Windows 11 Upgrade Stuck

Is your operating system stuck at a point while updating? Are you facing issues with the Windows 11 upgrade? Is your Windows 11 up-gradation not completing? This article will help you find the solutions and reasons as to why your Windows 11 upgrade is stuck.

Why can’t your Windows 11 upgrade?

Your Windows 11 is not upgrading because of the following potential reasons:

1. There is a compatibility issue in the software of your system. You need to follow all the minimum requirements that Microsoft sets to upgrade your operating system to Windows 11.

2. The audio drivers in your system are problematic. Disabling them is the only way to fix this issue.

How to Fix Windows 11 upgrade Stuck?

Follow the solutions mentioned below carefully to fix the stuck Windows 11 upgrade:

Solution 1: Use Windows Update to Fix Windows 11 upgrade Stuck:

Upgrade the Windows 11 using the Windows Update menu by following these steps:

1. Open the Windows Settings by pressing the Windows+ I keys.

start and settings to Fix Windows 11 upgrade Stuck

2. Click the Windows Update mentioned from the Windows Settings window.

windows update download

3. Tap the Download and Install button where the Windows 11 upgrade is provided.

Solution 2: Remove or Uninstall Problematic Apps to Fix Windows 11 upgrade Stuck:

Incompatible apps cause serious issues leading to a stuck Windows 11 upgrade of your operating system. And for this problem specifically, there is not one, not two but a whole list of applications that trigger this problem. So you need to uninstall the problematic apps from your Control Panel and then check if the problem persists.

Solution 3: Disable Audio Drivers to Fix Windows 11 upgrade Stuck:

To resolve the stuck Windows 11 upgrade, disable the audio drivers through the Device Manager following the steps given below:

1. Open the Device Manager and expand the Sound, video, and game controller list.

Device Manager to Fix Windows 11 upgrade Stuck

2. Right-click the sound driver and tap the disable device option.

bluetooth disabled

Solution 4: Search Problematic Software

You need to search and remove the problematic software in order to fix the stuck Windows 11 upgrade using the following steps:

Note: Enable the hidden files to see the log files.

1. Open the File Explorer, and in its address bar, paste the following directory:


2. In the directory, search for the CompatData file. If there are many files of this same name, choose the latest ones.

3. After the file opens using Microsoft Edge, look for BlockMigration=True under the Driver Packages tag.

4. You will now see an Inf attribute. Copy the filename in it and save it somewhere.

5. To find out which driver this Inf file belongs to, open the File Explorer once again and navigate to the following location:


6. Inside this directory, look for the Inf files that you previously found.

7. These files would open in a Notepad Window. After opening them, you will see that they have the application name the file belongs to right in the beginning.

8. After finding the application, open the Control Panel and tap the Uninstall a Program option under the Programs and uninstall the application.

9. If you haven’t closed the update tool, resume it by navigating to the following directory in the File Explorer:


10. In the folder that opens, search this file: compatscancache.dat and delete it.

11. After deleting the file, click the Refresh button on the update tool.

12. The Upgrade process will resume.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Why is my Windows 11 update stuck at 100 percent download?

Answer: The possible reason for this issue could be unstable internet connectivity or power interruptions. This could be causing sync issues when the update is in progress.

Q2. How do you stop windows 11 install?

Answer: You can do that by following these steps:

1. Open the Run Windows and type the following, then press Enter:


2. From the Services List, select Windows Update and then press the Stop button.

3. Lastly, by clicking the General Tab, change the Startup Type to Disabled.

Q3. Can I avoid Windows 11?

Answer: Windows 11 can be blocked using the Group Policy Editor.

Q4. Why is my Windows Update taking forever?

Answer: This could be possible due to outdated or corrupted drivers. Try updating your network driver in order to fix the network speed that could be causing the delay in the Windows update.

Q5. How do I know if my Windows update is stuck?

Answer: Check the performance and activity of your CPU, Memory, Disk, and Internet Connection from the Task Manager to find if the update process is stuck or not.


We hope you will now be able to fix the stuck Windows 11 Upgrade. However, if you are still not able to solve the problem, then you can connect with us via the chat box at the bottom right or through the comment section below. We’ll try to help you solve the issues with Windows 11.

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