Today many of the Norton 360 users have claimed that they are facing issues in Registry clean up errors. There are quite a few people who know the exact way of this predicament. Here, you get know about the all possible solutions to fix Norton 360 registry cleanup error.

This error can usually get caused by the incorrect configuration of the system settings. Or due to the wrong and irregular windows entry so if you are facing this error on your device then read the following Solutions to fix this significant error.

Reasons for Norton 360 Registry Cleanup Error

As such there might be various reasons that cause the Norton 360 Registry cleanup error. Have a look in brief:

1: Corrupt download or incorrect installation of the Norton program.

2: Irregularities in Windows for Norton software change.

3: Virus corrupted the Windows system files.

4: Some other program that causes an interruption in Registry cleanup error.

Solutions For How To Fix Norton 360 Registry Cleanup Error

Despite making the manual changes to the registry there is a need to modify or clean up the registry first. This would optimize your device performance.

For instance, if you uninstall an application then it might be possible that it would be kept in the registry. Thus, it can cause your system to function improperly and make it inoperable.

Following are been defined some steps of fixing Norton 360 Registry Cleanup Error:

Solution 1: Create a Restore Point

One of the basic things that you need to perform first is to “Create a Restore point”. Through this you can resume from: Start to all programs to Accessories to system tools and then finally System restores.

Step 1: Go in to the search box and type create a restore point, and then click on it from the search results.

click on create a restore point - HOW TO FIX NORTON 360 REGISTRY CLEANUP ERROR

Step 2: Now, System properties box appears on your screen, Select system protection tab from the system properties windows, and then click on Create button.

SystemPropertiesProtectioncreate - HOW TO FIX NORTON 360 REGISTRY CLEANUP ERROR

Step 3: Now, Create a Restore point description is display, add your preferable description about the restore point and then click on Create.

SystemPropertiesProtection create button

Somehow if you cannot create the Restore Point then you need to increase free disk space and try to create a Restore Point. Now Run the Registry clean up once you have created the restore point successfully. You might disable the Windows System restore and backup the Windows registry manually. Run the Registry clean up now.

Solution 3: Turn off Windows System Restore

Fixing Windows defender error is different process than windows system restore.  Here we perform the following steps and see how you can turn off the Windows System Restore:

Step 1: Firstly, go into the Search box and search for control panel.

search for control panel

Step 2: Now, navigate to System & Security >> System>>System Protection.

system protection

Step 3: From the System protection box select local disk and click on Configure.

select local disk

Step 4: Select Disable System Protection option and then click on Apply

disable system protection

Step 5: Now, a confirmation box will pop-up on your screen, from this box click on Yes and then click on OK.


Solution 4: Disable System Restore using Group Policy

Step 1: Open your Search box and  search for Edit Group Policy.

click on edit group policy

Step 2: Now, start navigate to Computer Configuration>> Administrative templates>> System>> System Restore. 

Step 3: Do, double click on Turn Off System Restore.

double click on system restore

Step  4: Select the Disabled option from the Turn Off System Restore, and then click on Ok.

disable turn off setting

Solution 5: Backup the Windows Registry

For having a Back-up in the Windows Registry you can follow the below-given steps and precede it with the same manner:

Step 1: In the Search box, you can enter the following text: “Regedit” and then click on Registry policy from the search results.

registry policy

Step 2: If you see that the user account control starts appearing on Windows then click Continue.

Step 3: On the file menu, the user can click “Export

click on EXport

Step 4: In the file name box, you can type the name that you will easily remember like for example, Registry Backup.

save registry backup file

Step 5: Now choose a location where you are looking to save the Registration Entries (.reg) file.

Step 6: Click the Save button.

Note: You can save the backup file for a week but makes sure that the changes you were made shouldn’t cause any problems. 

Solution 6: Run Registry Cleanup

For running the Registry cleanup, try to follow the below-given steps:

Step 1: Firstly you can start with Nortan 360.

Step 2: Now click on Tasks.

Step 3: Click the Run Scans.

Step 4: Click “Let me Choose” and then click GO.

Step 5: Under the scans, you need to make sure that only Registry clean up is checked.

Step 6: Click GO.

Step 7: When you find that the Registry clean up completes then Click Close.

Solution 7: Update the Antivirus Software and Download the Latest Windows Update

Sometimes it also happens that the virus infection can cause an error in Registry. Therefore, you need to update your antivirus software and run it through a scan of the system. Look at the following steps carefully:

Step 1: Run the Disk cleanup. You might be experiencing runtime flaws due to the shallow free space on your system.

Step 2: It would be best if you would consider backing up your files and freeing some space on your hard drive.

Step 3: You can clear your cache and reboot the whole system.

Step 4: You can also run the disk clean up and open an explorer window and then right right-click the leading directory.

Step 5: Now press the properties and then press Disk cleanup.

You can also Update your windows to fix this error code, follow the below given steps to update your window.

Step 1: Click on Start button then select Settings.


Step 2: Click on Update & security >> Windows update.


click on update & security - HOW TO FIX NORTON 360 REGISTRY CLEANUP ERROR

Step 3: In windows update section, click on Download button.  Once you clicked on the download button your windows automatically start updating. You just need to wait until the download process has finished.

windows update download - HOW TO FIX NORTON 360 REGISTRY CLEANUP ERROR

Step 4: After the completion of download process, Restart your system.

You can try the above methods for Fixing Norton 360 Registry Cleanup Error. You can also click the link for Removing this error and fixed your problem as soon as possible.

Final words:

All the above-mentioned steps can surely help in resolving the Norton 360 Registry Cleanup Error. Still, if the above steps won’t help you out then you can contact us via chat and we assure you that we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

Also, if you have some other issues related to the security software then you can contact us at any time. We are available around the clock for your help. Besides it, we will also provide solutions to fix this Registry clean up error.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
Q1: How you can remove the Norton virus completely from the Registry?

Ans: You need to follow the basic steps that help in removing the Norton Virus completely from the Registry:

1: Hold the Control button and press F key on the keyboard and type in Norton.

2: After the search, it produces the results.

3: Now press the Delete key and then “Enter” in Return.

4: When you see the Confirm Key Delete box appears then repeats the steps until the Registry editor box comes up.

5: Now click OK.

Q2: How you can restore a file in Norton 360?

Ans: Follow the steps and see how the user can restore a file in Norton 360:

1: Start Norton.

2: Go to find Advanced.

3: Now click Quarantine in the computer protection section.

4: Open the security history Window.

5: Here you can see all the quarantined files as well as programs. You can right-click one of them that you want to recover.

6: Click the Options and open the Threat Detected Window.

Q3: How to permanently remove Norton security scan?

Ans: Watch the following given steps and remove the Norton security scan permanently:

1: First and Foremost download the Norton Remove and Reinstall the tool.

2: Save the files to the Windows desktop.

3: Now to open the download windows in your web browser, you can press the Ctrl + J key.

4: Double click the NRnR Icon.

5: Read the license agreement and then click Agree.

6: Click the advanced options.

7: Click Remove only.

8: Now Click Remove

9: Click the restart button now.

Q4: Is it possible to uninstall the Norton and then install it again?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to uninstall the Norton and then again install it by the following methods:

1: Firstly download the Norton Remove and Re-install tool.

2: Now to open downloads window on your device, press the Ctrl + J key.

3: Double click the NRnR icon.

4: Read the License Agreement and click agree.

5: Click remove and install

6: Click Continue.

7: Now restart the device.

Q5: How to remove all traces of Norton?

Ans:  You can remove the traces of Norton by performing the following steps:

1: Firstly, Right-Click start>Programs and Features.

2: In the new open window, you can search for Norton Anti-virus.

3: Now highlight it and click Un-install and change.

4: By doing it you can open the integrated application uninstaller.

5: Here you will get two un-install options:

  • Saving the settings for RE-installation.
  • Or Un-installing it completely.
Q6: How you can detect Malware?

Ans: Take a brief look at how the user can detect Malware in a device:

1: A sudden appearance of pop-ups you will see with invasive advertisements.

2: More Puzzling will get involved in data usage.

3: A disappearing battery charge.

4: The people on your contact list will report strange calls and texts going from your phone.

Q7: Does Norton slow down the computer?

Ans: The Norton will usually slow down its running process when another anti-virus program is running on your computer background.

When both are running then you will more likely to communicate and scanning the conflicts that cause Norton to use a large amount of System memory and results in slow downing your device performance.



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