Epson Wireless Printer Setup for Windows 10

Epson Printer is one of the most famous brands of printers. It is popular due to its excellent quality of printers. When using Epson printer the users can do a lot of things like printing, fax, scanning, and copying.  In fact, the users can print the documents by being at home. As such, there are various types of printers that are designed by Epson Printer. So, if you want to Setup Epson wireless Printer for Windows then you can get help from this article. In this article, we have provided the best guiding steps to help you.

Why aren’t you able to setup Epson Wireless Printer?

There are various reasons due to which the user is not able to setup an Epson wireless printer.

So let’s have a glimpse of these possible reasons:

1: Improper setup of Epson Printer.

2: The printer isn’t properly connected to the computer.

3: The printer port setting does not match with the printer connection port.

4: The printer is not properly connected to the computer.

5: Epson Printer is not your default printer.

6: Updated Epson printer driver is not installed correctly.

7: Issues with the firmware of Epson Printer driver.

8: Virus or malware attack.

9: Corrupt printer file.

How to Setup Epson Wireless Printer on Windows 10?

If you are facing an issue with Epson Printer setup and you don’t know how to resolve it. So here we have explained some basic and easy steps to setup Epson wireless printer. Thus, don’t need to be anxious just follow the steps below:

You can uninstall the Printer from the following four methods such as:

Step 1:  Delete or Remove the Printer from computer or laptop:

Method 1: Removing printer by using Control Panel:

Alternatively, you can delete or remove the Printer from the Computer or Laptop device by using a Control panel:

1: First, you need to open Control Panel.

control panel

2: Now, click on Hardware and Sound.

select hardware and sound to fix common canon printer problems to Setup Epson Wireless Printer

3: Next, click on Devices and Printers.

click on devices and printers

4: Under the “Printers” section, you need to right-click the device you want and then select the Remove device option.

remove printer from control panel to Setup Epson Wireless Printer

5: Now, click the Yes button to confirm.

6: Once you have completed the steps, then the printer in question will no longer be available on your device.

Method 2: Deleting Printer from Settings:

However, if you are no longer using a particular printer then you can uninstall the device using these steps:

1: Firstly, open Settings.

start and settings

2: Now, click on Devices.


3: Click Printers and Scanners.

printers and scanners to Setup Epson Wireless Printer

4: Next, select the Printer and then click the Remove device button.

click on remove device option and confirm yes

5: Now, click the yes button to confirm.

Method 3: Un-installing Printer using Command Prompt:

1: First, you need to open Start.

2: Now, search for Command Prompt and then right-click the top result and select the Run as Administrator option.

command prompt run as administrator to Setup Epson Wireless Printer

3: Next, type the following command to queue a list of printers on your device and then hit enter.

printui /s /t2


4: Now, you will get printer server properties.

5: From this drop down list you have to select your printer which you want to remove.

6: After that click on Remove.

click on remove to Setup Epson Wireless Printer

Method 4th: Uninstalling printer using power-shell:

If you prefer to use Power-shell then you can make use of these steps to remove a printer from Windows 10:

1: First, open Start.

2: Now, search for Windows Power shell and then right-click the top result and select the Run as Administrator option.

windows power cell run as administrator to Setup Epson Wireless Printer

3: Type the following command to uninstall the printer and then press Enter.

Remove-Printer -Name “Your Printer Name”

powershell remove printer to Setup Epson Wireless Printer

Step 2- Connect your Printer to your Wireless Network:

Following has been listed some steps to connect your printer to a wireless Network:

1: First, unpack your printer.

2: Now, follow the setup instructions to remove the packaging.

3: Next, plug in the power cord and then turn on the printer and install print cartridges.

open cartridge to Setup Epson Wireless Printer

4: Allow the printer to go through its startup routine and then include printing an alignment page.

load paper in paper tray to Setup Epson Wireless Printer

5: Now, choose one of the connection methods:

If your printer supports an Ethernet wired connection then connect it now and skip to installing the printer software.

Note: While using an Ethernet connection the printer’s wireless system is disabled.

Step 3 – Download Epson Wireless Printer Software:

You can download the Epson Wireless Printer Software here.

download epson printer drivers to Setup Epson Wireless Printer

Step 4- Use Windows 10 Built-in Driver:

For using Windows 10 built-in Driver refer to these given steps:

1: Firstly, to install the driver, connect your printer to the computer with a USB cable.

printer-connected-with-computer to Setup Epson Wireless Printer

2: Now, turn the machine on.

press the go button to reset brother printer to Setup Epson Wireless Printer

3: Here the built-in drivers will get automatically installed.

4: However, the built-in drivers that you install via network connection only support the printing function.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1: How you can get Epson Printer to connect to Wi-Fi?

Ans: Follow these steps to get Epson Printer connected to WI-FI:

1: First, turn the Epson Printer on.

2: Now, press the Home button on the Printer’s control panel.

3: Next, use the arrow button to select Wi-Fi setup.

4: Press Ok until you see the selection.

5: When it starts searching, then you need to choose the network name on the screen.

6: Enter your network password.

7: Now, wait for a while, and then press Ok.

Q2: How to connect the printer wirelessly?

Ans: Refer to these steps to connect the printer wirelessly:

1: First, you need to open Cortana and then type Printer.

2: Now, select and “Add a Printer or scanner”.

3: Now, you should be able to print with ease.

Q3: How you can make Epson printer discoverable?

Ans: Following has been defined some steps that show how you can make Epson Printer discoverable:

1: First, download and install the Epson Connect Printer.

2: Now, agree to the end-user license agreement and then click “Next”.

3: Next, click Install and then Finish.

4: Select your product and then click Next.

5: Select Printer Registration and then click “Next”.

6: Now, select agree and click “Next”.

Q4: How to get Epson Printer to print?

Ans: Refer to the below-given steps to get Epson Printer to print:

1: First download the Epson Printer Enabler software from the Google Play store.

2: Now, select the options to drop down and then print.

3: Next, select a nearby printer.

4: Choose your print options and then select print.

5: Now, the print job gets started printing.

Q5: What steps should be taken when the printer is not printing?

Ans: 1: Firstly, you need to check for the Printer’s error lights.

2: Now, clear the print queue.

3: Next, solidify the connection.

4: Make sure that you have the right printer.

5: Install the drivers and software.

6: Add Printer.

7: Check whether the paper is installed and not jammed

8: Fiddle with ink cartridges.

Final words

So, these are some troubleshooting steps Epson Wireless Printer setup on Windows 10. Try these steps one by one and see which works best for resolving this issue.

Moreover, you can also contact our experts and communicate with them via chat and we surely deliver you the best possible solutions within a specific period. So connect with us today and get the best solutions for solving printer-related problems.

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