Chrome Crashes or Won’t Open on Android or Smartphone

One of the widely used web-browser is Chrome and it provides vital information whenever is needed. However, if you launched chrome and suddenly Chrome crashes then of course it creates trouble for you.

So, if you are suffering from this situation then fret not. As in this article, we will discuss why your Chrome is crashing on Android and its potential solutions. Keep reading the article attentively and know what helps you best.

Why does your Chrome Crashes or won’t open on Your Android or Smartphone Devices?

Google Chrome is a fantastic web-browser but there are certain points when Google Chrome crashes, freezes, or simply stops responding. As such, various reasons can causes issues in Google Chrome.

Therefore, it is important to be very methodical when you are trying to fix this issue. It might be possible that we should know all the possible reasons for the error message. So, some of the possible reasons have been listed below:

Here has been listed some reasons that why Chrome Crashes or won’t get open in Android or smart-phones:

1: Internet Connectivity issue.

2: Chrome didn’t properly close.

3: Make sure that you disable chrome extensions.

4: Check the Chrome Malware scanner.

5: Remove incompatible applications.

6: When cache files are not cleared then chrome gathers all those in large numbers and this stops the user from working smoothly.

7: Issues with the operating system can cause Chrome to crash.

8: Sometimes new updates on the browser can lead to such error messages.

All these given reasons are some common factors that lead to Unfortunately Chrome have stopped working on Android. Thus, it is time to find out the solutions that help to solve Chrome Keeps crashing on Android or smart-phone devices.

How to Fix Chrome Crashes or Not Opening Problem on Android and Smartphone Device

We all are familiar that Google Chrome is the most widely used browser in computers and smart-phones. But what if you are doing some important work and suddenly you encounter the error message that says Chrome keeps stopping Android. Well, this situation might be very annoying and also it would be difficult to deal with this situation

This article will walk you through some typical fixes that help you in resolving this issue. So, here we have gathered some fixes that help you in getting rid of the issue “Chrome Crashes or not opening on smart-phones and Android”

Solution 1- Check Chrome is already open:

While determining that whether your Chrome is already running on your phone you need to Open your phone>Click on Chrome and see if it’s working or not.

Solution 2- Restart Your Android Phone or Tablet:

One of the simple and best ways to get rid of Chrome Crashes by simply restarting your phone once. Various minor glitches get easily resolved by restarting your phone and also help in solving this kind of error message and seem very helpful too.

Follow these below-given steps:

1: Firstly, you need to simply click on the Power button and then hold it for few seconds.

2: Now, you will get a pop-up screen with distinct options.

3: Next, you need to click on the Reboot option.


4: Finally, your device will start a rebooting procedure.

5: Once your device gets turned on you can check once whether the error messages that were coming have been resolved or not and if not then move to the next solution.

Solution 3- Restart Chrome Browser:

Google Chrome has included a feature that will allow you to restart Chrome without losing any open tabs as well as Chrome Profiles.

Here is how you can restart your Chrome Browser:

1: Type chrome:/restart in the address bar and you will notice the browser gets shut down and restart.

2: Now, all previously opened tabs or any other windows with Chrome open will now be restored.

Solution 4- Close Other Tabs and Apps:

Most of the users have a habit of opening too many tabs at the same time so that they can access various tabs at the same time. But this sometimes can put you at risk because you can come across Chrome keeps stopping error messages.

When there are various tabs opened then it surely down the performance of the Browser. Thus, to solve this situation you need to simply close all the tabs and then launch the browser once again.

Solution 5- Fix Network Issue:

For fixing network issues on Android device, learn these steps below:

1: First, restart your device.

restart your smartphone to fix Chrome Crashes

2: Remove your SIM Card and put it back again.

remove simcard

3: Check your network settings.

4: Check whether your phone is in Roaming mode.

5: Update the phone system to fix all software bugs.

6: Turn off mobile data and then again turn it on.

7: Turn off and try to connect your phone again.

8: Make sure that Airplane mode is turned off.

Airplane mode to fix Chrome Crashes

Solution 6 – Update Chrome Browser:

Here has been listed some steps for updating Chrome Browser:

1: On your Android Phone, smart-phone, or tablet you need to click on the Play store app.

2: On the top menu, tap left Menu (My Apps and Games)

My Apps and Games to fix Chrome Crashes

3: Under the update section, find Chrome.

4: Next, to Chrome, you need to tap update.

update chrome in andoid to fix Chrome Crashes

Solution 7 – Remove Incompatible Applications or Apps:

There might be several apps on your Android phone that might put you in trouble and thus the user can come across Chrome Keeps stopping error message. And especially the apps that you have installed recently can conflict with the browser.

Therefore, it is recommended to uninstall the app and then check if the same error message occurs again or not. Also, it is an easy way to resolve the problem of Chrome Keeps Crashing on Android.

Solution 8 – Open a Page in another Browser:

Your Android phone’s web-browser features contain a multi-tabbed interface where you can easily browse several web-pages in multiple windows or tabs. Sometimes the tab appears across the top of the screen and other times they can be accessed by touching an icon.

The following illustrates how to open a page in another Browser:

Step 1: Firstly, you need to open the Chrome app.

Step 2: Now, you need to touch a tab to switch to the next web-page.

Solution 9- Reboot your Phone or Tablet:

Refer to these steps to reboot either your phone or tablet:

1: You need to simply click on the Power button and then hold it for few seconds.

2: Now, you will get a pop-up screen with distinct options.

3: Next, you need to click on the Reboot option.

reboot to fix Chrome Crashes

4: Finally, your device will start a rebooting procedure.

5: Once your device gets turned on you can check once whether the error messages that were coming have been resolved or not and if not then move to the next solution.

Solution 10- Close Your Chrome Browser and run it again:

When you want to stop running Chrome in the background then alternatively you can tap the X button. This button might appear in the upper right corner of the app window in the recent app view. And if you want to run Chrome again then click on the Chrome app and it will start running again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1: How to fix Chrome that has stopped working on Android?

Ans: Perform the following given steps to fix Chrome that stopped working on Android phones:

1: Restart the Phone.

2: Now, force Reboot.

3: Open Google Chrome into safe mode.

4: Clear cache and data for Google Chrome.

5: Check for any conflicting apps.

6: Re-install the app.

7: Update the app.

8: Wipe-off cache storage.

Q2: How to repair Google Chrome?

Ans: 1: Firstly, you need to close all other tabs, extensions, and apps.

2: Now, restart Chrome.

3: Restart your Computer.

4: Check for malware and viruses.

5: Open the page in another browser.

6: Fix network issues and report website problems.

7: Fix problem apps.

8: Check to see if Chrome is already open.

Q3: What you should do if Chrome suddenly stops working?

Ans: Here is what you need to do if Chrome suddenly stops working:

1: First, you need to close every tab except for the one that keeps on showing an error message.

2: Quit other apps or programs that are running.

3: Pause any app or file downloads.

Q4: How to fix Google Chrome not loading pages?

Ans: 1: Try to make use of different Browsers.

2: Use C cleaner to clear the cache.

3: Restart your computer.

4: Update Google Chrome.

5: Remove all unwanted extensions.

6: Disable hardware acceleration.

7: Re-install Google Chrome.

Q5: How to clear the cache on Google Chrome?

Ans: 1: On your Android phone or tablet, you need to open the Chrome app.

2: At the top right, tap more.

3: Now, tap History.

4: Clear Browsing data.

5: At the top, select time range and to delete everything select “All time”.

6: Next to cookies as well as site data and files check the boxes.

7: Tap clear data.

Final words

So, these are some of the best troubleshooting steps to fix the issue Chrome Keeps Stopping Android. Once you go through with the above following steps then you successfully can be fixed the error message and your Chrome Browser works smoothly without any glitches.

Still, if you aren’t able to resolve this error then you can contact our technical expert team and surely they will help you in fixing this issue. You can also contact them via chat and resolve this error by implementing our hassle-free solutions.

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