Canon Printer Not Showing on Mac

Today, technology is evolving itself all the time, but yet the printers still never seem to work when you need them for any kind of work. Macs are notorious for connection issues with printers. In this article, we have shared some of the few troubleshooting tricks when your Mac is unable to communicate with your printer.

If your printer relies on your Mac computers either for offices or for any business operation then you might have notice one thing that how frustrating and disappointing it is when the Canon printer not showing up on the Mac operating system. Thus, it simply means that you would be unable to print from the computer.

Instead of agonizing over the problem, one of the best things is to do troubleshoot and find out what could makes it possible for canon printers not showing on your Mac. However, if you cannot find out the cause, then it would be much easier to work upon its solutions.

Why Your Canon Printer is not showing Up on Mac?

As such there can be various reasons by which the printer won’t show up on Mac and here is the review of the most common causes:

1: Both the connections and cables used for the connection: 

Firstly, you need to check whether this is a possible cause for not printing from Mac device. The connections that do not exist can be the reason for the Mac computer to recognize the printer. So, you need to make sure that the cable has been connected rightly as this might be the reason for the printer won’t show up on Mac.

However, if connections exist then ensure it is fitted correctly. Mac can have differences when it comes to USB ports so try to check that the cable is in the right port. For making sure that it is in the right port you can try using different ports until you get the one that works. If you observe that the problem is with the port connection then you can solve it by using this method.

Moreover, you can try using the different ports, and still, if the printer won’t show up on Mac then you need to consider changing the cable. It can also be possible that the problem is with the cable and you need to replace the cable with another one and see if it can recognize your printer or not.

2: Software Issues:

If the correct printer software is not installed on your Mac device then it will not be easy for the computer to recognize it. Thus, you need to troubleshoot to know whether the correct printer software is correctly installed on your computer or not.

It should be remembered that printers usually won’t use the same software. So, if you are using another printer then doesn’t expect that when you buy a new printer it would begin to work automatically. Thus, it becomes necessary to install the correct software.

3: Driver or application issues:

This problem is related to the application or printer drivers. So, if the software program or the printer is installed in your system and is not updated well then this might be the reason that the printer is not showing on Mac. So, to deal with this problem, it is further recommended that you need to apply software update to update the Mac software.

You can check for the software update online and ensure that your device is completely updated. So, it becomes necessary to check for all the updates. If you find any then make sure to update as soon as possible. If you do that then this problem would no longer arise.

4: Network Problem:

Sometimes what happens that there could not be any communication between the printer and the computer. When this is the case in Mac devices then you find it much harder to recognize your printer. This problem can usually get occur when Mac system networks go through the Apple talk. If you find communication issues in networking arrangements then the printer wouldn’t be recognized.

Whenever you see that the file-sharing is not available and web-browsing keeps turning off then it would be impossible for the computer to communicate with the printer. You can solve the problem by checking through a networking system. So, you need to find out whether the Apple talk is active or not. If it is not active then you must activate it first.

Check the printing mode and if the connection or printing mode is wireless then you can try reconnecting the system through a cable to the USB port. Also, ensure that there remains no problem with the printer itself and it surely can solve your problem.

5: Check for print job queue:

You need to check if there are any printing jobs queued in the system otherwise it becomes difficult in printing. This situation could arise where the user sends several printing requests after each printing attempt. Thus, it would result in a queued printing job. In such a situation you can extremely find it difficult for the printer to do this job well. This is another reason by which your printer not showing up on Mac.

Most of the printers are programmed that when the paper quantity starts going down then it would no longer print. So, you must find the cause of the delayed printing issue and solve the problem.

Why Canon Printer is offline on Mac?

Well, this could be explained in simple words when your Canon printer and Mac are not connected to the internet properly then the Canon printer keeps you showing an offline message on the Mac. There could be a lot of reasons that why the canon printer shows you an offline error while printing from Mac.

1: Canon Printer drivers are out of date.

2: You might have changed the password of your router.

3: There has been a loose connection between your Mac and Printer.

4: The printer has been disconnected from the wireless network.

5: Third-party software tries to conflict with printing drivers.

6: Corrupted printer software files.

How to Fix Canon Printer Not Showing Up Problem on Mac?

When both your computer and printer are not connected and the printer is appearing on your network or if it is physically attached to your Mac then are some troubleshooting steps to discover the reason that the printer is offline.

Once you have re-established your connection to your Mac and have verified that the printer drivers and software have been installed correctly then you need to get back to printing customer invoices, documents for businesses, etc.

When you are working to get back your printer online, then start with these basic troubleshooting steps and see if your printer comes back online or not. In case, if your printer remains offline then reset the printing system and add the printer again.

Here has been defined some of the following troubleshooting steps for fixing this error:

Solution 1- Check Your Connections and Connected Cables:

Some of the error messages might provide you a hint about your problems with the printer itself but they are not always helpful. So, you need to verify the following things:

1: Check if the printer is turned on: If necessary then you need to turn on the printer. Also, try running it off and then back on this resolves a surprising number of printing problems.

turn on printer

2: Is the printer is connected: You should need to remember that your printer should be connected via either USB cable or with your Wi-Fi or Ethernet network.

3: Make sure that the cables are plugged in properly and it is on the same network as your Mac.

4: Considering restarting your router if there seem any communication issues?

5: Check the paper in it- If there is no paper, then there will be no printout.

6: Check for the paper jam: Printers usually get squawk so clear it before trying it again.

7: Check whether the toner cartridges are empty: Some printers are notorious and refuse to print even if one ink cartridge is empty. This can be true even if you are printing only in black and a color cartridge is empty.

8: Now, one final check of the printer remains to perform is to print a testing page directly from the printer. If that also fails then the printer might need servicing.

Solution 2- Check Correct Printer Software Installed:

Follow the procedure below to check the version of the printer driver currently installed. 

1: Firstly, you need to open the printer properties dialog box.

2: Now, click the Set-up tab.

3: Next, you need to click about.

4: Here the about dialog box appears.

5: Now, check the version.

Solution 3- Update your Printer Drivers:

Here has been listed some steps for updating your printer drivers:

1: On your Mac, choose Apple menu>System preferences, and then click Printers and Scanners.

system preferences

2: Now, select your printer in the list and then click the Remove button.

3: Next, you need to click the add button, and if you see a pop-up menu appears then Choose to add a printer or scanner.

4: Here a dialogue box appears and listing any IP, open directory printers on your local network. It might take few minutes for your printer to appear.

5: Next, select your printer when it appears in the list and do the following steps:

  • Use Air Print: If you are connected to an Air-print enabled printer while using a USB cable then click the pop-ups menu and then choose Airprint.
  • If the Airprint isn’t in the pop-menu then your printer doesn’t support it.
  • You can make use of software installed on your Mac or download it from apple.
  • Now, click the use pop-up menu and then choose Select Software.
  • Make use of printer software and click the use pop-up menu, then choose other and select the file, then click Add.

Solution 4- Check Network Connection:

1: If you are trying to connect over Wi-Fi then you should check that your network seems online or not. You should also verify that your printer and Mac are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

2: If everything seems ok but your Mac device is still struggling to connect to the printer then the connection may not be blame. Wherever possible, you should try moving the printer closer to your router to strengthen the connection. Try to disconnect your Mac from the network and then reconnect it again.

3: If you are still facing troubles then you often boost a weak signal by swapping wireless for Ethernet. If you have access to an Ethernet cable then try wiring your Mac or printer directly to your home network area and kick starts the connection.

Solution 5- Check Print Job Queue:

If you have been observing that your printer starts troubling you then you need to create a print queue first. When a print queue spirals out of control then it can cause your printer to become unresponsive. Else, this can create an impression that your Mac and your Printer are not connected well.

To check whether you have created a print queue you need to perform these steps:

1: First, navigate to System Preferences>Printers and Scanners.

Canon Printer Not Showing

2: In the menu on the left, you need to choose the printer you want to inspect.

3: Now, select and open the Print queue.

4: Here you can see all the jobs that are currently queued for your printer.

Solution 6- Check Your printer is powered on:

Canon Printer Not Showing

1: First you need to make sure that the printing machine is turned on.

2: Most of the time it happens that users in a rush could not remember to power on the printer so before starting your work you need to make sure that the printing machine is turned on.

3: You can also use the same opportunity to know whether the system is powered on.

4: If you see that your computer screen is blank, then it gives you an indication that the machine is not working since it is powered on.

5: Also, it can be possible that your computer device is in sleep mode. So, always check for the sign of any error when you are having this kind of problem.

Solution 7- Repair Permission:

While repairing your Mac’s permission you can frequently clear up all the issues and especially when the permissions or system files are corrupted. To repair the permission, try to follow some of the basic steps:

1: First, you need to double-click the utility icon in the Applications folder.

2: Now, open Disk utility.

3: Select First aid and then click on the hard drive in the disk utility window.

4: Next, run the software by clicking the Repair Disk Permissions button.

5: Now, the program will check the hard drive for all corrupted permissions.

Solution 8- Reset your printing System:

For resetting your printing system learn the following steps of how you can reset it:

1: First, you need to search for printers or open the printers and scanners settings from your System preferences.

Canon Printer Not Showing

2: Now, search for printers in the spotlight or open up the printer and scanner settings from system preferences.

3: Here the printers and scanners windows will show a list of all connected printers.

4: If you right-click any of them, then you can select “Reset printing system” from the context menu.

Canon Printer Not Showing

5: Now, choose the command wipes and remove all printers from the list.

6: Since you have removed all the printers from the settings then you will have to add them back.

7: Make sure that your printer is plugged in and click the + button at the bottom of the list.

8: Now, you can view all the connected printers, or add a wireless printer over the network.

Some more easy techniques to get Canon Printer online to Mac:

If you are operating a Mac computer then you can connect the canon printer in two simple ways. But try to remember that in both cases the canon printer goes offline and quit printing. So these steps help you to fix printer offline error on Mac computers:

1: USB connection.

2: Wireless Connection. 

USB connection:  If Canon Printer is connected to Mac with a USB cable then try to follow these steps:

Canon Printer Not Showing

1: First, hard reboot the printer by either pressing or holding the power button for 3-4 seconds.

2: Now, delete the printer from printers and scanners option s on Mac.

3: Un-install the canon printer drivers.

4: Next, disconnect the USB cable from both the Mac and printer.

5: Download the latest Canon printer drivers and install them on your Mac.

6: After that, restart your Canon printer by pressing the power button.

7: Now, connect the USB cable on both ends.

8: Go to the printers and scanners option and add a new printer.

9: Finally, your canon printer is now online and ready to print.

Wireless Connection:

Canon Printer Not Showing

If your Canon printer is wireless and is connected to Mac with a wireless network, then try these steps:

1: Firstly, hard reboots the printer by pressing and holding the power button for 3-4 seconds.

2: Now, go to the apple icon>System Preferences>Printers and scanners.

3: Next, you need to delete the printer from printers and scanners options on Mac.

4: Turn on the printer.

5: Set up the wireless connection again with the printer.

6: Reconnect the canon printer wirelessly with your router.

7: Uninstall Canon printer drivers.

8: Download the latest canon printer drivers and install them on your Mac.

9: Go to Apple icon>System preferences>Printers and Scanners.

10: Now, add + Canon Printer again.

11: Finally, your canon wireless printer is ready to print.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Q1: How to change Canon Printer from offline to online?

Ans: Here has been listed some points that show how to change Canon printer from offline to online:

1: Select the start icon and then select Devices and Printers.

2: Now, right-click on the printer icon and select see what’s printing in the drop-down menu.

3: Select the printer tab then use Printer offline to uncheck it.

4: Now, the printer will be used in online mode.

Q2: How to reset the printer on Mac?

Ans: 1: On your, Mac chooses Apple menu> System Preferences, then click Printers and Scanners.

2: Now, press and hold the Control key as you click on the list at the left.

3: Next, you need to choose the Reset printing system from the menu that appears.

4: Once you reset the printing system, then the list of printers in printers and scanners preferences is empty.

Q3: How to fix the offline printer problem?

Ans: 1: First, you need to check to make sure that the printer is turned on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your device.

2: Run a printer power cycle.

3: Set your printer as the default printer.

4: Clear the entire print queue.

5: Now, reset the service that manages the printing queue.

6: Remove and re-add your printer to your device.

7: Finally, you need to restart your PC.

Q4: How to connect Canon printer on Mac computer?

Ans: Following has been defined some steps that show how to connect Canon printer on Mac computer:

1: First, you need to click on the Apple symbol on the top-left corner.

2: Now, click System preferences.

3: Click on the printers and scanners icon.

4: Click the plus + sign to add the printer.

5: Here a new window will get open.

6: Next, you need to add the printer to your printer and it should be appearing in your printer once it has been configured.

Q5: How to get canon printer to scan?

Ans: For-getting canon printer to scan tries these following steps:

1: First, you need to set the original file on the platen glass.

2: Now, press scan and then press ok.

3: In the Canon print business app home screen, tap Scan.

4: In the scan screen, configure the scan settings i.e required.

5: Again tap scan to begin scanning and tap done to finish.

Final words: Following all the above troubleshooting steps help you to make your Canon printer online on Mac. But if you are still unable to do so, then you can make a call at  Canon Printer support number and get in touch with all the latest techies. They will answer all the possible solutions in the easiest form so that you can perform it in your way and follow all their instructions well.  

Still, if Canon printer is showing you an offline message then you can connect with our expert technicians or chat with them we surely help you in fixing this problem and provide the best possible solutions for fixing this issue.


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