Get Support for Video Calling on Facebook®


Get Support for Video Calling on Facebook®

With the development of science and technology along with the internet revolution the concept of social networking has got a new dimension. Virtual community like Facebook® has got huge popularity within a very short time all around the world. So, this can be said as a legendary advancement in the history of technology. People love and feel happy to get connected with such social networking sites because these are full of entertainment, fun and services. So, it has become the perfect place to create and maintain virtual groups and circles. Facebook® helps you to keep in touch with relatives and friends over the internet staying wherever in the world.

Another reason why these social networking sites are getting such popularity is that these sites are full of freedom and helps to feel a stress free life. Taking the work load when they get bored social networks like Facebook® helps to get refreshed. It also helps to express your emotions, feelings, thoughts and other perceptions. You can also make person to person interaction through instant chat and messaging within the sites.

As a pioneer Facebook® has developed a very effective way of communicating though chat. But the most interesting and exclusive feature which Facebook® has recently added to their site is the option of video calling. Along with Skype’s Facebook® has developed a system where the Facebook® users will have the opportunity to make video call all around the world.

But being a new feature it is still a complex one to the users. You may also know about it but have never tried to make a video call to your Facebook® friends. Let’s give it a try and see how it works actually. If you already have tried but couldn’t successful then don’t worry.
PCASTA is here. PCASTA’s expert technicians will provide you necessary support and guideline to make it happen. Just follow the steps mentioned below and make your first video call on Facebook®.

  1. First of all login to your Facebook® account
  2. Now visit the page Facebook Video Callling
  3. There is a get Started button in green color. Click on it
  4. After this you will be all set to make your video call
  5. To make a video call click on the friend’s name at the chat bar and there you will find a video camera icon on the right top corner of the bar.
  6. Click on that to start video calling. But for this your friend will also have to activate the video calling option.


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