Windows 11's Taskbar displaying Full Screen

You can utilize the full-screen mode to block out all distractions and concentrate solely on what you’re watching. There are times when Windows 11’s Taskbar displaying Full Screen. Nonetheless, this article’s solutions for the Taskbar appearing in full screen in Windows 11 will assist you.

Why does Windows 11’s Taskbar displaying Full Screen?

In Windows 11, the Taskbar appears in Full screen for the reasons listed below:

1. The auto-hide function is disabled.

2. Inadequate taskbar settings configuration.

3. Common system mistakes

4. An issue with the application’s configuration

How to Fix Windows 11’s Taskbar Displaying Full screen?

Five solutions to the problem of the Taskbar appearing on full screen in Windows 11 are covered below:

Solution 1: Update your system’s Windows version

Make sure that Windows is regularly updated. If not, do the following actions to update it:

1. Click Update & Security from your system’s Device Management.

2. If an update is available, selecting the Check for updates option will reveal whether you can manually download it. It is advised that you immediately install any available updates before attempting full-screen mode to see if the Taskbar hides.

Solution 2: Restart your system’s Explorer.exe

By following these procedures, you can restart Windows Explorer:

1. Choose Task Manager from the context menu of the Taskbar.

task manager

2. Go down to Windows Explorer in the Applications column. Then, choose Restart by using the right-click menu.

restart audio services - Taskbar displaying Full Screen

3. After you select restart, your windows will briefly vanish. Moreover, it’s conceivable that specific applications will close.

4. Windows Explorer will give us a graphical user interface (GUI) to aid in navigating and interacting with the Windows file system.

Solution 3: Use Group Policy Editor to disable the Locked Taskbar

The steps below should be used to unlock a locked taskbar:

1. Start by launching the Local Group Policy Editor.

click on edit group policy

2. After that, navigate to Administrative Templates under User Configuration.

3. Right-click the Taskbar and select the Start Menu.

4. After that, double-click the policy titled Lock all taskbar settings.

5. You must switch this setting from Not Configured to Enabled.

6. Then press OK to restart your computer.

Solution 4: Adjust Taskbar Location in Windows 11 

You can do the following actions to move the Taskbar:

1. Choose Taskbar from Personalization under Settings.

2. Next, locate the Taskbar on the screen by scrolling down.

3. This is where you can reposition the Taskbar on the screen.

task bar settings - Taskbar displaying Full Screen

4. Instead of being where it was, the Taskbar would be positioned correctly.

Solution 5: Disable Visual Effects in Windows 11

The visual effects on a computer can aid with the problem of the Taskbar appearing in full-screen mode. Follow these steps to disable specific visual effects:

1. Access Settings.

start and settings

2. From the selection of tiles, choose the System tile.

system settings - Taskbar displaying Full Screen

3. Use the menu to see the about tab.

4. Next, select the advanced system settings link under related settings.

advanced system settings

5. Select the Settings option under the Performance area of the new pop-up window.

Adjust for best performance and then click Apply and Ok  - Taskbar displaying Full Screen

6. The Visual Effects tab will be available in a subsequent pop-up.

7. Then, choose the Optimize for optimum performance preset and press the Apply button.

8. As a final thought, restart your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions – Windows 11’s Taskbar displaying Full Screen

 Q1. On Windows 11, how can I acquire the top bar?

The option to Lock the Taskbar can be unchecked in the menu that appears when you right-click on your Taskbar. Click the Taskbar, and hold it while dragging it to the top of the screen after it has been unlocked. You will be able to relocate the Taskbar by carrying out this action.

Q2. Why is the top of my computer screen obscured?

By launching the Start Menu or hitting CTRL+ESC to display the Start menu, you can see the top of your screen again. Then, click ESC once more to dismiss it.

Q3. On Windows 11, how do I reinstall the menu bar?

Answer: Using Alt + V on your keyboard will open the View menu and restore your menu bar in Windows 11. Next, pick Toolbars from the View drop-down menu, then click OK after selecting the toolbars you want to enable.


This post will help you resolve the problem of the Windows 11’s Taskbar displaying Full Screen. If you still need help figuring out the issue, you can contact us in either the comment section below or the chat box in the bottom right. We’ll do our best to assist you in fixing your Windows problems.

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