the beginning of the cleaning cycle will pop via the printer’s power switch.

7. Caution: Do not switch off or shut down the printer until the cleaning cycle is completed. Or else it can destroy the system.

Solution 4 – Run Windows Printer Troubleshooter:

Here’s a quick escort on operating the Printer Troubleshooter to fix an Epson printer configuration error:

1. Click Windows key + R to begin a Run dialog panel. Type following context- ms-settings: troubleshoot” and choose enter to initiate the troubleshoot panel in settings.

2. Begin the activation inside the troubleshoot lane.

Additional Troubleshooters

3. Now head to the Getup and running option and tap on Printer. Ultimately, hit on Run the troubleshooter box.

4. The printer troubleshooter will start to operate now.

run the troubleshooter for printer to Fix Epson Printer Configuration Problem

5. As soon as the scanning is completed, push- Apply this fix if you see any restore strategy appearing on screen.

6. Once the action is concluded, shut the troubleshooting pane and Your problem will be solved, respectively.

Solution 5 – Reform Your Printer:

Reforming your Epson printer is an active way to start and resolve existing printer concerns. Let’s walk you through the steps as below:

1. Switch off the printer.

2. Detain the reset button behind the printer using a paper clip or tip of a pencil.

3. Activate the printer while pressing the reset button. Keep on detaining the reset button.

4. A warning will print out in few seconds. Now you can release the reset key.

5. Initially, a new sheet will be printed representing the factory reset IP address. Restored Epson prints will default to a DHCP address.

Solution 6 – Make your Printer Shareable:

If your screen shows you following “Your printer has experienced an unexpected configuration problem” error, you can resolve this issuing following steps:

1. Start with opening the run dialogue panel by pressing the Windows+R key. Type the control.exe context and click on enter to unlock the Control option.

2. Operate the command for attaining the control box.

type control in run command

3. Use the search function to locate devices & printers and click on it.

click on devices and printers to Fix Epson Printer Configuration Problem

4. Now, right-click on the printer you’re facing problems with inside the Device & Printers box. Pick Printer properties option.

5. Enter the Printer Properties list.

Printer properties

6. Head to the Sharing tab.

7. Within the sharing panel, continue by picking the box linked with sharing the printer and allot a name to it.

printer sharing windows  to Fix Epson Printer Configuration Problem

8. To save respective changes tap on Apply button and try to print something to cross-check once.

Solution 7 – Update Printer Drivers:

Here’s a quick lead on upgrading your drivers using Windows Update:

1. Start by opening a Pun Dialogue panel by pressing Windows+R Key and then type the following context- devmgmt.msc and enter to open the System Manager box.

2. Operate the System Manager.

3. Now scroll down the list of devices in the device manager panel and extend the Printers menu

right click on menu button and click the device manager

4. The next step is to Right-click on the printer that you’re having problems with and pick the Update driver option.

driver update device manager to Fix Epson Printer Configuration Problem

5. Further tap on Search automatic option for upgrading driver software to allow windows update scan and install the latest driver version.

search automatically for updated driver software

6. Once the latest driver for printers is installed, reboot your system and verify if the error is solved.

Solution 8 – Use a Different Browser:

This is the most efficient solution to the above error. You can use a different The first solution to this problem is to use other browsers to imprint the webpage or online record. Any browsers that work as a substitute to Microsoft edge like Google Chrome, Yahoo, Mozilla Firefox, Bing, UC Browser, Opera, etc. Open the link using a different browser and print from there.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Q1. How to locate the printer on a nearby network?

Ans: Here’s how to solve this error:

• Start the General Settings option for Epson print and enable the Local Network context.

• Open Epson iPrint and tap on Search to reboot the Select Printer cover.

Q2. What to do when trying to open a printer the program crashes?

Ans: You should make sure that the latest technology of the Epson printer is installed and has a suitable network connection.

Q3. What is the use of the location permission feature?

Ans: This is because the Epson printer demands access to the location, which further supports the system operating and scanning the nearby internet or wifi connectivity.

Q4. How can I resolve the windows 10 update changes port settings from IP to WSD?

Ans: Although, WSD settings do not affect the printing, yet still, if you want to alter the settings back to IP/TCP option, here’s how you can do it:

a. Click on the window key option, then settings, scroll down and you’ll find devices, click there.

b. Head into Devices > Printer & scanners tab.

c. Choose your respective printer and then the manage option.

d. Now, you’ll locate printer properties, pick that option and eventually click on the Ports box.

e. Choose a new port for your printer and you’re all done!

Final Words

Here above we have presented the most productive and effective hacks to resolve the Epson Printer Configuration Problem. Besides, all solutions mentioned above are solid enough to assure the final answer easily. Therefore, you do not need any additional specialized expertise to implement them.

In any circumstance, you encounter any complications while performing the above-mentioned hacks, then please let us know. You can ping us in our chatbox or the comment section below. We will revert with all possible explications.

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