Windows 10 Crashing Issue Windows 10 Crashing Randomly

Windows 10 crashing issue randomly occurs due to some complex technical reasons. Sometimes hard disk space may be inadequate, the temporary files creating a burden, or unwanted applications might interfering with the system. Also, there can be various issues with crucial files on the system and the user is unable to perform any task on the computer when it gets freezes. Moreover, the computer starts becoming non-responsive, and sometimes even the mouse didn’t work appropriately.

Before applying the solutions, first, you need to understand that why the Windows crashing problem occurs. So, let’s first understand the reason behind this problem! Well, there might be various reasons from which your Windows 10 computer is freezing after installing Windows 10. In this article we have listed some of the most common reasons and solutions below:

Why do your Windows 10 Crashing randomly or at Startup?

Why is Windows 10 crashing? There are numerous reasons for this problem like corrupted files or having faulty hardware. But you don’t need to get panic as there are various workarounds to fix the problem. So, before throwing your computer out of the window, you need to try these below-given steps.

Reasons for Windows 10 crashing issue:

1: Corrupt and incompatible driver.

2: Software Errors.

3: Virus infection

4: Using an outdated driver

5: Malware infections

6: Registry Damage.

7: Software conflicts

8: Power issues.

9: Running unsupported windows version

10: Over-heating computer and a lot more.

How to Fix Windows 10 Crashing Randomly Issues?

This article contains the best troubleshooting steps for fixing Windows 10 crashing issue. However, it is also advisable that you must give a try to these basic methods and see if it helps in fixing with this error. However, if they don’t work then you can try these major methods mentioned in the blog. So, try these steps first.

All these methods have been proven very effective in various cases. It will help in fixing the freezing problem. So, read this blog thoroughly and find the solution that works best for fixing the Windows 10 crashing problem.

Solution 1- Perform Clean Boot:

Windows 10 freezing problem usually gets occurs due to excessive programs running in the background. Most of the application runs even after closing them. Thus, these programs clash with the currently running program for various CPU resources. So, it might freeze your Windows 10. But fortunately, there is an easy way to clean your computer from this issue. Follow the below-given steps.

1: Firstly, you need to press Windows Logo and R buttons together.

2: Now, type “Msconfig” in the box that appears.


3: Next, you need to choose the “Services Tab” in the New Window.

4: Now, check the Hide All Microsoft Services box.

check the Hide All Microsoft Services box

5: Next, click the “Disable all” Button

6: Press the Ok Button.

Disable all

7: Restart the computer.

Solution 2- Check Ram (Random Access Memory):

Have you ever heard the term Virtual Memory? Well, it is a combination of the RAM of your hard drive and is mainly used to extend computer physical memory. So, whenever your computer runs out of RAM then window uses virtual memory for temporary file storage. Therefore, sometimes insufficient RAM brings Windows 10 freezing problem thus you need to adjust the virtual memory.

Refer to the following given steps to perform this step:

1: First, Right-click This PC and then choose Properties.

2: Now, select Advanced System Settings from the left panel.

3: Go to the “Advanced tab” and then click “Settings”.

advanced system settings

4:Go to the “Advanced tab” again and then choose Settings under the Performance section.

Settings to Fix Windows 10 Crashing

5: Go to the “Advanced tab” again and then choose Change under the Virtual memory section.

click on change in performance

6: Now, ensure that the “Automatically managing paging size for all devices is not checked”.

7: Select the partition that has Windows installed and it is represented by the symbol C:

8:  Now, you need to enter an initial size and maximum size for your virtual memory.

9: Once you have configured your virtual memory values then click Set and then OK to Continue.

Recommended value in the initial box

Solution 3- Hard Disk Checks:

Sometimes your computer gets freezes due to having issues with the hard disk. To check what causes this problem then you will need to run the CHKDSK utility:

1:  First, right-click on the Drive that you wish to check and then select Properties.

choose Properties from the men to Fix Windows 10 Crashing

2: Now, click on the Tools tab, and under error-checking; you need to click on the Check Button.

3: However, if the system detects that there are errors then you might be asked to check the disk.

Tools tab and click the check button

4: Now, click on Scan drive.

Scan drive to Fix Windows 10 Crashing

5: If errors have been found then you will see the following message

“Restart your computer to repair the file system and you need to restart right away for fixing the error”.

6: Now, check if the Windows 10 freezing problem gets resolved or not.

Solution 4- Update Drivers:

It is obvious that the computer is made of several components along with its own set of drivers that work on Windows 10. So, if you are using an outdated driver then there might be a chance that the user will experience this particular issue. Usually, there are two methods for updating drivers:

1: Updating using Windows update.

2: Updating using Device Manager.

Update using Windows update:

1: First, you need to open Settings.

start and settings

2: Now, click on Update and Security.

update and security

3: Next, click Windows update.

windows update

4: Now, click the check for updates button and if a new driver is available then it will automatically install the driver.

Update using Device Manager:

1: Open Start.

2: Now, search for Device Manager and then click the top result to open the experience.

Device Manager to Fix Windows 10 Crashing

3: Next, double-click the category with the device you want to update.

4: Right-click the device and then select the Update driver option.

ports com update driver

5: Now, click the Search automatically for the updated driver software option and if a new driver is available then it will download and install it automatically.

Solution 5- Run System File Checker:

If the system files get corrupted or missing then Windows 10 can get freeze randomly. But now it is easy for you to get the original system files back within the system file checker.

Here is how you can do it:

1: At Windows 10, go to the start menu; open the run command prompt as administrator and it will allow making changes to this PC.

command prompt run as administrator

2: In the command prompt window, you need to type sfc/scannow and then hit Enter on your keyboard.

Enter command sfcscannow to Fix Windows 10 Crashing

3: Now, Windows will scan your system for corrupted files and you will see the final result when the process reaches 100% so try to be patient.

4: However, if no problem is found then you can continue with the next Windows 10 freezing fix.

Solution 6 – Perform System Restore:

Now, you can have a try on Windows 10 system restore that requires a backup before Windows 10 randomly freezes. Usually, this solution is more useful if Windows 10 freezes after the update.

To learn how you can perform a System restore, try these steps:

1: Press the Windows Key and S on your keyboard together.

2: Now, type Restore in the dialogue box and then click on the “Create a Restore point option”.

Click on create a Restore Point

3: Next, click on the System Protection tab and then select the System Restore option.

4: Now a System Restore “Wizard” will open up and you need to click on the next option.

System Restore Wizard

5: Here a list of restore points will be listed and along with the dates when they were created.

6: Next, click on a Restore Point from the list to select it and click on Next.

Name your restore point to Fix Windows 10 Crashing

7:  Now, click “Yes” when you are asked to confirm your actions.

8:  Finally, the windows will automatically restore your files and settings to a previous date and you can check to see if the issue still persists or not.

Solution 7 –Check Virus & Malware:

Both virus and malware infection could be the reasons that the user is experiencing the frozen state of their computer system. So, you need to make sure that your computer is not infected with any kind of viruses and malware software problem. Thus, try to use the latest updated antivirus program in order to perform a full system scan for your computer and remove any viruses if they are detected during the scan.

Solution 8 – Disable Fast Startup:

Here has been defined some steps for disabling fast startup:

1: First, right-click on the Start menu button to open Win X Menu.

2: Now, click on Power options.

Power options

3: Next, click on choose “What the power button do” in the right pane of the window”.

Choose what the power button do

4: Click on Change Settings that are currently unavailable.

Change Advanced Power Settings to Fix Windows 10 Crashing

5: Besides, Turn on Fast Startup you need to uncheck the checkbox and thus disabling it.

6: Now, click on “Save” changes.

Turn on Fast Startup you need to uncheck

Solution 9- Run CHKDSK and SFC Scan:

In Windows 10, the system file gets corrupted due to random hangs and thus it gets freeze too. Thus, removing this problem needs to run an SFC scan:

Here is how you can do it:

1: Firstly, you need to open Command Prompt.

cmd run as administrator

2: When the run command Prompt gets open then you need to type sfc scannow and hit enter.

Enter command sfcscannow to Fix Windows 10 Crashing

3: Now, this will start scanning and repairing the corrupt system files in Windows 10.

Solution 10- Disable Antivirus Temporarily:

Follow these steps carefully to disable antivirus Temporarily in Windows 10. However, you need to keep in mind that your computer device may be vulnerable to threats also.

1: Press “Windows + I” to open Window Settings.

2: Now, click Update and Security> Window Security>Virus and Threat Protection.

3: Next, locate Virus and Threat Protection settings in the right window and click Manage Settings.

virus and threat protection

4: Now, turn off the Real-time Protection Off.

While following the above step helps in temporarily disable antivirus on Windows 10. So, if you want to enable the real-time antivirus protection again, then you can restart your computer and follow the same above-given criteria mentioned in this step.

Solution 11- Clean Memory Slot:

You can run the memory check in order to fix the PC keeps freezing issue. This also helps in scanning and detecting the problems in your Windows 10 system.

Follow these given steps to do it:

1: Press Win Key + R in the run box and type “mdsched.exe” and then hit enter.


2: Click the Restart button now and check for the problems to verify it.

Restart now and check for problems to Fix Windows 10 Crashing

3: However, if you want to check later > then click “Check for Problems the next time I start my computer”

4:  Now, the windows will get restarted and a page will appear showing the progress of the check and the number of passes it runs on the memory.

5: However, if no error appears then cleaning the memory slot is not necessary.

Solution 12 – Disconnect External Devices:

If you have connected to any external device to your computer then possibly it can cause the Windows System crash as there might be a problem of the communication between your device and the Windows 10 system.

It is advisable to unplug or disconnect all the external devices like Headset, Bluetooth, and SSD and then restart your computer to see if it fixes the Windows 10 crashing issues. If you see that your computer stops crashing then you should have resolved the problem.

Solution 13 – Turn Off Link State Power Management:

It is possible that sometimes went wrong with Power management in your computer. Therefore, you should turn off Link State Power Management

Here is how you can do it:

1: First, type Control Panel from the Search box and open.

control panel

2: Now, click Power options but be sure to view the Control panel by small icons or large icons.

power options in control panel to Fix Windows 10 Crashing

3: Next, click and Change the Plan settings that you may have selected.

change plan settings

4: Now, click and change Advanced Power settings.

Change Advanced Power Settings

5: Scroll down and then double-click PCI express to expand it.

6: Double- Click Link State Power Management and then change its status to off.

7: Click Apply and then OK to save the settings.

Link State Power Management to Fix Windows 10 Crashing

8: Restart your computer and hopefully it should fix the Windows 10 crashing issue.

Solution 14 –Reset Winsock Catalog:

Following has been listed some steps that show how to reset the Winsock catalog:

1:  First, Run Command Prompt as Administrator and allow its changes on this PC.

cmd run as administrator

2: Type “netsh winsock reset” and then press Enter.

netsh winsock reset to Fix Windows 10 Crashing

3: Now, reboot your Windows 10 PC and check if the problem gets resolved or not.

Solution 15 – Repair and Install Windows 10:

Here has been allocated some steps for installing Windows 10:

1: First, make sure that your device meets the minimum system requirements.

2: Now, you need to create Installation media. Also, Microsoft specifically brings a create installation media tool.

3: Next, use the installation media.

4: Change your computer’s boot order.

5: Finally, save settings and then exit BIOS/UEFI.

Solution 16: Remove temporary files in PC:

It is the programs that make a computer useful. But sometimes it also happen that computer programs also take place and interfere with the system applications. Some of the interfering programs can cause the Windows 10 freezes randomly issue. So, such type of programs is not useful. They being automatically installed as a third-party application and bundled with some other useful programs.

Follow the below-given instructions to remove temporary files in the PC

1: First, click on the Start Menu and then go to Settings.

start and settings to Fix Windows 10 Crashing

2: Now, select the Apps.

Click on Apps

3: Search for any Unknown Programs in the list.

4: Select any such programs.

5: Now, click on the Uninstall button.

chrome uninstall to Fix Windows 10 Crashing

You need to repeat this process until you removed all unwanted applications from your computer. Try to follow the instructions carefully given on the screen while uninstalling the program. It might require restarting the PC several times. Thus, in this way, you won’t find any unwanted applications on your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1: How you can fix a computer from random crashing?

Ans: Following has been listed some steps for fixing computer from random crashing:

1: First, make sure that your computer is free from the unrestricted flow.

2: Ensure that your computer is free from dust and the fans are working properly.

3: Now, run a CPU temperature monitoring tool.

4: Next, run a memory diagnostic.

Q2: How you can crash Windows 10?

Ans:  Refer to these steps to stop your computer from crashing Windows 10:

1:  First, navigate to Windows 1o.

2: Now, click Startup Repair.

3: Click System Restore.

4: Next, select your username.

5: Select a restore point from the menu and then follow the prompt.

Q3: How to restart Windows 10 install?

Ans: Following has been defined some steps for restarting Windows 10 install:

1: First, press Windows + R.

2: Now, type services.msc and then hit enter.

3: Next, scroll down and find the Windows Installer.

4: On the General tab, you need to make sure that the service is started under “Service status”

5: However, if the service is not running under Service Status then click start and then click Ok.

Q4: How to re-install Windows 10 from BIOS?

Ans: For re-installing Windows 10 from BIOS, learn these steps:

1: First, enter your Computer BIOS.

2: Now, set your computer to boot from DVD or USB.

3: Next, choose the Windows 10 clean install option.

4: Here you can find your hard disk or SSD.

Q5: How you can restore Windows 10 without using a disk?

Ans: To restore Windows 10 without using disk you can follow these steps:

1: First, go to Start>Settings>Update and Security>Recovery.

2: Under Reset this PC option, tap Get Started.

3: Now, click either keep my files or Remove Everything, it depends on whether you want to keep your data files intact or not.

Final words

So, these are some of the best working methods that help in fixing Windows 10 Keep crashing. You can apply these steps one by one and see which step helps in fixing this error.

Still, if it won’t resolve your problem then you can contact our experienced team who help you in solving this error. You can connect with us via chat and get the best troubleshooting methods for removing this error.

We surely help you in delivering hassle-free solutions that make your problem solved. And we also hope that this article will have answered your question that what to do if the computer freezes.

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