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Yesterday when I was working on the computer. Suddenly, my mouse gets automatically connected/disconnected, and the bottom light of the mouse turns off/on as it seems like it works again. When working, this problem really sucks; I have googled How to fix the mouse keeps disconnecting on windows 10? This is caused due to a hardware problem or outdated software or corrupted etc. Now let’s go to troubleshoot this problem with some solutions.

Why Does your Mouse Keeps Disconnecting?

While using a computer mouse is the necessary part that operates the computer. The mouse is just like the backbone of our computer system. The reasons are;

  • PS/2 ports in the case of an old mouse
  • Outdated Device Drivers
  • Hardware Issue
  • System Restore issue
  • Fast startup option Enable

No worries, here we give you the effective solutions that might help in why your mouse keeps disconnecting? Now let’s talk about some solutions.

Solution 1: Disable USB Selective Suspend

In Windows 10, the usage of selective suspend is very useful if you want to save the battery or power as well. However, it is known to be used in disconnection issues with peripherals. So if you want to get rid of this problem, follow the below-given steps.

Step 1: Firstly, you have to input Powercfg.Cpl in the run dialogue box by pressing Win+R keys and then press Enter to open the power options interface.


Step 2: Now go to the current power plan and find change plan settings, and after that, set change plane settings.

change plan settings

Step 3: Click on the change advance power settings that link in the new window.

change advance power settings

Step 4: Check for the USB Settings, expand it, expand Selective Suspend Setting, and set it to disabled.

Step 5: Click on APPLY and OK, and let’s see the change in effect.

USB Settings

Solution 2: Update your Device Drivers to fix Mouse Keeps Disconnecting

You should always be sure that your device drivers are updated properly. If you ever notice that your P.C is running slow as usual, it could be an outdated device drivers. Device drivers are the essential software that helps different hardware components to work together smoothly with your computer.

Step  1: Firstly, you have to download and install the drivers.

Step  2: Now run the driver easy and by clicking on the scan now button. Driver Easy will scan your computer/p.c. and detect the problems drivers.

Step  3: Click on the update all to download and install the correct version of all the drivers that are outdated on your system.

Step  4: Restart your system for the new changes to affect.

Step  5: Now check if the mouse problem is solved or not.

(NOTE):- Apart from this, you should install ALL-IN-ONE Software and run the software in your P.C. to get the appropriate result.

Solution 3: Checking of the Hardware Issues

Before trying more and another fix, you should have to check some Step  s like that your mouse is properly plugged in or not, or the mouse is damaged, so you have to purchase a new one. The issue may be related to windows or some drivers.

Step 1: Insert Mouse USB cable in a different port. You can plug it out and insert it in another port to see if it fixes the problem.

Step 2: Try a different mouse may be mouse keeps disconnecting issue has been resolved

Step 3: After completing this process, check the mouse, whether it is properly working or not.

Solution 4: Resolving an EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interface)

So if your mouse keeps disconnecting while working, you have to investigate this case; according to the feedback Performa, the users say that EMI or pulse can temporarily disconnect with the mouse.

Several users have come across this issue and have reported and identified the culprit as being another one USB connected device.

In most cases, this particular case comes across on laptops and ultrabooks that use a cooler including a fan. Try your disconnecting custom cooling solution and see if the random one disconnects are stopping.

Solution 5: Solving the Power Draw Issue to fix Mouse Keeps Disconnecting

This problem is specifically reported to occur with the configuration that has external hard drives connected with the help of USB. If this scenario is applicable to your current situation, you have to try to remove the external hard drive and see the current situation if you still get random disconnects.

If the problem of the disconnect stops and you plan to fix the same issue without any functionality so following you have two ways to move forward:-

Get a higher Power Supply Unit-This function enables more power to your USB connected devices, and it is only applied on desktop configurations.

Get a USB hub with an external power supply- This problem would be fixed if you have come across a laptop or ultrabook issue.USB hubs include power adapters and will take the load of your PSU.

Solution 6: Perform System Restore

Restoring the system issue and getting back into a healthy state where the registry was not corrupted. Many users in this scenario were not applicable to manage this issue by performing a system restore.

If you suddenly get a random disconnect, you should be able to fix this issue by returning your registry to a healthy state. Following are some of the points to guide you and resolve this problem.

Step 1: Press Win+R and type rstrui inside the text box and press Enter and open System Restore Wizard.


Step 2: Inside the System Restore Wizard, click next to advance to the next menu.

Step 3: Now check the box associated, Show more restore points, select this point that is dated before you start experiencing the random mouse disconnects, and click next.

click next

Step 4: After that, click Finish to start the process. Now restart your computer.

click Finish

Solution 7: Disable the Fast Startup Option

Fast startup features are reported and to be the one cause why your mouse keeps disconnecting on Windows 10. So following are the Step  s you can resolve this problem.

Step 1: Press win+X and type Powercfg.Cpl in the run dialogue box.


Step 2: By clicking on Choose what the power button do.

Choose what the power button do

Step 3:  Now click on Change Settings that are currently unavailable.

Change Settings that are currently unavailable

Step 4: Un-Tick the box for Turn-on Fast Start-up (recommended)

Step 5: Save Changes and exit.

Un-Tick the box for Turn-on Fast Start-up

Step 6: Now restart your computer because all the drivers will be initialized at startup now. Maybe the time needed to start the computer might be longer.

Solution 8: Turn off Filter Keys

Step 1: Start menu open> settings click settings ->Ease of Access

Ease of Access

Step 2: By clicking “Make the keyboard easier to use”,.

Step 3: Toggle use Filter keys.

Step 4: Uncheck, turn on the filter keys and click OK to turn off.

use Filter keys

Solution 9: Reinstall Windows10

If the same wired or wireless mouse is not working yet, it’s fair to try with another version of windows, and you can roll back the same windows before installing the new windows 10.

In the end, you find yourself faced with a mouse playing dead after you made the transition to Windows 10

You don’t need to reinstall windows 10, it automatically activates your windows 10, when you upgrade your windows 10. During this process you don’t require a purchase license, it allows you to automatically reinstall your windows 10.


Question 1: How do I fix the problem with USB mouse keeps disconnecting?

Step 1: Reinstall the device from Device Manager

Step 2: Check the resource conflict in Device Manager

Step 3: Again, install the mouse driver.

Step 4: Try using a different USB port

Step 5: Try with a different USB mouse and test it.

Step 6: Check Event Viewer for the error logs.

Question 2: How do I disable a wireless mouse in windows 10?

Step 1: First, you have to open the Control panel

Step 2: Then clicking on hardware and sound

Step 3: After that, Under “devices and printers”, click on the mouse

Step 4: On the “device setting” tab, clear the disabled internal pointing device

Question 3: How do I unfreeze my mouse?

Step 1: Locked or Unlocked the Touchpad.

Step 2: Next on the touchpad, you will see a small LED light. This light is your Touchpad sensor.

Step 3: Double-tap on the sensor to enable the touchpad

Step 4: You can disable your touchpad by double tap on the sensor again.

Question 4: Why does my mouse keep disconnecting?

Sometimes this problem comes when you insert the USB Cable into a faulty port. You can plug it out, insert it again, see it fixes your situation, and try a different mouse; maybe your problem will be solved.

Question 5: Why does my wireless mouse keep disconnecting?

Maybe the problem with your mouse is the battery issue. It does not have a rechargeable battery, so you have to buy a new mouse.

Question 6: Why does my USB Hub keep disconnecting?

A driver may be the reason for USB devices disconnecting and reconnecting. To solve the driver, you can reinstall the USB or controller driver in the drive manager.


We hoped that the above-given problems and solutions would resolve your Mouse Disconnecting Problem. Above are the most effective solutions to fixing the Mouse Disconnecting Problem. You can quickly determine the issue from the above methods. If you have any other suggestions, please tell us, and we will work on them and provide you with the best results.

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