setup wireless printing

Set up Wireless Printing

Wireless printer is the device through which you can print from multiple computers based on a wireless network. In the case of setting up a wireless printer, the same computer is the main access point of many computers. Setting up a wireless printer is easy and tricky. To Set up Wireless Printing follow the procedures of printer’s installation attentively, you can set up a wireless printer.

Setup Wireless Printing is important to allow for physical prints easily. New printers can easily be used to print after direct connection to a wireless network. The connection allows for print from any computer network. Besides, a wireless printer can be used to print from android or iOS device effectively after a little more configuration. More and more printers are built to support network connections through wireless making it easier to use the printers. Connecting the printer directly to a network allow for easy print from both Mac and Windows laptops. A network printer can be installed on a computer and shared with a laptop. The usage of wireless printers has incredibly increased in 2019.

How to Setup a Wireless Printer on Computer


  1. Place the printer within range of wireless router-modern printers have WIFI capabilities allowing to a set up without connecting to any computer. If the printer does not have wireless capabilities, then the next stages include:
  2. Power on the printer.
  3. Connect the printer to a wireless network-know the WIFI network name and password. Many printers allow for connection to a wireless network using a built-in menu system. If the printer and router support WPS, push to connect by pushing the WPS button on the printer. However, some older wireless printers require connection to the computer first to set up the wireless connection.
  4. Add the printer to windows computer-open control panel from the start menu, select view devices and printers or devices, and printers. Click add a printer button. Select a printer from the list and install any drivers if prompted.
  5. Add the printer on mac computer-mac compatible printers are added to mac computers after connecting it to a network
  6. Print to wireless printer-adding the printer to the operating system and select any program to begin print. The new printer appears to the printer selection menu to print document or photo. If the printer does not show up, ensure that the computer is connected to the same network. Restart the printer to ensure that the menu appears again.

How to Setup a Wireless Printer on Laptop


  1. Check your printer. Set up Wireless Printing from a laptop requires the installation of a network printer to connect directly to a home network or the sharing of a printer to connect to another computer network.
  2. Examine network needs-
  • Printers that are connected to a network typically are accessed by both windows and mac laptops.
  • On the other hand, printers that are connected to a computer and network shared are easily accessed by a computer that is running within the same operating system family.
  • Installing the printer directly to a network is the better choice if possible. It allows for easy connectivity.
  • Sharing a printer that is connected to another computer forces the turning on of the computer in order to access the printer.

A wireless printer can be connected to a laptop through a technology called Bluetooth. It requires devices to be next to each other to access a wireless network or using WIFI. Some of the steps involved include

  • The computer must be near the printer to connect because of the short-range wireless connection of Bluetooth and wireless
  • The use of a Bluetooth based wireless printer requires connection to a Bluetooth transmitter to a USB port on the laptop. The transmitter device transmits signals to a printer if WIFI is enabled to the laptop.
  • Setting up the printer to the computer is made possible by running through the same procedures by opening the windows control panel and installing the required drivers.
  • Add a printer wizard to guide through the process of pairing on the laptop and printer.
  • After installing the printer, you should be able to print without connections of extra wires that have littered your desk.

How to Setup Wireless Printer on Mobile/Tablet

HP printers allow for mobile printing easily. The steps involved include

  1. Select your device- devices may range from apple, Android, Chrome OS, Amazon or windows.
  2. HP mobile printing is done easily through a print that is scanned using an HP design jet printer or MFP of a smartphone or tablet using a wireless print of WIFI direct. Additionally, printing can be done by emailing files to eprint enabled printers
  3. In local printing, the mobile device and printer must be on the same network of the direct WIFI connection. On the other hand, remote printing requires an internet connection to the HP web connection printer
  4. Local printing requires mobile device and printer to be on the same network such as wireless access points and bridge wireless connections or direct connection.
  5. The wireless connection performance is dependent on physical environment and distance of the access point. It is important to check the service provider at coverage and availability at to know the relevant printer with the mobile phone device used.
  6. HP mobile printing offers different functionality by easily connecting the mobile device to the printer. The connection must be within the same network as the printer to a LAN or wireless network or a Wi-Fi directly
  7. A large format printer requires connection to iOS or Android as an OS device
  8. Remote location requires email printing
  9. It is important to install HP smart application that gives opportunities for scanning and sharing of different repositories such as Dropbox, Google, and Box.