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Do you frequently get a black screen issue when you open Google Chrome on your Windows computer? Do you also occasionally experience Chrome Windows going black? Additionally, it is one of the most typical problems that Chrome users experience. This post will lead you through the many solutions to the Windows 11 Black Screen Issue with Google Chrome.

Why is the screen black on Google Chrome?

There may be a number of causes for the black screen in Google Chrome. Sometimes it’s because of plugin bugs, other times it’s because of compatibility problems. There are many causes for this, including:

1: Unreliable plugins.

2: Flags made of chrome.

3: Hardware issues

4: Technical issues, among other things.

These therefore are the main causes of Chrome’s black screen error.

How to Fix the Windows 11 Black Screen on Google Chrome?

The following are the top troubleshooting techniques for fixing Windows 11 Black Screen issue on Google Chrome;

Solution 1: Turn off plug-ins

The steps outlined below can be used to disable plug-ins:

1: First, launch Google Chrome on your PC or mobile device.

2: Next, click More>More Tools>Extensions in the top right corner.

chrome extension - Windows 11 Black Screen Issue with Google Chrome

3: Next, you must click Remove next to the extension.

remove extension

4: Click Remove to confirm once more.

Solution 2: Resize Google Chrome

In certain cases, resizing Google Chrome may be able to fix this issue. To achieve this, simply hold down the mouse button while clicking the Google title bar to resize it. After finishing, you must return Chrome to its original size before determining whether the issue is still present. You only need to resize your Chrome browser whenever the black screen comes to see if that fixes the issue or not.

Solution 3: Run Chrome in Compatibility Mode

To run Google Chrome in Compatibility mode, follow these steps:

1: Locate the Chrome shortcut and then use the right-click menu to select Properties from the menu.

chrome properties - Windows 11 Black Screen Issue with Google Chrome

2: Click Change Settings for All Users on the Compatibility tab after the properties windows have opened here.

Change Settings for all the user

3: Check now Run this application in compatibility mode while choosing the desired Windows version.

4: In order to save changes, click apply and then Ok.

check “Run this program in Compatibility mode - Windows 11 Black Screen Issue with Google Chrome

Solution 4: Add No Sandbox Parameter

Follow these instructions to add a no-sandbox parameter:

1: Right-click Chrome Shortcut first.

2: From the menu, select Properties.

chrome properties

3: Go to the Shortcut tab next.

4: Next, put a no-sandbox at the end of the Target field.

5: To save the changes, click OK and then Apply.

type space at the end of the path - Windows 11 Black Screen Issue with Google Chrome

6: The user may be able to resolve Google Chrome black screen difficulties on Windows 11 by implementing this remedy. If this doesn’t work, try moving on to the next step.

Solution 5: Remove the contents of the local storage folder:

The steps listed below describe how to remove content from local storage folders:

1: Start by choosing the Device Folders.

2: At this point, you must tap and hold each file you wish to remove while placing a checkmark next to it.

3: From the drop-down option, choose Delete from the device.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Q1. How do you clear the cache?

Ans: Follow these steps to clear the cache:

1: On your PC, start by launching the Chrome application.

2: You must now tap more in the top right corner.

3: Next, select Clear Browsing Data after selecting History.

4: Select All time from the time range drop-down menu at the top to erase everything.

5: Tick the boxes next to Cookies and Site data.

6: Select Clear Data.

Q2. How can you fix a Google Chrome Internet connection block?

Ans: The steps below can be used to solve Google Chrome’s blocked internet connection:

As the only way to unblock internet access is to remove your web browser’s cache and browsing history,

1: clear the cache.

2: Reset Chrome now.

3: Remove your Chrome profile.

4: In your Firewall, you must now permit Chrome to access the network.

5: Turn off any add-ons from outside sources.

Q3: How can you fix Google Chrome responding slowly issues?

Ans: The following steps can help you fix Google Chrome not responding issues:

1: The first thing you must do is update Chrome to the newest version.

2: You should now erase the cache and history.

3: Restart the computer.

4: Turn off extensions.

5: Delete DNS cache entries.

6: Verify that Chrome is not being blocked by your firewall.

7: Reset Chrome to its default setting.

8: Install Chrome again.

Final words

All of the aforementioned fixes should assist in resolving the Google Chrome black screen issue. You can test out these solutions to discover which one is most effective in resolving this issue. If this doesn’t work, you can ask our technical specialists for assistance by contacting them.

We are always at your disposal, and you can talk with us as well. We promise to provide hassle-free options to address this issue. Therefore, get in touch with our technical team right away to solve all of your technical-related issues.

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