HP Printer not Printing Black Problem

Microsoft Word has been one of the best-used word processors in the computing world and especially for windows operating systems. It works amazingly either with any app or a program. But today most of the Windows 10 users have complained about printer not printing word documents.

There might be several reasons behind this problem as we will explore below. Fortunately, this error is not complicated as it is one of those errors which can be easy to sort out. In this article, we have mentioned some troubleshooting steps that help us in resolving this error.

Why does your HP printer not printing word documents?

Here has been defined some reasons that shows why HP printer not printing word documents:

1: The user might be using an outdated printer driver, lack of cartridge, and faulty printer function that usually does not allow the word document to print.

2: Sometimes printer scanning, not printing error can cause the issue of HP printer not printing word documents.

3: It also happens that the print function sometimes gets stuck in the printer queue and thus it stops the HP printer from not printing color or word document.

4: Missing or out-dated drivers.

5: Faulty connections.

6: Bad configuration in Windows and many more.

How to Fix HP Printer not printing Word documents on Windows 10?

If your HP printer won’t print word documents then there might some problem with a particular document which you are trying to print. It can occur because of some damage or corruption to that specific document. Therefore, if your printer is not printing word documents then you need to follow the below-given troubleshooting steps.

Solution 1- Check your Printer Connections:

Here has been listed some steps to check your printer connections:

1: First, you need to press the Power button on your printer to turn it on.

2: Now, load the paper into the printer.

3: Next, click the Windows “Start button” and then select “Control Panel”

control panel

4: Click “View Devices and Printers” under the hardware and sound section.

click on devices and printers

5: Now, Right-click your printer and then select “Printer Properties”.

printer properties

6: Finally, you need to click the “Print Test Page” button at the bottom of the window.print test page to fix Printer Not Printing Word Documents

Solution 2- Restart your Computer and Printer to fix Printer Not Printing Word Documents:

Steps for restarting your computer:

1: Firstly, press and hold the power button on the front of the computer for at least 5 seconds.

2: Now, here you will see the three options:




3: Click on the Restart button.

select restart

Steps for restarting your printer:

1: Firstly, turn the product off.

hp-printer-power-off to fix Printer Not Printing Word Documents

2: Now, disconnect the power cable from the product for at least 30 seconds and then again reconnect.

unplug to fix Printer Not Printing Word Documents

3: Next, turn the product on while you press and hold the resume button for some time.

4: Now, release the Resume button.

Solution 3- Reinstall Printer to fix HP Printer Not Printing Word Documents:

Follow the below-given instructions appropriately to re-install your HP Printer:

1: Firstly, you need to open the Windows Run.

2: Now, you need to enter “appwiz.cpl” in the open text box and then click the OK button.

Put “appwiz.cpl” on the given bar

3: Next, you need to select HP printer software listed in programs and features.

4: Click the Uninstall button and then select “Yes” to confirm.


5: Once you have installed the software you need to restart the windows.

6: Next, open Run again and then enter Control and click Ok.

type control in run command to fix Printer Not Printing Word Documents

7: Click Devices and Printers to open the Control Panel.

click on devices and printers

8: Now, right-click the HP Printer and then select Remove device.

click on remove device option and confirm yes

9: Next, you need to go through the on-screen guidelines to remove the printer.

10: Next, for reinstalling the HP Printer you need to download the full software package.

Solution 4- Test Print another Word File:

Have a glance over the below-noted points:

1: In the Windows search box, you need to type Printers and then select Printers and Scanners.

printers and scanners option windows 10 to fix Printer Not Printing Word Documents

2: Select and Add a Printer or scanner.

add a printer

3: Under Printers and scanners, select Generic/Text only.

4: Now, open a Word Document and then try to print the Generic Text.

5: Next, name the file test.

Solution 5 – Update Your Printer Drivers:

Here has been listed some steps that show how you can update Printer Drivers:

1: Select the start button.

2: Now choose Settings> Update and Security and select Check for updates.

check for updates and download and install now to fix Printer Not Printing Word Documents

3: If the Windows update finds an updated driver then it will automatically download and install it and your HP printer will automatically use it.

Solution 6 –Try to Print in Safe Mode:

Learn the given steps to print in a safe mode:

1: First, click Start and then press the button Windows + R and type “msconfig” in the search field, and hit enter to open the system configuration window.


2: Now, on the General tab of the system configuration window, you need to select Diagnostic Startup.

disgonstic Startup to fix Printer Not Printing Word Documents

3: Next, on the Boot tab and select Safe Boot, and then click OK.

select Safe Boot

4: Now, click Restart to start the computer in Safe mode, and if the computer doesn’t restart then press the power button to turn the power on.

5: Next, on the Tools tab of the system configuration window, select and launch the diagnostic tool.

Solution 7 –Disable Print in Background:

Refer to these given steps to disable Print in Background:

1: First, click the Office button and then click the Word options.

click option in word to fix Printer Not Printing Word Documents

2: Now, choose “Advanced” from the left pane.

3: Scroll through the option until you find the print options.

4: Now, uncheck the Print in Background option.

word advanced print options to fix Printer Not Printing Word Documents

Solution 8 – Use Previous Version of Windows:

To go back to a previous version of Windows, perform the below- given steps:

1: First, click Start Windows and then type “Recovery”

recovery to fix Printer Not Printing Word Documents

2: Now, select Recovery options (System Settings)

3: Next, under the Recovery, select “Go back to Windows X”, where X represents the previous version of Windows.

4: Now, select a reason for going back and then click “Next”.

previous version of Windows to fix Printer Not Printing Word Documents

5: However, if your computer is unplugged then you need to be sure to plug into wall power and then click “Next”.

6: Click Go back to Windows X.

7:  Now, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the rollback.

8: Once the rollback is complete, then the computer will boot into the previous version of Windows. However, if you used a password to log into your previous version of Windows then it is important to know how to log in.

Solution 9 – Use Windows Troubleshooting Option:

Follow the Windows Troubleshooting steps:

1: Firstly, open the Run command by pressing the Windows key +R shortcut.

2: Now, enter Control in the “Open text box” and then click the OK button.

type control in run command

3: Next, click Troubleshooting to open the Windows that is directly shown below.

run the troubleshooter for windows update to fix Printer Not Printing Word Documents

4: Now, Right-click Printer and then select Run as Administrator to open the Window.

5: Next, click the Next button.

6: Finally, select the required printer to fix and press the Next button.

Solution 10 – Convert Word to PDF to Print:

Learn these given steps to convert Word to PDF to Print:

1: Press Ctrl +P on your keyboard and then click on File and select Print.

2: Now, this will open the print window.

3: Next, click on the drop-down menu under Printer and some other presented option.

4: Now, select Microsoft Print to PDF.

Solution 11: Check Your Printer:

Here has been listed few steps to check your Printer:

1: First, click the Start button and then Devices and Printers.

click on devices and printers to fix Printer Not Printing Word Documents

2: Here you will see that the printers are under the section of Printers and Faxes.

3: However, if you don’t see anything then you may need to click the triangle next to that heading.

4: Here you can check your default printer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1: How you can print from computer to Printer?

Ans: To print the documents from computer to printer try these given steps:

1: On your computer, you need to open Chrome.

2: Now, open the page, or file that you want to print.

3: Click File print.

4: Here the window that appears, you need to select the destination and then change your preferred print settings.

5: Now, click Print.

Q2: How you can print a document without using a printer?

Ans: 1: You can make use of Windows and Linux Print to PDF option.

2: Try to make use of third-party PDF Applications.

3: Use Fax and email instead of Print.

4: Print from the library or print from the home without using a printer.

Q3: How you can print from a phone?

Ans: 1: Firstly, download the Printer share app.

2: Now, connect the printer cable to the printer and android phone via using OTG cable.

3: Now, open the print share app on your mobile and start printing the document.

Q4: How you can get HP Printer to work?

Ans: 1: Firstly, unpack the Printer.

2: Now, connect the power cord and then turn on the printer.

3: Next, install the ink cartridges.

4: Now, load the paper into the paper tray.

5: Align the ink cartridges.

6: Now, install the printer software.

Q5: How you can use Word on Windows 10?

Ans: Following has been defined some steps to use Word on windows 10:

1: Firstly, open Start.

2: Now, on the app list you need to find and then click an Office app you want to use for example word, excel.

3: Here the office page will open in the Windows Store and you need to click Install.

4: Now, open one of the newly installed apps from the product page.

Final Words

If you find that HP Printer isn’t printing word documents then don’t worry as we have defined the best troubleshooting methods above that would be enough to solve this problem. So, these are few resolutions that help you in fixing the error “The Printer couldn’t print word document”. All these given solutions help in solving this error.

However, there might be some possibilities that the issue would remain there and in that case, you can contact our expert team of technicians who help in dealing with this issue. You can contact us via chat and we assure you that we will do the job for you and thus, you will get fruitful results.

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