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Are you trying to find out a way or method to set up a wi-fi connection for your canon printer, or maybe you have already spent lots of hours searching, “How do I connect my canon printer to wi-fi?” If yes, then you don’t need to put more struggle in searching for its quick and easy methods because here we are going to provide you a complete guide to accomplish this process.

No doubt, canon is the top and reputed brand in the market among all of the printer brands. Whenever we ask people about printers, then the canon printer is the first choice of users, because it delivers high-quality printing service for their users.

How to Connect Canon Printer to wi-fi

After purchasing the canon printer, whenever we are going to use it, the first question that comes in our mind is, “how to set up a canon printer with Wi-Fi?” After all, by connecting your printer to your wireless connection, you can use the printer for printing papers.

If you want to know how to connect a Canon printer to Wi-fi, then you need to follow a set of instructions that we are going to describe in the link below mentioning content.

Different methods of Wi-fi setup for canon printer

Whenever a user is trying to look for a wi-fi setup for a Canon printer, then there are mainly two methods that the user generally follows. Before implementing these methods, you need to make sure that your canon printer is capable of connecting with the internet. The two methods that you should follow are mentioned below.

  • WPS Method
  • Standard connection method

WPS Setup connection method

The WPS setup connection method is mainly used for Mac and Windows operating systems. In this method, there is a push-button on the wireless router for WPS. To execute this procedure, first, you need to check the wireless connection settings on your system, and after that, you need to enable WEP security. Below, we will describe a few steps that will help you in connecting your Canon printer to a Wi-fi connection.

Step 1: Turn on your Canon printer.

turn on the canon printer

Step 2: Place your router nearby so that you can easily access the WPS button and  hold your Wi-fi button until your printer light is on.

press and hold wps button

Step 4: Wait for 2minutes.

Step 5: Now, Press the Network button of your Printer.

press the network button

Step 6: Now, your printer is searching for a network, and during this process, a blue Wi-fi light is on.

searching for the network

Step 8: Now, print a test page to ensure the connectivity of your printer.

print a test page

Now you have finished the process of connecting your Canon printer with the wireless network. Performing a printing test action will help you to confirm its connectivity.

Standard connection method

The standard connection method is another way of connecting the wireless connection to the canon printer. This method is applied in that case when your router doesn’t have a WPS feature. You can follow the below-described guidelines to activate the connection between your wi-fi and canon printer by using this method.

Initial preparations

Before starting the process of connectivity of your canon printer to the wi-fi network, you should also do a few initial preparations. Below, we are describing a few initial preparation or guidelines points that you should consider before starting this process.

  • First, you need to check if your Canon printer is switched on.
  • It should be connected appropriately for setup.
  • If you are using a wired connection, then you must be required to use Ethernet cable.
  • Ensure that the drivers which you have required are already installed on the system.
  • You should need to connect your Canon printer with an internet connection and check its speed.
  • If you have a router, then you need to connect the printer and computer with your router.

Network settings

To execute the standard connection method, you need to check its network settings because, without a network, it is difficult to activate a connection. The complete step-wise network settings information is available here.

Step 1: First, connect your computer with your printer for Network Settings.

canon printer network settings

Step 2: Now, you need to load the input tray with papers.

load paper in paper tray

Step 3: For a few seconds, press and hold the cancel or resume button.

Step 4: Check the connection status in the printouts of the information page.

Step 5: Also, Select the network name.

verify your wi fi network

Canon printer setup for windows Os

If you are a Windows operating system user and want to connect your Canon printer with your wireless connection, you need to follow a particular set of instructions to execute this procedure in a very good manner. To know how you can set up your canon printer with wi-fi in a windows user system, follow the below mentioned steps.

Step 1: Click on Start and then open Setting.

click on start

Step 3: In your Settings window, click on Devices.

click on devices

Step 4: Now, select Printers and scanners and choose the option of Add the printers or scanners. By selecting this option, you can add your printer to your list and connect it with the same network as your printer.

add a printer

After completing these above steps, your setup process will be finished. After completing the setup process, you will get the option of starting utilizing your printer. So, by completing the setup and utilizing the canon printer’s procedure, your printer is ready to print the papers from your windows operating system and canon printer.

Canon printer setup for Mac OS

Those who are using the Mac operating system for their canon printer need to follow a different stepwise procedure for connecting their canon printer to a wireless connection in their Mac operating system. If you are a Mac Os user, then follow the below-described steps to execute this process.

Step 1: First, you need to choose System Preferences.

Step 2: Now, select Printer and Scanners.

Step 3: Add your printer, select + symbol.

Step 4: Select your printer and add it to your available list of the printer.

Step 5: In your router device case, connect your printer and Mac system to the same network.

Step 6: At last, you should print a paper to check the printer connection with your Mac device.

After finishing these steps, you will succeed in connecting your Canon printer with your wi-fi connection.

Therefore, those who are using a canon printer and searching for a way to connect their canon printer with wi-fi network, the above described WPS, and the Standard methods and their guidelines are a very useful way for them. If you have already purchased a Canon printer, but you are facing trouble in setting up the wireless connection with your printer, then you must follow these ways; it will definitely help you. In case of any confusion or difficulty, while performing these actions, you can also contact your canon printer service provider; they will provide you all the required assistance to solve your problem.

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